All Certificates of Insurance issued under this Master Policy will be subject to terms and conditions as agreed upon in the Master Policy.

The Company hereby agrees subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained or expressed herein, to compensate the Certificate Holder as per the benefits in the Master Policy and limits specified in the Certificate of Insurance.

The Master Policy Holder as mentioned in the Certificate of Insurance to this Policy hasby way of requesting to Reliance General Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter called “the Company”) for issuance of the Master Policy under which this Policy has been issued, has disclosed all the relevant information required by the Company for deciding on the issuance of Master Policy and

Agreed that all Certificates of Insurance are issued as per the terms and conditions as agreed upon in the Master Policy.

1 Hospitalization Cover

Medical expenses incurred on Hospitalization and treatment of insured person due to positive Diagnosis of Covid 19.

* Covered up to 100 % sum insured
2 Pre and Post Hospitalization cover

Medical expenses incurred for treatment up to 30 days prior to date of hospitalization

And recovery period of 60 days post discharge from the hospital during the treatment of insured person due to positive diagnosis of Covid 19.

* Covered up to 100 % sum insured
3 Add on covers offered

A- Quarantine cover medical expenses incurred during quarantine starting from the 4 th day of quarantine for a maximum of 15 days during the policy period.

Covered up to 50 % of sum insured.

B- Ambulance cover covers expenses on availing road ambulance services in relation to hospitalization of insured person due to presence of Covid 19.

Covered up to 3500 rs per hospitalization.

C- Daily cash benefit an opted daily cash payout to insured person for each 24 hours of hospitalization starting from the 2nd consecutive day of hospitalization and 4th consecutive day of quarantine for a maximum 30 days.

Options to choose from 500 to 300 rs per day.

D- Convalescence cover a lump sum amount is paid to the surviving insured person after his/her discharge from minimum 14 days of hospitalization the cover will be paid post discharge.

Choose payout options from 5000 to 30000 rs.

E- Travel exclusion cover waiver of travel restriction exclusion insured person shall be eligible for claim under hospitalization cover even if she/he travelled to the travel restricted countries 45 days immediately preceding the policy period start date.

Eligible to claim under the base policy.
Base cover Exclusions
  • Treatment taken for any pre-existing disease.
  • Co-hospitalization with an existing Covid 19 patient.
  • Travel to any restricted countries.
  • Diagnosis done at unauthorized testing centers.
  • Diagnosistreatment taken outside India.
  • Add on cover Exclusions:
  • Self-quarantine
  • Quarantine advised by any unauthorized center.
  • containment by state operations carried out by state or central government.
  • Domiciliary or OPD treatment.
Policy cancellation:

Cancellation days from policy period start date:

  • Less than 90 days- 35% of premium
  • Between 91 to 180 days- 15 % of premium
  • Between 181 days to 365 days-0 % of premium.

(Disclaimer- For detailed Terms and conditions kindly refer policy wordings. “Infocom Network Limited” holds the master policy for this. Master policy no is 92029202852000009901)