Subject : Sorted White Ledger
Post Date : 17 February 2017
Expiry date : 17 February 2018
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Sorted White Ledger

"Consists of printed or unprinted sheets, shavings, guillotined books, quire waste, and cuttings of white ground wood free ledger, bond, writing paper, and all other papers which have a similar fiber and filler content. This grade must be free of treated, coated, padded, or heavily printed stock. Prohibitive materials: of 0.5% Total Out throws may not exceed: 2% "
Trade Information
Minimum Order Quantity : 1
Unit of Measure : Ton/Tons
Price Range : 200 - 225 USD ($)
Main Domestic Market : All India
Certifications : SGS, PSIC, Any Third Party As Required
Contact Information
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ROOM NO 4B, PART 3/4 75, MODY STREET, FORT, Mumbai - 400001, Maharashtra, India
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