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Discover 118 products from Doms Pencils manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Doms Pencils product price in India ranges from 123 to 500 INR and minimum order requirements from 10 to 1,100. Whether you're looking for Doms Rubber Tipped Graphite Pencils, Doms Neon Pencils, Doms Neon Colour Pencil For Coloring, 175 - 180 Mm Size etc, you can explore and find the best products from Tradeindia. We offer a wide range of Doms Pencils selections in various locations including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and many more. more


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Hb Doms Neon Pencils

Hb Doms Neon Pencils

Price: 3.62 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 500 Piece/Pieces


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Powder Doms Neon Colour Pencil For Coloring, 175 - 180 Mm Size

Price: 50 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 200 Pack/Packs

AFS Enterprises

Business Type: Trading Company


Black Smooth And Eco Friendly Doms Pencil For Writing, Drawing

Price: 48 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 500 Box/Boxes

Shivam Stationery Mart

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Black Pencil Doms

Price: 55 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 500 Box/Boxes


Business Type: Trading Company

New Delhi


Business Type: Distributor | Supplier


Trisha Enterprises

Business Type: Distributor

West Singhbhum

Many Softer Sharper Point Or Darkness Smooth Doms Pencil

Price: 50 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10 Piece/Pieces

Hitech Services

Business Type: Manufacturer | Distributor


Multi Colors Soft & Smooth Dark Graphite Exam Pencils

Price: 50 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Pack/Packs

Shri Om Stationers

Business Type: Distributor


DOMS India Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer | Exporter


Kabirul Islam

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Kundu Enterprise

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Grey 7 Inch Extra Dark Wood And Graphite Pencil With Eraser

Price: 45 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1100 Pack/Packs

A&T Stationers Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type: Trading Company


Doms Pencils

Price: 53 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Box/Boxes, Box/Boxes

Mini Traders

Business Type: Distributor


Mahesh Enterprises

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Agarwal Enterprises

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New Delhi


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Bajaj Stationers

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Kumar Stationers

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Stationery Shop

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Black Doms Rubber Tipped Grahite Pencil

Price: 339.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Box/Boxes

Digital Stationery Point

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Business Type: Distributor


Shri Balaji Traders

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Mahalsai Stationery

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Overview of DOMS Pencils

2007 marked the beginning of DOMS operations. When researching this firm on the internet, you will find a lot of information that is unclear, but the quality of their pencils is unmistakably high. This is the one aspect of their business that is not in question. There are no exceptions, and these 3 DOMS pencils are not one of them. The history of the firm as shown by Bloomberg's financial data suggests that it was established in 1974. The first wooden pencil was produced by DOMS in 1976, according to their website. According to the information provided by the F.I.L.A. Group, an Italian stationery conglomerate that owns Prang, Lyra, Dixon, and a variety of other brands, the brand was introduced in the year 2007. In 2012, F.I.L.A. made a purchase that gave them an 18.5% share in the business Writefine Products Pvt. Ltd., then in 2015, they increased that stake to 51%. There must be something that DOMS is doing well. They were the winners of India's No. 1 Brand Awards in the category of stationery in 2016. It's possible that Writefine began operations in 1974; their first pencil was released in 1976, and the company introduced the DOMS name in 2007. This is what I have concluded based on the abundance of information that is now available, but I might very well be completely wrong.

Categories of DOMS Pencils

There are three different colours: the 10-pack has two bronze pieces, four silver pieces, and four gold pieces. In their packs, there are silver foil impressions on the side that says "Groove Slim DOMS," a white foil imprint on the portion where you may put your name, and a black foil imprint with the UPC. Due to the fact that this is a triangular pencil, each of those pieces has its very own side. The only part that doesn't seem very nice is the universal product code (UPC). Because the wood has been removed from the grip regions throughout the whole length of the pencil shaft, this feature is known as a "Groove." They are just indentations that are slightly offset from one another and are designed to reportedly make it easier to hold the pencil. In situations like these, I would normally want to get away, but holding it didn't bother me at all. In addition, the dip at the end is not quite right, and there is no eraser included. I've never seen anything like that; the end has been dipped in a transparent lacquer that's somewhat bubbling, making it appear like it's been imprisoned in amber straight out of Jurassic Park.

Manufacturing of DOMS Pencils

Graphite and clay are the two primary components that are used in the manufacture of graphite lead. Both of the components are combined and then ground very finely, resulting in a substance that is both homogenous and very fine. The same amount of graphite and clay mixed together may produce a wide range of different degrees of hardness. When there is a larger percentage of graphite, the lead has a softer consistency, but when there is a higher percentage of clay, the lead has a more rigid consistency. Burning duration and temperature both have an effect on the lead's final hardness. This mixture is now cooked at a high temperature after being formed into a miniature thread, trimmed to the desired length, and then baked again. Wax is now applied to the completed lead in order to facilitate a smooth abrasion. The manufacturing of DOMS pencils includes:

1. WOOD: The packaging for these pencils states that they are made with "softened and well-treated wood for smooth sharpening and extended shelf life." Which one is the blade for the sharpener? What about the actual pencil? Regardless, it performs well in both the CP-80 and the Pollux, which are my two go-to sharpeners. Even with a blade that had been used just a little bit, it was readily cut through by the KUM Masterpiece, which is considered to be the greatest shavings-flower creator in the world.

