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Indian Chemicals Manufacturer is the oldest industry and also has been contributing to economy growth in a phenomenal way. It may be hard to believe, but the industry serves the basic need of many different industry verticals like natural gas, water, oil, metals, minerals, air, oil, etc and all these verticals eventually bring into marketplace an array of products, almost 70000 products, to be precise. Today, India has achieved considerable progress in production of basic organic and inorganic chemicals, paints, pesticides, petrochemicals, dyestuffs and intermediates, fine and specialty chemicals and toiletry product segments. And with slash in tariffs, Indian Chemicals Manufacturing companies with well-built systems and structured operations are likely to be benefited further. The Chemicals companies manufacturing highly valued chemicals, and who are compliant of industrial quality standards, can make their mark not just in India but even in the overseas markets as well.

Chemicals Manufacturers category is impeccable forum of Chemicals Manufacturing companies for buyers and sellers to preform smooth effective business. You can contact manufacturers through call me free service, send sms and email. Companies listed believes in supplying, manufacturing and exporting best chemical products to all customers across the world.


Soya Fatty Acids | Rice Bran Fatty Acid | Magnesium Amino Acid Chelate | Arachidonic Acid | Isonicotinic Acid | J Acid

Activated Carbon

Carbon Raiser | Impregnated Carbon | Activated Carbon Powder | Conductive Carbon | Granular Carbon | Activated Carbon Cartridges

Adhesives & Sealants

Loctite Adhesive | Wacker Silicone Sealant | Fevicol | Dow Corning Silicone Sealant | Anabond Adhesive | Stone Adhesive

Chemical Additives

4 Methylacetophenone | Allura Red | Pvc Additives | Sodium Borohydride Powder | Cement Additives | Fluorescent Powder

Chemical Processing Plants

Mixed Bed Unit | Industrial Skids | Silo Container | Salt Washery | Ammonia Receiver | Air Reservoir

Chemical Reagent

Manganese Glycerophosphate | Maintenance Chemicals | Isoamyl Alcohol | Anti Settling Agent | Anti Scaling Chemical | Glycidyl Methacrylate

Chemical Supplies

Toluidine | Trimethyl Orthoformate | L Lysine | Silicon Solutions | Thiophosgene | Polyamide

Chemicals Agents

Foaming Agent | Concrete Foaming Agent | Clc Foaming Agent | Plastic Brightening Agents

Chemicals Stocks

Methylene Chloride | Sodium Gluconate | Tetrabromobisphenol | Ferro Phosphorus | Guanidine Carbonate | Sodium Nitrite

Cleaning Chemicals

Aerosol Disinfectant Spray | Antistatic Spray | Membrane Cleaning Chemicals | Resin Cleaning Chemical | Air Cooler Cleaner | Battery Terminal Cleaner

Corrosion Protection Materials

Magnesium Anodes | Halar Coatings | Carbide Coatings | Rust Preventive Coatings | Anti Corrosion Products | Vci Oil


Salt Free Dyes | Phthalocyanine Blue | Vinyl Sulfone Dye | Solvent Soluble Dyes | Anodizing Color | Synthetic Color

Dyes Intermediates

Flocking Powder | Bifunctional Reactive Dyes | Silk Dye | Oil Color | Carmoisine | Erythrosine


Gentian Violet | Red Dyestuffs | Reactive Dyestuffs | Cationic Dyestuffs | Reactive Blue Dyestuffs | Resin Offset Printing Ink


High Shear Emulsifier | Paraffin Wax Emulsifier | Cationic Emulsifier | Nitrobenzene Emulsifier | Anhydrous Lanolin

Flavours & Food Additives

Maltol | Hydro Powder | 2 Furoic Acid | Vanillin | Polyol | Pectin

Fluorescent Brightening Agent

Optical Brightening Agents | Optical Whiteners | Optical Whitening Agents

Fodder & Feed Additives

L Lysine Hcl | Calcium Butyrate | Sodium Selenite | Birdsfoot Trefoil | Rapeseed | Animal Health Products

Glue & Gelatin

Industrial Gelatin | Diamond Paste | Veneer Glue | Bone Glue | Glue Board | Fevi Stick

Gum & Gum Products

Gum Ghatti | Damar Batu | Corrugation Gum | Gum Acacia | Water Repellents | Myrrh Gum

Industrial Chemicals

Cresylic Acid | Boiler Cleaner | Carbon Disulfide | Glycerol Monostearate | Glyoxal | Phenyl Chloroformate

Industrial Gases

Gas Mixture | Butane Gas | Laser Gases | Calibration Gas Mixtures | Special Gases | Liquid Argon Gas

