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Featuring all new and extended Online b2b directory of Indian manufacturers from the textiles & fabrics industry. Buyers from every nook and corner of the world can look at the below mentioned listings which is well classified into various sub-categories. Buyers can go through their desired categories or products so as to view product information, and company details without any hassle.

Acrylic Fabric

Acrylic Staple Fibre | Acrylic Tow | Acrylic Coated Fabrics

Blend Fabric

Jute Blended Fabrics | Wool Blend Fabric | Silk Blend Fabric

Chiffon Fabric

Nylon Chiffon Fabric | Printed Chiffon Fabric | Silica Fabric | Plain Chiffon Fabric | Viscose Chiffon Fabric | Brasso Fabrics

Coated Fabrics

Rubber Coatings | Ptfe Coated Fabric | Vinyl Coated Fabric | Tpu Coated Fabric | Cotton Coated Fabrics | Eva Coated Fabrics

Corduroy & Velvet Fabric

Velvet | Velvet Curtain Fabric | Velvet Sofa Fabric | Embossed Velvet Fabric | Green Velvet | Suede Velvet Fabric

Cotton Fabric

Cotton Single Jersey Fabric | Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric | Cotton Linen Fabrics | Cotton Cloth | Dyed Canvas | Cloth Sheets

Cotton Textile Materials

Printed Cotton Dress Material | Cotton Salwar Material | Shirt Cuffs | Cotton Dress Materials | Cotton Textile | Cotton Wool

Cotton Yarn

Recycled Cotton Yarn | Mercerized Cotton Yarns | Carded Cotton Yarn | White Cotton Yarn | Combed Cotton Yarn | Organic Cotton Yarn

Curtain Fabric

Voile Curtain Fabric | Satin Curtain Fabric | Printed Silk Curtain Fabric | Printed Curtain Fabric

Denim Fabric

Cotton Denim Fabric | Slub Denim Fabric | Jeans Fabric | Mercerized Denim Fabric | Ring Denim Fabric | Stretch Denim Fabric

Embroidery & Crafts Textile

Embroidered Neckline | Schiffli Embroidery | Crystal Embroidery | Mirror Embroidery | Embroidery Accessories | Bead Embroidery


Mirror Work Fabric | Microdot Fusing | Italian Fabric | Interior Fabrics | Work Wear Fabric | Sportswear Fabric

Felt & Felt Products

Felt Sheet | Tar Felt | Fashion Felts | Polishing Felt | Polyester Filter Felt | Bitumen Felt


Recron Fiber | Carbon Fiber Sheet | Hollow Conjugated Fiber | Rayon Fiber | Ceramic Fiber | Cellulose Fiber

Flocked Fabric

Printed Flock Fabric | Flock Sheets | Flocked Velvet

Foam,Rexine & Pu Products

Molded Foam | Poly Foam | Melamine Foam | Adhesive Coated Foam | Polyurethane Foam Slab | Protective Pad

Georgette Fabric

Viscose Georgette Fabrics | Weightless Georgette Fabric | Plain Georgette Fabric | Nylon Georgette Fabric | Laser Georgette Fabric | Embroidered Georgette Fabric


Nonwoven Geotextile | Geocomposites | Jute Geotextile | Woven Geotextile | Coir Geotextile | Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Grey Fabric

Cotton Grey Fabric | Polyester Grey Fabric | Satin Grey Fabric

Handloom Products

Handloom Cotton | Handloom Items | Handloom Fabrics

Handwoven Textiles

Plain Weave | Woven Textiles | Hand Woven Rugs | Hand Woven Mats | Hand Woven Carpet

Hosiery Fabric

Hosiery Cut Waste | Knitted Hosiery Fabrics

Industrial Fabric

Flame Retardant Fabric | Filament Fabric | Automotive Fabric | Press Felt Fabric | Aluminized Fabric | Tarpaulin Fabric

Knitted Fabric

Interlock Knits | Polyester Warp Knit Fabric | Silk Knitted Fabric | Tricot Knit Fabric | Pique Knit Fabric | Knitted Jacquard Fabric

Linen Fabric

Polyester Linen | Embroidered Linen | Bed Linen Fabric | Table Linen Fabric | Printed Linen Fabrics | Household Linen

Metallized Fabric

Metal Fiber | Welded Wire Fabric

Military Tent

Camouflage Nets | Army Tents

Narrow Fabric

Narrow Woven Fabric

Non Woven Fabric

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric | Laminated Non Woven Fabric | Non Woven Gown | Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric | Non Woven Pad | Spunbond Fabric

