7 Cruciferous Vegetables to Boost Iron Levels

By: Tradeindia


Nutrient-rich superfood with high iron content, perfect for boosting iron levels in your diet.


Iron powerhouse and antioxidant-rich leafy green, a great addition to your cruciferous veggie lineup.

Brussels Sprout

Packed with iron and fibre, these mini cabbages offer a tasty way to increase your iron intake.


Low in calories but high in iron, this cruciferous veggie can be enjoyed roasted, mashed, or in stir-fries.

Bok Choy

Iron-packed Asian green with a delicate flavour, a perfect choice for stir-fries and soups.


A peppery green leafy vegetable loaded with iron and other essential nutrients to support iron levels.


Crunchy and vibrant, these cruciferous veggies offer a surprising amount of iron in every bite.