Flexible Metal Hoses

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Flexible Metal Hoses

The metal flexible hose is made of thin-walled seamless or welded stainless steel tube which undergoes precise plastic processing. This metal hose has very good flexibility and elasticity because of waveform of the metal hose, making it very easy to absorb deformation of the cyclic loading caused by displacement, particularly in the piping system, the metallic flexible hose has the ability to compensate for a large amount of displacement.

Daming introduced six metallic flexible hose automatic welding production lines in 2009 for the production of highprecision metallic flexible hoses, which greatly improved the quality of the hose and broke the hose length limits.

The net wrapping waveform tube is a main pressure-bearing parts, as well as a protection parts for metallic flexible hose. Daming match the layers of woven stainless steel wire or steel strip for customers according to the pressure in the pipe size and applicationsns

Features of the Metal Flexible Hose
The main part of the metallic flexible hose is made of austenitic stainless steel SS304,
SS316L,SS321, thus ensuring the hose excellent in heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
The working temperature of the metal hose is -196~600.
It has excellent working performance on high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
Compared to other hose (rubber, plastic hose), metallic flexible hose has much longer service time. It also has a high overall economic efficiency.
With the development of modern industry, the demand for high temperature, high pressure metallic hose is growing.

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