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Socks Knitting Machine

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Computerized Socks Knitting Machinery

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FAQs Related to Socks Knitting Machine

What type of device is socks knitting machine?

A circular knitting machine is used to knit or make socks. This machine is further categorized with single cylinder and double cylinders. They have needle on the dial to create a knit the yarn or fabric in round form. 

What are the features of socks knitting machine?

•Reduce detrimental effects on flaws or actuators
•Prevent deformation of rods
•Highly efficient and reliable 
•Semi-automatic and automatic models available 

How is socks knitting machine operated?

Socks knitting machine can be operated via CNC i.e., through a computerized instructions without any requirement of manual operation. It is the most efficient operational method integrated in automatic models.