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Discover 147 products from Bingo Chips manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Bingo Chips product price in India more
Discover 147 products from Bingo Chips manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and dealers across India. Bingo Chips product price in India ranges from 5 to 150.0 INR and minimum order requirements from 25 to 10,000. Whether you're looking for Potato Chips For Daily Snacks Served With Beverages, 60 Grams Tasty And Crunchy Cheese Spicy Fried Flavor Mad Angles, Tomato Flavour Bingo Chips etc, you can explore and find the best products from Tradeindia. We offer a wide range of Bingo Chips selections in various locations including Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Madurai, Vadodara and many more.

Easily Digest Tomato Flavour Bingo Chips

Price: 130 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 50 Kilograms/Kilograms


2 Years

Response Rate: 85.00%

Business Type: Manufacturer


60 Grams Tasty And Crunchy Cheese Spicy Fried Flavor Mad Angles

Price: 15 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 2000 Pack/Packs

Aradhya Enterprises

Business Type: Trading Company


Potato Chips For Daily Snacks Served With Beverages

Price: 100.00 - 150.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 100 Kilograms/Kilograms


Business Type: Manufacturer


Masala Salted Flavour Fried Corn Bingo Masala Chips

Price: 10 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 10000 Pack/Packs

Kiran Bekera and Traders

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company



Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company



Business Type: Trading Company


90 Gram Spicy And Tangy Potato Chips Processing Type: Baked

Price: 50 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 800 Piece/Pieces

Ravi Agencies

Business Type: Trading Company

New Delhi

N/A Hygienically Packed Snack Crispy Spicy Masala Chips

Price: 40 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 1000 Piece/Pieces

H. H. Gruh udhyog

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Mahadev Namkeen

Business Type: Trading Company


Crispy And Spicy Ready To Eat Achaari Masti Mad Angles, 36 Gram

Price: 10 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 3000 Pack/Packs


Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company


SS Bakery

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier


VH Wafers Namkeen & Manufacturing

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Spicy Bingo Masla Mad Angles Chips

Price: 10 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 500 Pack/Packs

Ishani Enterprise

Business Type: Distributor


Maxvita Tomato Ketchup Potato Chips Application: Outdoor

Price: 20 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 5000 Pack/Packs

Yas Aloogarh Udyog

Business Type: Manufacturer | Supplier


Gajanan Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company


Sanket Supari & Kirana

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier


Easy To Digest Spicy And Crunchy Masala Bingo

Price: 100.00 - 140.00 INR (Approx.)

MOQ - 25 Kilograms/Kilograms


Business Type: Distributor | Supplier



Business Type: Distributor


Amit Bind & Co.

Business Type: Distributor | Supplier



Business Type: Distributor | Supplier


Goyal Traders

Business Type: Trading Company


P. Latesh Kumar & Co.

Business Type: Distributor


MR Traders

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company


Rana Sales

Business Type: Supplier | Trading Company

Devgadh Baria

Bingo Chips Introduction

ITC Limited – Foods Division introduced its new brand of snacks under the name Bingo! In the year 2007. Since then, the brand has gained a considerable market share in the chips segment in India. The launch of Bingo marked the beginning of the company's expansion into the rapidly expanding market for branded snacks. After having tremendous success with its staples, biscuits, ready-to-eat, and confectionery businesses, ITC Foods added Bingo! as their fifth main line of food business to their product portfolio. The introduction of Bingo! was emblematic of ITC Foods' distinctive strategy, which consists of delivering creative and unique goods into a market space that is, for the most part, homogeneous. Bingo! provides customers with a diverse selection of items that fall under the categories of potato chips as well as finger snacks. Potato Chips are available in a variety of tastes and varieties, including Masalas, Salted, and Tomato flavours, and four novel flavour variations that were inspired by the snacking habits of individuals from various sections of the nation. In addition to that, a dairy alternative with a southern flavour profile has also been added to the selection of potato chips.

Bingo Chips: Taste & Flavours

The mission of the organisation is to take you on a journey via different flavours. Because of this, every component that goes into a pack of Bingo! is hand-picked and prepared using the highest quality and most recent ingredients available. Their HACCP-certified production facilities are in full compliance with international quality standards. Because you expect nothing less than completely wholesome, risk-free snacks of the best possible quality, goods are made with Zero Human Product Touch at every stage of the production process. You may rest easy knowing that they will never fail to live up to their end of the bargain and that the promise they made will always be honoured.

