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FAQs Related to Warp Knitting Machines

What is warping in the fabric manufacturing process?

The process of warping in the fabric manufacturing system involves the combination of yarns that are obtained from different cones or tubes, as well as cheeses that are positioned in a creel, etc. whereby the yarns together can form a sheet of fabric. The main reason for using a warping machine for warping is to preserve the elongation of the yarn elongation and this is also done for the maintenance of uniformity. This helps in getting a better performance during the process of weaving the fabrics leading to a low rate of breakage.

What are the uses of a warping machine?

One main use of warping is in converting a pre-defined number of packages that are obtained individually namely cheeses, cones, or tubes into a sheet of yarns for fabric manufacturing that has a specified width and length. The warping machine is known as the warper and it mainly prepares the warp which is further needed to be used on a loom. The main aim of the warp is in preparing a warp sheet that is of the desired length and has a desired number of yarns and this can be obtained by buying a warping machine. With the help of warping machines and weaving machines, the quality of the fabric increases, and with this guarantees higher and better reliability.

How many different kinds of warping machines are there?

There are three different kinds of warping systems:

  • Beam or direct warping system: This type of warping machine is mainly used for grey and monocolored fabric.

  • Sectional or indirect warping Machine: This kind of system is mainly used for warping pattern fabrics like Stripes, checks, florals, and so on.

  • Ball warping System: The ball warping machine is commonly seen to be used to warp fabrics like Denim.

What is the difference between warping and weaving machines?

By definition, warping machines are used for the warping process i.e., it is used in the preparation of yarn that is required for weaving the fabric. On the other hand, a weaving machine is a system that is designed for weaving two sets of different threads or yarns where one is called the warp, and the other is called the weft, which is taken together and interlacing with one another precisely right angles for the formation of the required fabric or cloth. The woven fabric can then be made available for sale in the market.