Lab Chemicals & Supplies

Mercuric Sulphate | Ph Regulator | Glycine Powder | Laboratory Cylinders | N Bromosuccinimide | Denatonium Saccharide


Antistatic Masterbatch | Slip Masterbatch | Plastic Color Masterbatch | Desiccant Masterbatch | Plastic Filler Masterbatch | Pp Masterbatch

Natural Dyes

Natural Vegetable Dyes | Powder Basic Dyes | Natural Fabric Dyes | Vegetable Dyes | Reactive Hot Brand Dyes

Natural Rubber

Natural Rubber Latex | Natural Rubber Sheets

Pvc Compounds

Recycled Pvc Compounds

Pvc Resins

Suspension Pvc Resins | Pvc Paste Resin

Paint & Allied Products

Metallic Spray Paint | Industrial Varnish | Bitumen Primer | Rheology Modifier | Asian Paints | Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint

Paper Chemicals

Pulp Chemicals

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

2 Furoyl Chloride | Manganese Gluconate | Eye Wash Solution | Iron Polysaccharide | Sodium Propionate | Pyrazolam

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Polysorbate | Meglumine | Butylated Hydroxy Toluene | Butylparaben | Lactulose | Alginic Acid

Pharmaceutical Raw Material

Dl Methionine | Menadione | Alfuzosin | Acebrophylline | Aminobutyric Acid | Aminobenzoic Acid

Photographic Chemicals

Ammonium Bisulphite Solution | Potassium Sulfite Solution | Hydroquinone | Ammonium Bichromate


Radium Powder | Photoluminescent Pigment | Crystal Pigment | Natural Carotenoids | Pigment Additive | Lake Red Pigment


Water Absorbent Polymer | Epoxy Polymers | Nylon Polymer | Vinyl Polymers | Polybutylene Terephthalate | Polyaniline

Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Prepolymer | Polyurethane Disc | Polyurethane Compounds | Polyurethane Mold | Polyurethane Strips | Cast Polyurethane

Powder Coating Chemicals

Non Stick Coating | Conformal Coating | Aluminium Powder Coating | Alkaline Zinc Plating | Crusher Backing Compound | Anti Moisture Powder


Curing Agent | Isophthalic Resin | Polyamide Hardener | Gp Resin | Terephthalic Resin | Styrene Resins

Rubber & Rubber Products

Rubber Air Cell | Rubber Tape | Moulded Rubber Components | Electrical Insulated Rubber Mats | Elastomer | Sponge Rubber Pad

Rubber Chemicals

Rubber Accelerators | Chlorinated Polyethylene | Rubber Additives | White Factice | Vulcanizing Solution | Dicumyl Peroxide

Silica Gel

White Silica Gel | Blue Silica Gel | Active Silica | Silica Gel Sachet | Orange Silica Gel | Silica Gel Pouches

Silicon Products

Metal Profile | Silicon Slag | Silicone Foot Pad | Silicone Septa | Ferro Silicon Magnesium | Silicone Coatings


Phenoxyethanol | Cellosolve Solvent | Butanediol | Acetone Cyanohydrin | Speciality Solvents | Acetyl Bromide


Red Sulphur | Sulphur Sticks | Sulphur Trioxide | Sulphur Dioxide Gas | Liquid Sulphur | Sulphur Dioxide

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic Butyl Rubber | Synthetic Silicone Rubber | Fluorocarbon Rubber | Butyl Rubber | Polybutadiene Rubber | Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Textile Chemicals

Mercerizing Agent | Leveling Agent | Green Acid | Bleach Stabilizer | Textile Sizing Binder | Yarn Lubricant

Texture Paint

Sand Texture Paint | Exterior Texture Paint | Textured Plaster

Water Treatment Chemicals

Color Removal Chemical | Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals | Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals | Ro Membrane Cleaner | Bio Dispersant | Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

Wax & Wax Products

Pattern Wax | Sunflower Wax | Akd Wax | Pvc Wax | Wax Removers | Mineral Waxes

X Ray Chemicals

Sonography Gel | Ultrasound Gel | Nitrocellulose


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Considering the growth trends in different sections of the Chemicals Manufacturers in India, one can easily place the industry among major contributors towards the overall growth of the country's economy. To improve the sales network for the Indian Chemicals Manufacturers, the manufacturers and suppliers need to rely upon the online b2b networks. The b2b directories are the places where small and medium sized chemical manufacturing enterprises can gain more benefits.

Chemical industry has emerged as one of the most promising industries across the globe. Here are an extended and systematized database of Indian manufacturers from the chemicals industry. Well segmented into different categories, buyers can scan their desired products or categories without any further hassle. This database provides easy access to various manufacturing companies, featured trade leads, and chemicals related categories.