Gel Earthing Electrodes

Gel Earthing Electrodes

Description/ Specification of Gel Earthing Electrodes
We are providing a wide range of Gel Earthing Electrodes to our valuable customers. Gel Earthing Electrodes is a totally maintenance free earthing electrode. These Gel Earthing Electrodes are provided by us at very reasonable price.In fact, there is no comparison between SBA Gel Earthing Electrode and the conventional G I pipe earthing and copper plate earthing. However, you will be surprised to note that the cost of installing and maintaining a conventional earth pit over a period of 15 plus years is approximately three times more than the cost of SBA Gel Earthing Electrode. In case you need more information please e-mail or fax.
How does SBA Gel Earthing Electrode work?

It works in the same manner as the conventional system. But there is a difference. SBA Gel Earthing electrode is designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with IS 3043:1987 (Code of Practice Earthing). The unique pipe-in-pipe technology concept having large surface area, low impedance and adequate length ensure smoother, faster and uniform dissipation of fault current into the earth. It is strong and reliable, can carry current repeatedly and maintain electrical continuity for a number of years. Unlike the conventional earthing, there are four components functioning in the system: the outer electrode, inner electrode, crystalline conductive mixture and the backfill compound, each contributing to electrical safety on a continual basis for a long time.
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : SBA -22,23,32,33
Competitive Advantages of the product
Advantages & Benifits :

1. Safety of life and property from earth related electrical hazards
2. Long and reliable average life of 15 plus years
3. Least maintenance
4. Cost savings on maintenance and material replacement over 15 + years
5. Smooth dissipation of fault, lightning and short circuit currents.
6. Low electrical resistance to earth.
7. Resistance to corrosion.
8. Repeated current carrying capacity and continuity.
Main Markets/Key Customers : Indian industries
Delivery Terms : As costumer choice
Delivery Lead Times : With in 10 working days
Payment Terms : 50% advance & balance after testing
Quality Process Certifications : CPRI Tested

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