Ayurvedic Gandhak Rasayan

Ayurvedic Gandhak Rasayan

Description/ Specification of Ayurvedic Gandhak Rasayan
Ayurvedic properties
Alleviates kapha and vata, effective on raktavaha strotas, antimicrobial and antibacterial. Rejuvenates skin.
Traditional uses
Used for all type skin Diseases like Kustha (leprosy), Urticaria, Boils, Eczema, Acne, Blood impurities, etc.
As a Rasayana for skin in kapha, Vata Diseases, improves the immune system and Provides longevity.
Each 250 mg tab prepared from Gandhak is fortified with herbs. This is a special preparation where the mixing process is repeated many times over a six month period in order to make the “Rasayana”
Recommended use
1 tab twice for a fixed duration of time.
Packing Size: 100 Tablets
Supplier Product Code : 95
Competitive Advantages of the product
A remedy for Skin Disorders

Purifies Blood by clearing Vata and kapha impurities.
Improves liver Functions and Skin Complexion.
Effective in Dry itching, and Skin infections like Psoriasis, Scabies, eczema.
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Quality Process Certifications : GMP Certified

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