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Discover 31 products from Honda Power Sprayer manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Honda Power Sprayer product more
Discover 31 products from Honda Power Sprayer manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Honda Power Sprayer product price in India ranges from 4,000 to 1,75,000 INR and minimum order requirements from 1 to 10. Whether you're looking for Honda GX 25 Engine Knapsack Power Sprayer, 35cc 4 stroke PORTABLE POWER SPRAYERS, Ralli 2 Stroke Motorised Knapsack Mist-Blower Cum Duster etc, you can explore and find the best products from Tradeindia. We offer a wide range of Honda Power Sprayer selections in various locations including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Indore and many more.

Honda GX 25 Engine Knapsack Power Sprayer

Price: 35000.00 - 80000.00 (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


11 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer


Ralli 2 Stroke Motorised Knapsack Mist-Blower Cum Duster

Price: 5900 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter



Price: 12500 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


2 Years

Response Rate: 97.47%

Business Type: Manufacturer


White 25Ltr Honda Knapsack Power Sprayer

Price: 10500 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units


1 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer


Garden Fork Honda Htp Power Sprayer

Price: 29000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


8 Years

Response Rate: 94.29%

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier



1 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


4 Stroke Power Sprayer Capacity: 20 Kg/Hr

Price: 10000.00 - 17000.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces


9 Years

Business Type: Supplier


Nep-999 High Pressure Power Neptune Honda Gx25 Sprayer Agriculture

Price: 19000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units


2 Years

Business Type: Trading Company


Bsc-850 Sprayman Engine Honda Gx390 Self Start Engine Type: 4 Stroke

Price: 175000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

M/S Universal Agro Products

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


KisanKraft Petrol Power Sprayer (KK-708-AL1)

Price: 9000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


4 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Honda Power Sprayer Engine Type: Air Cooled

Price: 18000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


3 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor



Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Honda Portable Power Sprayer

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces


Business Type: Trading Company


Honda Power Sprayer Agriculture Industry

Price: 95000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Unit/Units


Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


SOLO Kleinmotoren GmbH

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Agricultural Usage Power Sprayer Capacity: 20 Liter (L)

Price: 4000 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1 Piece/Pieces

Naina Enterprises

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter

no image


2 Years

Response Rate: 96.26%

Business Type: Manufacturer | Trading Company

no image


2 Years

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor

no image


Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor

no image


Business Type: Distributor | Trading Company

no image


Business Type: Service Provider | Trading Company

no image


Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter

no image

Sriganesh Engineering Services

Business Type: Distributor | Trading Company

no image


Business Type: Manufacturer

no image

Green Kraft Agritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type: Trading Company

no image

Om Agro Equipment

Business Type: Manufacturer

no image

Southern Agro Engines Private Limited

Business Type: Manufacturer

no image

Jatin Agro Traders

Business Type: Distributor


Why Do Companies Choose Honda Power Sprayer?

Consistent advances in agricultural technology have provided farmers with an abundance of cutting-edge tools and resources to help them fulfill their responsibility to feed the world. In the case of Plant Protection, a growing number of farmers are employing the use of sprayers to both irrigate their fields and apply chemicals.

Here are the reasons why companies choose Honda Power Sprayer:

1. Lower Cost

In comparison to their gas-powered counterparts, Honda electric sprayers are more easier to use, require fewer replacement parts, and are much cheaper. In most cases, the engine and pump of a battery-powered Honda sprayer will come as a single, preassembled unit, making it both cheaper (than gas-powered) and easier to use.

2. Less Space

Space-saving Honda sprayers are becoming increasingly popular. The motor and pump component of an electric power sprayer is often much more compact than its gas counterpart. Many benefits result from the reduced surface area:

3. Less Maintenance

There are fewer moving parts and typically less complicated plumbing with Honda power sprayers. This reduces the potential for failure, reduces the quantity of moving parts, and simplifies upkeep.

4. Greener Image

Companies that use Honda sprayers powered by electric batteries can promote a more sustainable image. The operator can promote themselves as a more environmentally friendly organization by pointing out that their vehicles don't run on gasoline. Do not bother with gas and oil reserves.

5. Quieter

Unlike gas-powered Honda sprayers, which can be loud, Honda motors produce almost no noise. With this setup, the operator can start and end their shifts when the least number of customers and neighbors are around.

An Advantage of Using A Honda Power Sprayer

1. Irrigation and Hydration

In agriculture, small irrigation zones are often treated with high-pressure Honda power sprayers. Furthermore, before to harvesting, growers spray clean water on their crops to remove any lingering residues. In every climate, a sprayer will come in handy. For a variety of agricultural uses, these can be utilized to provide a cool environment for insects and cattle.

2. Flowering & Fruiting and Plant Growth Uses 

The effectiveness of plant growth relies heavily on the application method. Flowering and fruiting, as well as overall flower yield, can be accelerated by spraying plant growth regulators. This application's main benefit is that it requires less time to treat the plant while being less harmful to the environment.