2. CORE: The DOMS, much like other Indian pencils, has a fantastically black core. It is just about as black as the DOMS X-1 Super Dark and sits a shade darker than the DOMS Groove Slim. To the naked eye, the cores of all the pencils seemed to be centred, and the orange tester I used sharpened perfectly in the middle all the way through. The Steno had excellent point retention, whereas the Infinity Vanguard only managed fair results. This does not live up to its grade and is maybe a little bit softer than HB, bordering on the realm of B.

3. ERASER: The erasers are rough and abrasive, and they don't accomplish anything other than accumulate graphite on their tips, which turns them black. These are not antique pencils by any means. Maybe it's because they have to add more colour to make it blend in with the neon lacquer you're purchasing, but maybe not. In most cases, you can tell if you hold it up to the light and see that the eraser has some reflecting granules. This is the same as everything else. They are firmly crimped into the wood and give the impression of being quite sturdy.

Application of DOMS Pencils

DOMS pencils are most often used for the purposes of creative sketching and drawing, stenography, and note-taking. The fact that it can be used easily and that it can be erased once it has been drawn on are also among the positives it offers. The pencil's usefulness as a writing implement stems from the low Van der Waals force and the crystalline structure of graphite. Pencils are indispensable assistants for everyone, regardless of whether they are being used at school, at the work, or in their personal time. There are pencils designed specifically for use on a wide variety of materials, including Styrofoam, wet wood, sheet metal, tiles, concrete, cardboard, paper, and wood, among others. Writing implements made of reed, bamboo, or papyrus cane that were hollowed out and filled with liquid lead were used by the ancient Egyptians around 5000 years ago. People started writing using lead alloy pens that had a silver soldered tip around the time of the 12th century. A number of painters, several decades later, repurposed these pencils into silver pencils that they used for drawing. In the sixteenth century, writing was allegedly sometimes done using lead sticks. The DOMS pencils provide a wide range of uses, and the following are some of the more evident benefits:

  1. - Pencils are examples of inexpensive writing implements.
  2. - There are many varying degrees of a material's hardness to accommodate its many applications.
  3. - You can get your hands on a pencil just about everywhere.
  4. - Various styles and variants are on hand.
  5. - The use of pencils requires little effort.
  6. - They provide flawless writing at any temperature.
  7. - They write no matter where they are or what they are doing.
  8. - Made a mistake? It's not an issue; just cross out the incorrect components.
  9. - The words that are written with a pencil have a high light resistance because of their medium. 
  10. - A possible length of up to 50,000 metres in writing!
  11. - The sound of one's handwriting on paper, as well as the sound of a pencil sharpener working on a dull pencil

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FAQs Related to Doms Pencils

The abbreviation for Dynamic Organization Manufacturing Stationery is DOMS.
Every kind of artist may find the perfect DOMS graphite pencil to suit their needs thanks to the range of 16 different degrees of hardness available. The weight of the artist's hand, the sort of work that will be made, and the type of paper that will be used all play a role in determining the appropriate degree of hardness to utilise. An artist who has a lighter drawing hand may find that they like rather firm lead qualities, whereas an artist who has a heavy hand may find that they prefer softer leads to balance their pressure. When an artist writes with a lead pencil on the artist's paper, the surface of the paper works like a rasp, removing exceedingly small particles of lead. The more abrasive the paper is, the greater the number of lead particles that are removed. In general, a paper that is rough or harsh calls for a lead that is of a harder quality, and white paper that is smooth or soft calls for a lead that is of a softer grade. There are sixteen different degrees of graphite pencil hardness, which are as follows: 6H, 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B, and 8B. Because of their extremely soft to exceptionally soft graphite and very dark colour, graphite pencils with degrees of hardness ranging from 3B to 8B are well suited for artistic and pictorial drawing. When it comes to sketching and writing, graphite pencils 2B, B, HB, F, and H are your best option, with our B (soft black) pencil functioning as a suitable replacement for the standard No. 2 pencil. Last but not least, graphite pencils ranging in hardness from 2H all the way up to 6H are the best choice for technical drawing.
Yes, DOMS pencils are great for writing and drawing. These will also help you improve your handwriting.
DOMS X-TRA The premium grade graphite lead in super dark graphite pencils allows for writing that is both dark and tidy, and the pencils themselves are designed to provide a superior grip.

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