TRADEINDIA Payment Protection is a payment gateway service. It ensures the suppliers free from payment default risk, and buyers, on the other hand, are assured of getting the right product before the payment is released to the seller. After negotiating the business terms directly with each other, Buyers and Sellers can use TRADEINDIA Payment Protection for reliable transaction. When a buyer confirms the receipt of products to TRADEINDIA, only then the supplier receives the payment within 48 hours.
As a buyer, why should I use TRADEINDIA Payment Protection?
As a buyer, you should use TRADEINDIA Payment Protection in order to pay to the sellers because:
  • Seller receives payment only after you receive the goods.
  • Purchase without worrying about getting the wrong products delivered after payment.
  • Purchase from any seller across India with confidence.
  • Get immediate refund if you receive wrong product.
  • Get all the above benefits free of cost.
As a seller, why should I use TRADEINDIA Payment Protection?
As a seller, you should use TRADEINDIA Payment Protection in order to receive payment from the buyer because:
  • Sell your products across India with confidence.
  • Get payments instantly after successfully delivering the product.
  • Do business without traveling to other locations for payment collection.
  • Enjoy all the above benefits at zero cost.
How TRADEINDIA Payment Protection work?
TRADEINDIA Payment Protection is a five-step process. It acts as a trusted medium and protects the buyer by allowing inspection of the goods before funds are disbursed to seller; and protects the Seller by verifying funds before initiating shipment. The steps are as follows:
  • Buyer and seller negotiate and then finalize the deal with each other.
  • Buyer deposits the complete amount with TRADEINDIA Payment Protection.
  • The seller starts the delivery.
  • Buyer receives and verifies the product.
  • TRADEINDIA Payment Protection releases the payment to the seller.
Does Tradeindia take any charges for providing this service?
No! It does not charge any cost. It is absolutely free for both buyers & sellers. However, there are some transaction charges which a buyer has to pay such as:
  • If you are using Debit Card and paying an amount, which is more than INR 2000/-, you have to pay 0.97%* charges
  • If you are using Debit Card and paying an amount, which is less than INR 2000/-, you have to pay 0.73%* charges
  • If you are using Credit Card (Visa/ Master) for making payment, you have to pay 1.80%* charges
  • If you want to make payment using Net Banking facility, you have to pay 1.60%* charges, if it is of HDFC Bank or flat INR 16/- (Other Banks)*

*Applicable taxes extra and at Actual on per Transaction, Set Up Cost and AMC.

What are the payment modes that Tradeindia accepts?
Following are the payment modes, a buyer can use:
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
When the buyer receives the invoice of the order?
The invoice is shared directly from seller to buyer and TRADEINDIA Payment Protection. TRADEINDIA Payment Protection is an intermediator & will not provide any invoice.
Are EMI options available?
No, we don't offer EMI options presently, the buyer has to pay the entire amount upfront.
Can a buyer pay over a period of time?
No, we currently don’t support milestone-based transactions, the entire payment needs to be paid upfront before the transaction moves forward. In case the transaction warrants milestone payment, each milestone will have to be created as a new transaction on the platform and payment will be released accordingly to the seller.
What can a Buyer do if seller denies to accept payments from TIPay?
Every TRADEINDIA seller has to accept payment from TIPay. In case, a Seller denies for the service, please do write to us at tipay@tradeindia.com or call us at +91-11-46710423.
Who will bear the taxes and other government duties?
Buyer and Seller mutually decide as to who bears the taxes, shipping cost and any other government duties. The amount payable through TRADEINDIA Payment Protection is net of all these costs and deductions. TRADEINDIA Payment Protection will not do any such calculations and split payments at its end and simply transfer the total amount received to the Seller.
Can seller/buyer change the terms of the transaction after payment?
No!The transaction cannot be changed post payment. The existing transaction will have to be cancelled and a new one will be created once the payment is processed. Only request for extension of delivery timeline is allowed post payment but it is a subject to the confirmation by the buyer.
How can a buyer confirm about the receipt of order?
Buyer can confirm delivery acceptance by informing TRADEINDIA Payment Protection at tipay@tradeindia.com
How does a seller receive the payment from TRADEINDIA Payment Protection?
