Clear Glass Sheet

Clear Glass Sheet

Description/ Specification of Clear Glass Sheet
Salient Features of clear glass sheet :
Inner packing: mildew-proof paper interleaved between the sheets.
outer packing: standard export wooden crates are used for long distance.

normal sizes:
1.5mm 600mm*900mm,914mm*1220mm,813mm*1220mm
2.0mm 1220mm,*1830mm,1200mm*1500mm
2.5mm 711mm*1220mm,1200mm*1500mm,1220mm*1830mm
3.0mm 1880mm*2000mm,1220mm*1830mm,
4.0mm 1830mm*2000mm

All the sizes can be in whole sheet or can be cut as your requirement.

application: making mirror, photo frame, glass processed, decoration,etc.
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : EACA
Main Markets/Key Customers : anywhere as you need.
Delivery Terms : within 15 days
Delivery Lead Times : prompt
Payment Terms : T/T OR L/C
Min Quantity : 5000
Price Information : 0.9-3usd/sm USD
Quality Process Certifications : ISO9001:2000/ISO14000/GB4897-1995/GB11614-1999

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