Breast Pathology and Cancer Diagnosis 2020
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Breast Pathology and Cancer Diagnosis 2020

Thu, 17 Sep 2020 - Fri, 18 Sep 2020

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The pathologist provides vital information central to the deliberations of the multidisciplinary treatment team. Consistency of recording and reporting of key pathology features to support the implementation of best practice treatment. Comprehensive reporting in pathology helps to assure better communication between clinicians, with less likelihood of misinterpretation of findings. As the biology of breast cancer is becoming better understood, and as new treatments emerge, the management of breast cancer is increasingly being tailored according to patient and tumor factors. Providing an accurate understanding of the distinct pathology features of an individual patient’s breast cancer enables treatment protocols to be tailored to tumor characteristics based on the latest evidence.
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Conference Highlights : Breast Cancer - Current Perspective, Breast Cancer - Screening, Detection, and Diagnosis, Breast Cancer - Therapy, Prevention, and Medication, Surgical Choices for Breast Cancer, Personalized Medicine - A Redefined Treatment, Breast Cancer - Clinical Trials, Breast Cancer Stages, Lifestyle and Breast Cancer, Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Immunology and Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer: Survivorship, Male Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer: Case Study, Breast Cancer and Nursing, Breast Cancer and Pregnancy, Controversies in Breast Cancer.

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