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Stalagmometer Glassware

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Glass Stalagmometer

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Scientific Instrument Products

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Stalagmometer Manufacturers | Suppliers in India

Company Name Location Member Since
Axle Steel & FastenersAhmedabad, India10 Years
Edutek InstrumentationAmbala Cantt, India9 Years
Labcare Instruments & International ServicesAmbala Cantt, India5 Years
Wissen Techus Private LimitedAmbala Cantt, India3 Years

FAQs Related to Stalagmometer

What is the stalagmometer used for?

A stalagmometer, a glass device for measuring surface tension, was commonly used to quantify alcohol content. Drops of a substance are counted and weighed, and the results are compared to those of water or some other standard liquid. Chemists and physicists use the device to determine the surface tension of a liquid. There are several names for stalagmometers. A liquid is supplied to a stalagmometer that is hanging vertically and allowed to flow out throughout an experiment. For the liquid to condense into a drop at the end, the tube must have a small base. The liquid will spill out of the tube once the volume of the drop reaches its maximum.

What is the difference between a stalagmometer and a viscometer?

Here is the difference:

A tool for using the stalagmometric technique to study surface tension. A stalagmometer, a glass device for measuring surface tension, was commonly used to quantify alcohol content.

A device for determining the thickness of a fluid. The thickness of a liquid can be measured with a device called a viscometer (or viscosimeter). A rheometer is used to measure the viscosity of fluids whose properties change under different flow conditions.
Rheometers are a subset of viscometers, therefore it makes sense to think of them in this way. For laminar flow to occur, the Reynolds number of the flow conditions must be very tiny.

How does a stalagmometer measure surface tension?

Droplets of the fluid of interest are dropped into a capillary glass tube, and their weight is measured to determine the surface tension of the fluid. A force tensiometer can be used to measure surface tension. This type of device works by measuring the pressure at the liquid-gas or liquid-liquid interface using a probe. An extremely delicate balance is linked to the probe, and the liquid interface of concern is brought in contact with the probe. Surface tension may be determined by weighing the forces registered by the balance when the probe contacts the liquid's surface. The probe's dimensions and profile may be adjusted with little effort.

What is the stalagmometric method?

One of the most frequent approaches of determining surface tension is the stalagmometric technique. The surface tension of a fluid may be calculated using an equation if we know the surface tension of water, which is 72 dyne/cm. Surface tension may be calculated using the equation with increasing accuracy as more droplets are weighed. Maintaining a clean stalagmometer is essential for accurate readings. Commercially available tubes for the stalagmometric technique come in 2.5-, 3.5-, and 5.0-millimeter diameters (ml). Small volumes and low viscosity require the 2.5-ml size, whereas slightly viscous fluids require the 3.5-ml size, and large quantities and high viscosity require the 5.0-ml size. Most liquids may be contained within a container of 2.5 ml.

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