Solar Charge Controller

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Solar Charge Controller

REhub PWM enables the addition of Solar PV to existing inverter back up solutions. REhub PWM connects to the Solar Panels, the existing batteries and the Inverter. REhub PWM charges the batteries and intelligently controls the use of the grid power for charging. The objective is to extend the back up hours to tide over long power cuts and bringing down your electricity bills. When power cuts happen, usage is restricted to the bare minimum fan or a light so that the battery back up lasts the Power cut. Watching the favorite soap in the afternoon is out of question.

A rightly sized Solar installation can alleviate this restriction to a large extent by providing the additional back up hours and allowing the user to minimize the interruption that the power cuts bring.

REhub PWM prioritizes keeping the batteries charged. Users can decide to override the operation of REhub to utilize the power from the Grid to supply the loads while REhub continues to charge the batteries.

Another issue with power cuts is the increase in electricity bills. Charging using REhub will result in lesser energy from the grid being used and help decreasing the electricity bills

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