Top 7 Vegetable Juices for Radiant and Glowing Skin

By: Tradeindia

Carrot Juice

Rich in beta-carotene, it promotes cell turnover for youthful skin. Its antioxidants combat free radicals, imparting a natural glow.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, it purifies blood, enhancing skin health. Its high iron content promotes oxygenation for a radiant complexion.

Beetroot Juice

Spinach Juice

Abundant in vitamins A and C, it rejuvenates skin cells, reducing signs of ageing. Its chlorophyll content detoxifies, leaving skin clear and vibrant.

Cucumber Juice

Hydrating and cooling, it reduces inflammation and puffiness. Silica and antioxidants promote collagen production for firm, glowing skin.

Tomato Juice

Loaded with lycopene, it protects skin from UV damage, preventing premature ageing. Vitamins E and C nourish and brighten the skin.

Kale Juice

A powerhouse of nutrients, it fights free radicals, maintaining skin elasticity. Its vitamin K content reduces dark circles, promoting a radiant complexion.

Bell Pepper Juice

High in vitamin C, it boosts collagen production, improving skin texture and tone. Antioxidants combat oxidative stress for a youthful glow.

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