Nylon Fabric

Jacquard Nylon Fabric | Nylon Net | Pvc Coated Nylon Fabric | Nylon Bolting Cloth | Ripstop Nylon | Nylon Tyre Cord Fabric

Polyester Fabric

Micro Polyester Fabric | Polyester Embroidered Fabric | Polyester Canvas | Denier Polyester | Polyester Cotton Blend | Polyester Dupion Fabric

Polyester Yarn

Polyester Fancy Yarn | Polyester Chenille Yarn | Polyester Double Yarn | Polyester Dope Dyed Yarn | Fdy Polyester Yarn | Polyester Cotton Blended Yarn

Polypropylene Fabric

Monofilament Cloth | Pu Laminated Fabrics | Pp Laminated Fabric | Polypropylene Knitted Fabric | Polypropylene Filter Fabric | Polypropylene Woven Fabrics

Raw Silk Yarn

Silk Blended Yarn | Silk Noil Yarn | Mulberry Raw Silk Yarn | Raw White Yarn | Banana Silk Yarn | Matka Silk Yarn

Rayon Fabric

Rayon Twill Fabric | Rayon Printed Fabric | Rayon Crepe | Rayon Velvet Fabrics | Rayon Grey Fabric | Rayon Blend Fabric

Rope,Twines & Webbings

Multi Leg Slings | Nylon Braided Sleeve | Twisted Cord | Lamp Wicks | Duplex Webbing Sling | Sisal Fibre

Satin Fabric

Satin Blouse | Printed Silk Satin Fabric | Lycra Satin Fabric | Pure Satin Fabric | Poly Satin Fabric | Polyester Satin Dyed Fabric

Sewing Threads

Bag Sewing Thread | Ptfe Sewing Thread | Polypropylene Sewing Threads | Industrial Sewing Threads | Premium Sewing Thread | Polyester Sewing Thread

Silk Textile Materials

Silk Cravat | Tussar Silk | Silk Fringe | Muga Silk | Silk Textile | Silk Dress Materials

Silk, Silk Fabric

Silk Fibers | Printed Silk Fabric | Silk Matka Fabric | Rayon Silk Fabric | Embroidered Silk Fabric | Cotton Silk Fabric

Spandex Fabric

Printed Spandex Fabrics | Polyester Spandex Fabrics | Nylon Spandex Fabric

Suede Fabric

Printed Suede | Polyester Cotton Suede | Poly Suede Fabric

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic Dress | Synthetic Dress Material | Printed Synthetic Fabric

Synthetic Yarn

Kitchen Wear | Polyester Synthetic Yarn

Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta Lining Fabric | Polyester Taffeta | Poly Taffeta Fabrics | Nylon Taffeta Fabric | Polyester Taffeta Fabrics

Tassels & Trimmings

Metal Trim | Rayon Tassels | Braid Trimming | Fringe Trim | Beaded Trim | Crochet Trims

Tents & Tarpaulins

Metal Awnings | Marquee Tent | Hospital Tent | Hdpe Tarpaulin Roll | Garden Tents | Monsoon Sheds

Textile Accessories

Tailoring Material | Metal Sequins | Silk Accessories | Textile Ring | Textile Cones | Fabric Marker Pen

Textile Materials

Unstitched Dress Material | Bandhani Dress Material | Cushion Fillers | Designer Dress Materials | High Temperature Textiles | Artificial Fur

Textile Testing Equipment

Washing Fastness Tester | Yarn Testing Equipment | Wrap Block | Beesley Balance | Color Matching Machine | Thread Counter

Textiles Auxiliaries

Full Thread Stud | Fabric Rod | Polyester Rod | Lint Remover | Thread Plug Gage | Textile Tube


German Embroidery Thread | Kasab Zari Thread | Braided Thread | Fiberglass Thread | Shoe Thread | Gold Zari Thread

Viscose Fabric

Cotton Viscose Fabrics | Printed Viscose Fabric | Polyester Viscose | Bamboo Fiber Fabric | Poly Viscose Fabric | Viscose Embroidery Fabric

Wool Fabric

Boiled Wool Fabric | Wool Pad | Woolen Khadi Fabric | Wool Tweed Fabric | Rib Fabric | Fleece Wool Fabric

Wool Textile Material

Merino Wool | Mineral Wool | Loose Mineral Wool | Loose Glass Wool | Stainless Steel Wool | Ceramic Wool


Mercerized Yarn | Functional Yarn | Wrapped Yarn | Natural Fiber Yarns | Mono Yarn | Intermingled Yarn

Zari & Glitter Products

Glitters | Zari Brocade | Silver Glitter | Sparkling Glitter | Glitter Powder | Glitter Sheet


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