Light Warsaw 2020
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Light Warsaw 2020

Wed, 5 Feb 2020 - Fri, 7 Feb 2020

Warsaw, Poland


Light Warsaw 2020 is an international fair of lighting equipment, electric fittings and security system in Poland. The mission of the education industry, which for years guided the organizers resulted in the emergence of a new quality on the Polish map fair. Trade LIGHT is not only the biggest lighting fair trade in Central and Eastern Europe, but also the only industry events in Poland, combining the presentation of the latest products with the concept of training. Soma Agency, annually promoting companies and their products, at the same time takes care of a wide range of workshops for participants who can participate in scientific seminars, conferences and trainings for professionals, including the presentation of the equipment and the latest technologies used in the lighting industry, electrical and construction.
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Profile of exhibit based on Architectural lighting, LED and application, street, small architecture and signal lighting, light sources, housing and decorative lighting, lighting for scene, studio, club, discotheque and publicity, technical lighting for business and industry.

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Agencja SOMA

Bronikowskiego 1,, Warsaw, Warsaw - 02-796