7 Best Ice Cream Flavours Everyone Should Try

By: Tradeindia

Kesar Pista

A blend of saffron and pistachio, this royal flavor offers a rich, nutty taste with a hint of sweetness.

Tender Coconut

Refreshing and creamy, it captures the essence of tender coconut, offering a tropical delight.

Paan Ice Cream

A fusion of traditional paan flavors with creamy goodness, it's a unique and refreshing treat.

Mango Mastani

Indulge in the richness of Alphonso mangoes with a creamy texture, a true taste of Indian summer.


Smooth and creamy, this underrated fruit flavor offers a delightful caramel-like taste.

Rose Petal

 Fragrant and floral, a delightful combination of rose essence and creamy sweetness.


Experience the essence of rose petals with a hint of sweetness in this traditional Indian ice cream flavor.

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