UPVC Pipes And Fittings

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UPVC Pipes And Fittings

UPVC Pipes: Properties and Uses
Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) pipes are widely used in different application areas because of the benefits they offer over other pipe fitting materials. UPVC pipes are most commonly used in areas where there is a need to supply hot and cold water for residential and industrial applications. They are most widely used because of the benefits they offer which include heat resistance, great strength and flexibility.

UPVC pipes are known for their cost effectiveness and durability. Also, they are inexpensive as compared to other pipe materials such as copper and stainless steel. Listed below are some more benefits of UPVC pipes:

UPVC pipes are cost effective and easy to install. They are durable and light in weight which makes their installation an easy process. This further helps in cutting down the labor cost which is involved in installing these pipes.
These pipes are resistant to chemicals, abrasion and corrosion which make them withstand all weather conditions. Also, they have the ability to withstand the exposure to salts and chemicals.
Because of their smooth internal surface, there is no loss of water pressure while carrying water and also, there is very less effect on the transporting capacity of the pipe.
UPVC pipes are known for their flame retarding properties. In case these pipes come in contact with fire, they do not sustain it for long. This reduces the risk of spreading of fire.

Applications of UPVC Pipes and Fittings
UPVC pipes and fittings are widely used for:

Distribution of hot and cold water in different projects from residential to industrial.
Water and waste water treatment systems.
Transporting hot and chemical fluids in chemical processing industries.
Metal finishing and plating of metals.
Agricultural irrigation and sprinkler systems
Electrical and telephone cables

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