In order to receive the payment successfully, the seller must provide Invoice to TRADEINDIA Payment Protection and Buyer needs to confirm about the successful delivery of the product as well. In case of partial payment and refund, both buyer and seller ought to provide written confirmation to TRADEINDIA Payment Protection at tipay@tradeindia.com
Why are seller & buyer bank account information required?
Seller bank account information is required to make the payments directly into the account, once the goods have been accepted by the buyer. For the buyer, the bank account information is needed to make the refund, if any.
Can a seller change his bank account information during or after the transaction?
No, the seller bank account details will be recorded one-time at the time of on-boarding and will not be changed. Under exceptional circumstances, the seller may write to us separately for changing the account details.
How long it takes for sellers to get the payment?
Funds are disbursed within 24-48 hours after the delivery of right goods. The transaction is completed once the buyer successfully accepts the delivery and updates about it on TRADEINDIA Payment Protection.
When Seller ships the items?
The seller is notified by TRADEINDIA Payment Protection to ship the items once we verify that the payment from the Buyer is received.
Who pays the shipping cost?
The Buyer and Seller mutually agree as to who is going to pay the shipping cost and the total amount payable through TRADEINDIA Payment Protection is the net cost of the products included shipping, taxes and so on. Hence, TRADEINDIA Payment Protection charges the net worth of the goods. However, no split payments or partial payments will be entertained by TRADEINDIA Payment Protection. We transfer the total amount amount to the Seller we receive from the buyer.
What is an estimated order delivery time?
Buyers and sellers agree to an estimated delivery date at the time of order placement. However, an extension can be made if the buyer and Seller mutually agree on a new date & place and put a timeline extension request on the TRADEINDIA Payment Protection.
If the buyer did not receive the goods (goods still in transit) even after being shipped by the seller, the buyer needs to contact the seller.
If the seller has not shipped the order before the stipulated date, the buyer can contact the seller in order to fix up either a new date or make a Refund Request.
How can an order be tracked by the buyers?
TRADEINDIA Payment Protection tracks the orders based on the tracking ID and data provided by the seller and third-party.
What are the shipping methods that TRADEINDIA Payment Protection supports?
Since the shipping methods are decided by the sellers, buyers are advised to contact the seller directly for getting more shipping information. However, in order to protect all the parties from any sort of shipping issues, TRADEINDIA Payment Protection advises that shipment should be done using such methods that allows online tracking and insurance. The seller can ship the items only to the address, which is provided by the buyer on TRADEINDIA Payment Protection platform.
Can a buyer change his shipping address?
Yes! Shipping address can be changed by the buyer but before the shipment. It cannot be revised after the shipment is made.
When Seller ships the items?
The seller is notified by TRADEINDIA Payment Protection to ship the items once we verify that the payment from the Buyer is received.
What can a buyer do, if he doesn’t receive an order on time?
If the goods are not delivered on time, even after shipment confirmation from the Seller, buyers are advised to contact the seller immediately for the extension of the Delivery Period.
How can Buyer/Seller cancel an order?
Both the buyer/ seller can cancel the order before the shipment is made by informing TRADEINDIA Payment Protection.
What can a buyer do if the product delivered is not the same as ordered?
In case, a buyer receives a wrong product, he is advised to update about the same at TRADEINDIA Payment Protection platform within two business days of the order delivered. Once any such complaint is registered by buyer at TRADEINDIA Payment Protection, both parties are required to resolve the issues amongst themselves within 15 business days and notify about the same at TRADEINDIA Payment Protection. If the issue is not resolved by the parties, TRADEINDIA Payment Protection is authorized to foreclose the transaction, refund the payment to the buyer and ship the products back to the seller.
When can a buyer raise a complaint?
The buyer can raise a complaint after the order is delivered by informing TRADEINDIA Payment Protection.
How much time it takes to refund the money to the buyer?
In case of order cancellation, the money is refunded back into the buyer’s account within 7 business days.
What if the Buyer does not inform TRADEINDIA Payment Protection about his acceptance or rejection of goods?
TRADEINDIA Payment Protection will release funds to the seller at the end of three business days of delivery receipt, as long as the buyer has not declined the shipment by raising a complaint.
Please note that TRADEINDIA Payment Protection will be sending repeated reminders to buyers for updations of order acceptance or rejection during such period.