Subject : Prostar
Post Date : 22 May 2008
Expiry date : 07 October 2017

We are authorized distributor of Ambition and Pro star make AC drives in India.
We have Different Series of inverter Suitable in All Application
PR-6000 is prostar make general purpose inverter , which in built PI
control, Automatic step speed control,S-curves for smooth operation of
motor at starting, PLC in built to reduce external wiring cost,in built
braking unit upto 20HP for external braking resistor connect ,
detachable keypad to display O/P freq.,Current, voltage and so on.
PR-7500 Series of inverter is With Two line LCD display,superior
in all load condition, high starting torque at very low
frequency region. In built PID control, detachable keypad, S Curve for
smooth operation of motor,Compact modular design,Base block input for
elevator application.
PR-8000 series of inverter with Sensor less vector control
technology,Suitable for high starting torque application,in built PLC
for process control application and need not to add external PLC which
reduces wiring cost considerably.
Ambition V-11 inverter are with sensor less vector control
technology,compact design, 09Zero) speed holding function,Motor data
auto tuning, parameter online monitoring,high starting tor, mostly
suitable in elevator, lifting, winding, paper industries and more.

Please feel free to contact us.
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22-23, SHUKAN MALL, SCIENCE CITY ROAD, SOLA, Ahmedabad - 380060, Gujarat, India
Mask Call Icon +917210113504
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