High Pressure Methanol Synthesis Catalyst

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High Pressure Methanol Synthesis Catalyst

SCST251, modified on C301, is not only usually applied to the high-pressure methanol synthesis process using natural gas, coke-oven gas, refinery gas, naphtha coal and oilfield gas, etc, as feed gas, but also applied to the process of methanol and methanation.

main physical and chemical performances
Item SCST251
Physical performance Appearance Black with metal
luster circular cylinder
Diameter mm 50.1, 90.1
Length mm 50.5, 60.5
Bulk density 1.50.1
Strength Before reduction (N/cm larger 370
smaller 260
Chemical composition CuO , % 45
ZnO, % 25
Al2O3, % 4
Different size or shape can be offered according to customers need.
main operating conditions
Operating temperature: 200300
The best temperature:210280
Operating pressure4.030MPa
Operating space velocity:0.5104h-12.0104h-1

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