200 Micron Film/Sheet

200 Micron Film/Sheet

Description/ Specification of 200 Micron Film/Sheet
Coextruded multilayer 200 Micron Film/Sheet for polyhouse/greenhouse covering highly UV stabilized 5 layer with properties as
antidrip, antivirus, antisulphur, UV Bloacking, IR Reflective, diffused, antidust, etc.
The company trades following specialized products in the category of agricultural application films:
C3201 super- partially diffused, U.V. Stabilized
D3202 - Diffused, U.V. Stabilized
CN3204AF - Anti-Sulphur, U.V Blocking / Anti-Virus, Diffused U.V. Stabilized
** Anti-Drip / Fog, Anti-Dust Are Available In All The Films
Besides these regular products; we can also supply films as per customers specific requirements.
Sample Availability : Yes
Quality Process Certifications : ISO 9001:2008

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NEAR D.A.V. SCHOOL, KATHER BYE PASS ROAD, DISTRICT Solan - 173212, Himachal Pradesh, India
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