Scientific Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers Category

Several tools and equipment used by medical professionals and scientists working in a laboratory, are referred as Scientific & Laboratory Instruments. We have come up with a large and updated database of Indian manufacturers from the scientific laboratory instruments industry. All the companies are well classified into different sub-categories, so that buyers can easily view product information, and company details.

Autoclaves & Sterilizers

Temperature Cabinets | Industrial Autoclave | Table Top Sterilizer | Dry Heat Sterilizer | High Pressure Autoclave | Plasma Sterilizer

Data Loggers

Gsm Data Logger | Universal Input Data Logger | Wind Data Logger | Portable Data Logger | Usb Data Logger | Rh Data Logger

Digital Panel Meter

Analyzer Equipment | Gravity Meter | Digital Scale Unit | Lcd Panel Meter

Laboratory Plasticware

Laboratory Tray | Polystyrene Test Tube | Combustion Tubes | Test Tube Cap | Cell Scraper | Claisen Head

Leak Testing Equipment

Hydrogen Sulfide Detector | Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector | Ammonia Detectors | Single Gas Detector | Oil Detector | Portable Leak Detector

Measurement & Meter

Grease Meter | Industrial Flow Meter | Chemical Flow Meter | Z Zero Setter | Fluke Clamp Meter | Contact Tachometer


Brinell Microscope | Coaxial Binocular Microscope | Stereo Binocular Microscope | Microscope Illuminators | Imaging Microscope | Multi Head Microscope

Process Control Equipment & Instruments

Microprocessor Controller Unit | Control Card | Gravity Feed System | Single Loop Controllers | Robot Control Systems | Pmdc Motor Controller

Scientific Instruments

Hydraulic Trainer Kit | Jolting Apparatus | Dust Feeder | Base Ten Blocks | Digital Multiplexer | Prepared Slides

Sensors & Transducers

Holiday Detectors | Surface Mount Sensor | Tension Transducers | Speed Transducers | Particle Sensor | Label Sensors

Survey, Meteorological Instruments & Equipment

Topcon Total Station | Sokkia Total Station | Geological Equipment | Ground Penetrating Radar | Electronic Total Station | Mathematics Lab Kit

Temperature Instruments

Digital Temperature Meter | Head Mounted Transmitter | Temperature Control Trainer | Astm Thermometer | Water Temperature Meters | Temperature Control Instruments

Testing & Measuring Equipment

Glove Integrity Tester | Magnetic Particle Testing Machine | Ice Plant Test Rig | Impulse Testing Machine | Automatic Hardness Tester | Hydrocarbon Analyzer


Washer Thermocouple | Threaded Thermowell | Thermocouple Element | Thermocouple Accessories | Thermocouple Components | Laser Temperature Gun

Thermostatic Bimetals & Thermostats

Room Thermostat | Oil Thermostat | Industrial Thermostat | Bimetallic Strip | Programmable Thermostat | Snap Action Thermostat


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