8 Best Foods To Cool Your Body 24x7 In During Summer

By: Tradeindia


High water content keeps you hydrated, while vitamins and antioxidants promote overall health. It's a refreshing summer staple.


Low in calories and high in water, cucumbers aid hydration and provide a cooling effect, perfect for hot days.

Coconut water

Packed with electrolytes, it replenishes fluids and minerals lost through sweat, keeping you cool and hydrated.


Add it to drinks or salads for a burst of freshness. Mint's cooling properties soothe the body and aid digestion.


Probiotics in yogurt support gut health, while its cooling effect helps regulate body temperature.

Green leafy vegetables

High water content and nutrients like vitamins A and C make them nutritious for staying cool.


With a high water content and natural salts, celery helps maintain electrolyte balance, crucial for cooling down.


Loaded with enzymes like bromelain, pineapple aids digestion and its juicy sweetness provides instant refreshment.

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