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The Indian manufacturers of Food & Beverage industry has seen strong growth over past few decades. India's rank second in production of food next to China, and has the potential to become the the king of production in coming years. The packaged Food & Beverage manufacturer segment is expected to grow 9 per cent annually to become a Rs 6 lakh crore (US$ 100.19 billion) industry by 2030, dominated by milk, sweet and savoury snacks and processed poultry, among other products, according to the report “India as an agriculture and high value food powerhouse by 2030”

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Asafoetida Powder

Bean Products

Bean Sprout | Baked Beans | Pinto Bean | Cocoa Beans | Organic Vanilla Beans | Vanilla Beans


Red Bull Energy Drink | Karela Juice | Jamun Juice | Healthy Drink | Natural Fruit Juice | Prune Juice

Canned Food

Canned Carrot | Canned Cucumber | Canned Pear | Peeled Tomato | Canned Peach | Canned Tomatoes

Castor Oil

Bp Castor Oil | Castor Oil Derivatives | Castor Seed Oil | Hydrogenated Castor Oil


Amul Chocolates | Ferrero Rocher Chocolate | Homemade Chocolate | Hazelnut Chocolate | White Chocolate Bar | Raisin Chocolate

Confectionery & Bakery Products

Ice Cream Mix | Black Forest Cake | Brown Bread | Tutti Frutti | Rusk | Popping Candy

Cookies & Biscuits

Bourbon Biscuit | Britannia Biscuits | Sunfeast Biscuits | Parle G Biscuit | Chocolate Cream Biscuit | Atta Biscuit

Dairy Products

Nestle Milk Powder | Aptamil Milk Powder | Amul Ice Cream | Amul Cream | Amul Milk | Amul Butter

Dehydrated Food Products

Dehydrated Red Onion | Dehydrated Garlic Powder

Drinking Water

Tonic Water | Packaged Drinking Water | Pure Drinking Water | Pure Water | Mineral Water | Distilled Water

Edible Salt

Low Sodium Salt | Crushed Salt | Table Salt | Crystal Salt | Refined Salt | Refined Iodized Salt

Fast Food

Knorr Soup | Tomato Soup Powder | Instant Food Mix | Frozen Pizza | Macaroni | Puffed Rice

Flavours & Food Additives

2 Furoic Acid | Vanillin | Polyol | Pectin | Papain Powder | Malt Extract Powder

Food Products

Gulab Jamun Mix | Yellow Maize | Ragi Flour | Sabudana | Chana Sattu | Amla

Frozen & Dried Fruit

Dry Dates | Anardana Powder | Wet Dates | Dry Grapes | Dried Fig | Dehydrated Fruits

Frozen & Processed Food

Dal Makhani | Frozen Paratha | Fried Onions | Burger Patty | Litchi Pulp | Mango Chunk

Health Food

Dry Oats | Body Grow Powder | Herbal Food | Potassium Caseinate | Herbal Juice | Maple Syrup

Honey Products

Manuka Honey | Propolis Products | Honeycomb | Amla Honey | Mustard Honey | Bee Propolis

Jaggery & Jaggery Products

Palm Jaggery | Jaggery Powder | Natural Jaggery | Organic Jaggery | Organic Jaggery Powder

Marine Products

Smoked Salmon | Squid | Marine Anchor Chain | Frozen Octopus | Lobster | Marine Food Products

Meat & Poultry

Pork Meat | Chicken Feet | Horn Meal | Salted Sheep Casing | Meat Extracts | Slaughtered Meat

Mouth Freshener

Amla Supari | Breath Fresheners | Mouth Freshener Spray | Herbal Mouth Freshener | Mouth Freshener


Hakka Noodles | Air Dried Noodles | Chicken Noodles | Egg Noodle | Soba Noodles | Bowl Noodles

Pan Masala

Supari | Scented Supari | Sweet Supari


Cumin Papad | Moong Papad | Green Chilli Papad | Appalam | Garlic Papads | Papad Pipe

Pickles & Murabba

Garlic Chutney | White Vinegar | Chicken Cocktail Sausages | Pizza Sauce | Fruit Vinegar | Fruit Sauce


Saffron Flavor | Natural Saffron | Saffron Extract | Pure Kashmiri Saffron | Aloe Saffron Gel | Saffron Powder


Fish Maw | Frozen Tilapia Fillet | Frozen Sardine | Squid Tube | Frozen Fish Fillet | Shrimp


Hot Dog | Batata Vada | Kachori | Jeera Khakhra | Potato Wafer | Roasted Chana

Sweets & Namkeen

Ice Halwa | Gond Laddu | Gujiya | Gajar Halwa | Besan Laddu | Kaju Katli

Tamarind Products

Tamarind Powder | Tamarind Paste | Tamarind Pulp | Seedless Tamarind | Tamarind Concentrate | Tamarind Husk


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Food Beverage Manufacturers

In the case of Food & Beverage product development like any other product development it is necessary to take into consideration the present trends in the market and plan the products according to it. It is a continuous process. With a huge agriculture sector, abundant livestock, and cost competitiveness, India is fast emerging as a sourcing hub of processed food. Moreover, India's market for organic food consumption has also been recognized as one with the largest potential worldwide, as per RNCOS research report titled, 'Indian Organic Food Market Analysis'. 

Food & Beverage industry always contribute a lot to the revenue generation system of any country. We feature all new era of online b2b directory. Here buyers from different parts of the world can access information of regarding Indian manufacturers from the food & beverage industry. It helps bridging the gap between buyers from one part of the world and the manufactures from the other part of the globe.