Sulfamic Acid Descaling Chemical

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Sulfamic Acid Descaling Chemical

We are providing high quality range of Sulfamic Acid Descaling Chemical.

Properties :
Molecular Weight : 97.10
Specific Gravity: 2.126
Melting Point: 205 oC
Decomposition Point : 209 oC
Bulk Density (Loose) : 1.0 - 1.2
Solubility at 26.7 oC: 19.24 g / 100 g water

Specification :
Physical Appearance: White Crystalline
Sulfamic Acid content: 98.20% Max
Sulphate as SO4: 0.30% Max
Iron as Fe : 0.005% Max
Moisture content: 0.20% Max

Technically advanced cleaner and descaler
Contains a special film forming inhibitor
Protects mild steel, stainless steel, copper and brass from acid attack
Contains penetrant/dispersant for enhanced performance
Dissolves lime scale and other deposits
Ideal for boiler, calorifiers and heat exchangers.

Industrial Applications:
Paper & pulp industry
Dyes, pigments and in the dyeing of leather
Chlorine stabilization
Electroplating and electro-refining
Sulfation and sulfonation
Plastic industry

Other Applications:
Plastic Industry : As a curing agent
Dyes & pigments : Removal of excess of nitrites in diazotization reaction (In dyestuff & Pigment manufacturing).
Detergents : Used in Sulfation & sulfamation of many organic compounds.
Catalyst : Used as a catalyst in esterification process
Sweeteners : Manufacturing of artificial sweeteners
Descaling: It is a super efficient descaling agent & used for varity of industrial equipments and domestic appliances

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