Best 7 Crockery Brands in India 2023


Opala is a famous crockery brand in India known for its beautiful designs and durability.  Dinner sets, plates, bowls, and cups, all you can find here.

1.La Opala

A well-known brand that offers lightweight dinnerware made of a unique triple-layered glass material.

2. Corelle

Borosil is the most loved brand that offers plates, bowls, cups, and serving dishes of high quality.

3. Borosil

A premium crockery brand that offers fine bone china and porcelain dinnerware with unique designs and finishes.

4. Noritake

A traditional Indian crockery brand that offers handcrafted ceramic plates, bowls, and cups with intricate designs and patterns.

5. Blue Pottery

Luminarc offers a wide range of glassware, including drinking glasses, tumblers, and wine glasses. 

6. Luminarc

Clay Craft has high-quality ceramic dinnerware with colorful designs and patterns. 

7. Clay Craft

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