Mango Juice

Mango Juice

Description/ Specification of Mango Juice
Natural mango drink, which means it contains actual fruit pulp. Its all year availability ensures that you can enjoy the taste of the best-grown mangoes conveniently throughout the year. Tetrapak technology ensures that the product contains no preservatives and retains the good quality and freshness of the product.

Frooti is available in a range of Tetrapak options, including the 200 ml slim Tetrapak, and the 65 ml conical Tetrapak. In 2002, Frooti was launched in PET bottles in 250ml, 500ml and 1 L also. By doing this, it became the first mango drink to explore and establish its presence in the home consumption market.

Frooti, being one of the favourite Indian beverage brands has a wide appeal extending across age groups and lifestyles. Young adults and teenagers predominantly consume Tetrapak drinks. PET caters to consumption away from point of purchase, with the larger PET packs being used largely for home consumption. The conical Tetrapak at Rs. 2.50 is a value for money pack and appeals to anyone looking for just a sip of their favourite beverage.

Frooti scores highly on natural and taste attributes, and hence consumers can be classified as seekers of tasty and natural alternatives. Overall, Frooti is a fun drink for any time consumption.

With its recent pack change, diverse pack and price offerings and international looks, Frooti continues to refresh and woo the Indian audiences.
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