3. Liquid Fertilizer Uses 

In drylands and other places prone to soil erosion, applying fertilizer as a liquid is an effective strategy. Here, liquid fertilizer is included in the sprayer to speed up the process. There is no danger of evaporation or wind erosion when using liquid fertilizer on a select group of crops. 

Plants benefit from the use of this honda power sprayer since they help them get a head start on the growing process. Water is another benefit of applying liquid fertilizer along with the nutrients they provide.

4. Spraying of Fungicides 

In agriculture, mildews, rusts, blights, and fungus are controlled with hand sprayers. These are the worst possible pests for plants, as they drastically cut harvest yields. Animals can also suffer from the impacts of fungal parasites. 

However, you may find that they are readily managed with a hand sprayer. Fungicides are commonly found in liquid form and contain 90 percent sulfur. Fungi can be successfully managed with the help of sprayers because they have no influence on the leaves.

5. Spray Herbicides 

Unwanted plants are easy to keep under control using a sprayer. They use a Honda sprayer filled with herbicide and water to do this. The farmer sprays it on the undesired growth, and a few days later, the spray dries on its own. 

Chemical innovations developed by scientists have the potential to selectively eradicate only weeds or undesirable plants from a field. As an alternative, farmers may use sprayers to apply selective herbicides.

6. Effective for Pest Control 

Pests can be effectively managed with the help of sprayers. Pesticides can be purchased in a diluted form and sprayed directly into problem areas. Farmers are required to use sprayers every two weeks if a certain area has a heavy pest population. 

Pesticides can be sprayed on cattle to get rid of ticks and other harmful insects that can reduce output.

Most Common Problem With Honda Power Sprayer

1. Lower Output

In comparison to their gas-powered counterparts, Honda sprayers often have lower output or volume (expressed in GPM). Therefore, high-volume tasks, such as termite pretreats huge weed pre-emergent activities, or driving a massive boom (like a golf course fairway sprayer), are not ideal for battery sprayer motor pumps.

2. Lower Pressure

It's common for Honda battery sprayer motors to produce less pressure than their gas-powered counterparts. PSI is the standard unit of measurement for pressure. High-pressure tasks, including spraying far distances or towering trees, aren't suitable to electric pumps. 

When using lower-pressure electric pumps, longer hoses can be difficult to move through. Low-pressure electric pumps can experience issues with the spray hose.

3. Volume Pressure Tradeoff

Electric pumps typically have a substantial volume/pressure tradeoff compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Electric pumps come in a variety of pressures and volumes, with higher-pressure models typically having lesser volume options and vice versa. Pumps powered by gas, such as diaphragm pumps, can deliver enormous volumes at high pressures.

4. Transferring Sprayer to Another Vehicle

Transferring the Honda spray rig to a different vehicle, say because the original vehicle needs to be serviced, is more complicated because electric pumps are typically tied to the truck battery. To power the rig, the new car's battery must be connected. The power supply is separate from the sprayer in a gas-powered model. The spare car only needs to have it transferred to it.

5. Fail Points.

All 12-volt electric pumps used in pest and weed control applications have weak areas that fail, as past experience has shown.

Types of Honda Power Sprayer

1. HTP Sprayers

This sprayer uses a horizontal three-piston pump made of brass. One of its main functions is to ensure consistent high-pressure spraying across the whole area where the operation takes place. Additionally, the HTP sprayer serves other purposes, including commercial and agricultural applications. The fact that it has a long working life and is efficient with electricity is its primary advantage.

2. Orchard Sprayers 

In order to treat orchard trees with pesticides, fungicides, or foliar nutrients, sprayers are employed. It is an implement that can be installed on tractors and is used on expansive lands.

3. Mist dust Sprayers

The mist dust sprayer is a type of knapsack power sprayer that is employed for the purpose of spraying granulated urea and liquid chemicals in the form of a mist respectively. Orchards, tea and coffee estates, and other types of crops can all benefit from the efficient use of this sprayer. It is also capable of spraying dust powder forms of insecticides.

4. Knapsack Power Sprayer

Knapsack power sprayer has electric engine run while using petrol engine i.e., 2 stroke and 4stroke engine design. It comes with its own chemical tank in addition to nozzles that may be handled in the hand.

5. Portable Power Sprayer

Power sprayers that are portable are driven by electric and gasoline engines, and the hose pipe is used to direct the spray. Unfortunately, the chemical tank that is essential for applying, insecticides, liquid pesticides or other chemicals across a vast area of land is absent from this form of sprayer.

6. Knapsack Sprayer 

Spraying may be done quickly and easily with a knapsack sprayer since it has hand-held nozzles that are attached to a tank that the user carries on their back.


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Rekha Agriplas LimitedVijayawada, India11 Years
Rolynet IndustriesAhmedabad, India9 Years
Primco PowerDelhi, India8 Years
Yadav Gardan ToolsDelhi, India4 Years
Novo3DCoimbatore, India3 Years
Bm TradersMumbai, India3 Years
Dhanya Vridhi IrrigationJaipur, India2 Years
M/S Sri Sri Venkateswara Engineering CoKurnool, India2 Years
Technocart Online Services Private LimitedCoimbatore, India2 Years
Orchard EnterprisesKullu, India2 Years


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