Digital EPABX Systems

Digital EPABX Systems

Description/ Specification of Digital EPABX Systems
Our Panasonic Digital EPABX offer a range of features suitable for efficient business operations. These are fully-loaded communication machines that work as e-mail, messaging, voice mail, fax machine and an optional Panasonic Voice Processing System for additional features such as, Live Call Screening, Two-way Recording and Two-way Transfer.

These are stylish, sleek phones that come with user friendly features such as:
* Large, Easy-to-read 6-line back lit LCD display with a range of 24 characters
* Easy-view message/ringer lamp
* Navigator keys for quick and easy operation
* 4-step angle adjustment for greater comfort
* USB terminal that provides simple plug and play connection with a PC
* Models-KX-TDA-100, AX-TDA-200 ,KX-TDA-600

Hybrid EPABX allows more flexibility in terms of installations and operations with 3 P&T Lines and 8 Extensions that is expandable upto 8 P&T Lines and 24 Extensions. The Hybrid Extensions Ports support all make Analog Phones, SLT Phones, FAX, Modem etc. They come complete with 308 Hybrid Extension Card, 208 SLT Extension Card, 08 SLT Extension Card, 3 Line CLI Card, Voice DISA Card, 2 port Voice Mail Card, etc. and other options.

Salient features of hybrid EPABX:
* Flexible and Simple upgradation
* CLT on key phone as well on any make SLT phone
* Uniform call distribution with message
* Emergency Call
* 5 party conference
* Name Dialing
* External / Internal paging (Announcement)
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : CCS-01

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