What is the Bingo Chips Original Style?

After being sliced so thinly that they are lighter than air, the potatoes used to make Bingo's original style chips are then seasoned with chilli. These chips are made from golden grade potatoes. All you have to do is tear open a bag of Bingo Original Style Chilli Sprinkled potato chips! Savor the delicious heat of these potato chips, which are prepared in the traditional wafer-like shape of the first potato chips. One of the most well-liked flavours of bingo chips, they may be purchased in packages of either 60 or 90 grammes and come in two different sizes.

Bingo Chips Company

The launch of Bingo! was carefully timed to coincide with the World Cup in order to capitalise on the enormous demand for leisure and cocktail snacks among those who like watching cricket in the nation.The strengths identified in the Bingo Chips analysis are methodical approach to special advertising. Bingo was able to gain an early competitive edge because, in large part, to the alluring advertising campaign it ran, in which it often depicted itself as unique and noteworthy. The advertisements have increased customers' awareness of the company's goods, and research has shown that advertising has a high recall effect. Bingo has always been offered for purchase as a distinctive chip in the form of a triangle. Bingo has made efforts to cultivate a positive brand image for its wares in the consumer market. Bingo boasts of a large flavour range and it was to be anticipated that Bingo, which has such a large number of sub-brands, would have a variety of tastes, and that is precisely what has been provided here. There are now 19 different types of Bingo available, all of which may be found on this page.

ITC Brand has been one reason for success of Bingo! ITC is home to a variety of brands, the most of which are in the food and beverage industry. The company has a robust distribution network both in rural and urban areas. As a direct consequence of this, Bingo is played in a very broad variety of locations. ITC is linked to the surrounding rural regions. ITC further established its presence in rural regions by opening ITC Choupal Sagar and expanding its distribution network. ITC is not just one of the largest FMCG companies in India but also has substantial funds. Because of this, the cash provided by ITC is a pretty great thing for Bingo. Because ITC offers a decent margin and has a reliable distribution network, the availability of its products is satisfactory. The ITC's Fair pricing ensures that unplanned business will take place.

However, Bingo is marketed quite a bit in the beginning, but the process of creating the brand has not yet progressed, which results in a low level of brand recall for the brand at this time. High levels of fat should be avoided by healthy individuals since potato wafers contain high levels of both fat and cholesterol. The high rate of consumer brand switching in the wafers industry makes it challenging to identify customers' preferences.

There are plenty of opportunities available for Bingo to expand its reach. Bingo must be geared towards micro-distribution since these potato chip games are truly distribution-oriented games, and accessibility is the element that determines who wins. Building a Reputation for Your Brand Bingo, in addition to focusing on the breadth of its operations, has to pay more attention to the recall of its brand name via improved advertising. This is a practice that Kurkure has done regularly and has realised the rewards of doing so. In the long term, having more flavour options and a wider range of chip textures and shapes would be beneficial to the game of Bingo. Food products may also come in a wide range of varieties.

The biggest threat to Bingo stems from growing awareness amongst people towards healthier snacking options.  The fact that consumers are becoming more health conscious and have begun to shun chips and other fried items is one of the most significant issues faced by any fast food establishment that is reliant on potatoes. Competition contends with intense rivalry from other brands, like Lays and Kurkure. There are other local brands like as Balaji wafers that may be purchased. These local brands, national brands, and worldwide brands are all vying for the same mental and physical real estate in the consumer's head and stomach. The potential competition from regionally produced treats are also a challenge for the company. People who are fit and have significantly reduced their intake of products like chips. This has been one major factor for the drop in sales, and Bingo must evolve healthier varieties like baked chips and goods. Another potential danger comes from governmental regulations. Alterations in the standards for preservatives might potentially pose a significant risk to the firm.

Bingo Chips Wholesalers and Distributors in India

The parent company of Bingo is ITC, which is a global behemoth. It is a conglomeration of a wide range of bands, producing products like Cigarette, beverages, Snacks, Staples etc. ITC is into every domain of FMCG and also has a vast hotel network. Thus, finding Bingo chips dealers and wholesalers would be no problem at all. Infact, Bingo has also placed itself as a leader even in the rural areas, by ensuring consistent supply of their chips. You can connect with ITC food division showing interest to their dealership. Alternatively, you can visit their website to get details about the wholesaler and distributor network across India.

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