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Looking for Sugarcane Harvester? has a lot to offer in Sugarcane Harvesters made available by a large number of trusted manuf more
Looking for Sugarcane Harvester? has a lot to offer in Sugarcane Harvesters made available by a large number of trusted manufacturers & exporters. You can also check for similar category of products like Maize Harvester, Mini Combine Harvester, Paddy Harvester and more on the website.

Sugarcane harvesters are mechanical machines that help in harvesting of sugarcane. This harvested sugarcane is further used for extraction of sugarcane juice and manufacturing sugar. Sugarcane harvester is an important machinery for farmers dealing in sugarcanes. They are highly efficient and affordable. They can harvest sugarcanes of all sizes easily.It also saves a lot of time and reduces manpower. Additionally, the lengths of chaff can be altered as per the preference of animal. Sugarcane harvesters come in various types and sizes. Earlier, there were only hand held sugarcane harvesters, however, nowadays, we have electric sugarcane harvesters that are speedy and highly effective.

A wide range of Sugarcane Harvesters are available at Trade India offered by several verified manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. You can also go through wide listings of similar products such as Agricultural Harvester, Mini Combine Harvester, Sugarcane Cutting Machine and more.

Advantages of Sugarcane Harvesters:
1) Durable
2) Long Lasting
3) Easy handling
4) Diminishes the work of farmers
5) Reduced dependence on labour

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FAQs Related to Sugarcane Harvester

How does a sugarcane harvester works?

A sugarcane harvester has a mechanical extension which cuts the trunk at the base and also cuts them into segments which are then deposited into self-laden bin or separate vehicle travelling alongside via feed roller.

Are all sugarcane harvester same?

No, there are different sugarcane harvesters which variegates on the basis of size, harvesting process and any other mechanical differences.

What are the benefits of sugarcane harvester?

•HAM (harvester activity monitor) is used to monitor, enhance the harvesting process.
•Smooth static feding
•Chopper and hydrostatic basecutter increases efficiency & performance.
•Unmatched security
•No loss of sugarcane meanwhile
•Self-cleaning cooling package