Decyl glucoside is a non-ionic surfactant and mild component used in various personal care and household products. It is derived primarily from glucose (sugar), cornstarch and the fatty alcohol decanol, which is typically sourced from coconut or palm kernel oil. As this product is biodegradable and derived from renewable resources, it is considered as a green or eco-friendly surfactant. This has the ability to create foam and stabilize mixtures of water and oil, making it a popular ingredient in various cosmetic and cleaning products. In this  blog.

Top 9 Decyl Glucoside manufacturers in India

1. Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. is a trustworthy company in the Indian specialty chemicals industry that was established in 1980. By consistently delivering quality assurance, including decyl glucoside, this venture has set standards very high. The entity is also appreciated by customers for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Both domestic and international customers have completely relied on this decyl glucoside supplier in India to get value for their money. On the basis of quality commitment, customer focused policies, and customer-driven approach, the entity has been able to survive in its respective market for such a long run.

2. Kumar Organic Products Limited

Kumar Organic Products Limited is another reputed business in the field of specialty chemicals and ingredients. Apart from being a decyl glucoside manufacturer, this company also deals in various other products. They not only focus on the quality of their offerings but also on their packaging to safeguard them from unwanted factors. This decyl glucoside Suppliers in India has been serving many renowned cosmetic and cleansing brands since 1991. Its rich industry experience is also a key reason that attracts customers to them. Furthermore, their commitment to ethical practices has positioned them as a trusted supplier in the market.

Decyl Glucoside Amber Viscous Liquid


3. Suyash Herbs Exports Private Limited

Suyash Herbs Exports Private Limited holds specialization in the production and distribution of a wide range of products, including decyl glucoside. The firms commitment to ethical sourcing and eco-friendly manufacturing practices that fits well with the rising demand for natural and ecologically conscious products in the personal care, cosmetics, and healthcare industries. With an emphasis on providing high-quality, plant-based solutions, Suyash Herbs Exports Private Limited is known for its contributions to the herbal and natural ingredients sector. The company serves both domestic and foreign markets, and their decyl glucoside priceis reasonable.

4. Amsar Private Limited

Amsar Private Limited is a prominent business with a focus on the production and distribution of organic ingredients and botanical extracts. This company also excels in offering Decyl Glucoside and has been serving a wide customer base from various ends of the country. To guarantee the purity and effectiveness of its products, the company places a strong emphasis on ethical business practices, environmentally friendly sourcing, and rigorous quality control procedures. Buyers from the cosmetics, medicines, nutritional supplements industries prefer to purchase from this decyl glucoside dealer. Undoubtely, they are the perfect partners for buyers looking for top-grade botanical solutions because of their commitment to quality and sustainability.

5. Chembond Chemicals Limited

It was back in the year 1975 when this company started its business as a decyl glucoside suppliers in India. Right from the very first deal, this company has been able to attain optimal client satisfaction. In addition, Chembond produces high-performance coatings for shop floors, clean room walls and floors and building exteriors, as well as construction chemicals for the infrastructure and building construction industries. The newest biotechnology initiative from Chembond aims to enhance industrial applications with cutting-edge technology. Decyl glucoside price charged by them is also reasonable and fits customers budget.

6. Shivam Group

The Shivam Group is a reputable and well-established company that specializes in importing and selling a wide variety of chemical products. Based on their broad experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, Shivam Group, is a market leader in India, supplying vital raw materials and specialty chemicals to a variety of sectors. They offer a wide range of chemical products in their product line, including Decyl Glucoside. This company, with its widespread reach and extensive network, provides companies with a simple, one-stop solution for procuring chemical raw materials, making a substantial contribution to efficient operations.

7. Olive Lifesciences Private Limited

It was back in the year 2007 when this company named Olive Lifesciences Private Limited came into existence. This company has track record of excellence and have been offering decyl glucoside with quality assurance. Under any circumstance, they do not compromise on the quality of their products and always deliver value for customers money. By focusing on the expectations of buyers, this company has emerged as one of the top notch decyl glucoside manufacturers in the country. If you are looking for a trustworthy entity to make a purchase for the mentioned item, then this enterprise can also be taken into consideration.

8. Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.

Neelikon Food Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. has been offering a wide range of products to its customers, including decyl glucoside. On 18 Apr, 1994, the foundation stone of this company was laid and since then it has been growing at a tremendous rate by maintaining premium quality in its offered range. They have a brilliant team of professionals who have deep knowledge of the respective domain and thus capable of carrying out business operations with ease. This Decyl Glucoside Suppliers in India has always worked with honesty and is among the best companies to have business deals with.

9. Amar Impex

Decades back in 1992, Amar Impex, started its corporate journey with the intent to deliver the best products, such as decyl glucoside. Owing to its advanced facilities, this entity has the ability to meet even bulk orders with ease. The entire customer base served by them is satisfied and has given them repeated business. Customers looking for top-notch decyl glucoside dealers can get in touch with this company; it will meet all your expectations and offer the best to you.
The aforementioned businesses are renowned for their dedication to excellence, sustainability, and client happiness. To make sure you choose the right partner for your needs, it is advised to undertake in-depth research, ask for samples, and think carefully about your unique requirements. With the help of pure decyl glucoside source, you can confidently produce top-notch goods that satisfy the markets rising desire for effective yet environmentally friendly formulas. You can also search for other top-notch decyl glucoside suppliers in India on the website of that is of the largest b2b portals in the country.

FAQs: Decyl Glucoside

Q. What is decyl glucoside, and what is its primary function in personal care products?

Ans. Decyl glucoside serves as a surface-active agent, which is primarily what it is used for in personal care products. Surfactants play a crucial part in such items by decreasing the surface tension of liquids, allowing them to spread more easily and mix with things they would not typically combine with.

Q. Is decyl glucoside suitable for sensitive skin types?

Ans. Yes, decyl glucoside offered by decyl glucoside Suppliers in India is suitable for sensitive skin types. It is liked by customers for its mild and gentle nature, which makes it a popular choice in skincare product industry. The product formulated using this ingredient are suitable for individuals with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

Q. Can decyl glucoside be used in natural and organic skincare products?

Ans. Decyl glucoside is a common ingredient in formulations for natural and organic skincare products, thus the answer is yes. Decyl glucoside is used by many  renowned natural and organic skincare companies because it adheres to the concept of employing products that are environmentally friendly and produced from plants.

Q. What are the common applications of decyl glucoside in personal care formulations?

Ans. Shampoos and Conditioners: Decyl glucoside is a common ingredient in shampoos and conditioners because it effectively cleanses while being gentle on the hair and scalp. It aids in generating a thick lather that makes it simpler to apply the product and thoroughly clean the hair.
Body Washes and Shower Gels: It used as an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners because it effectively cleanses while being gentle on skin.
Facial Cleansers: It is utilized in facial cleansers and makeup removers because of its gentle and non-irritating characteristics. Without over-drying the skin, it cleans makeup, extra oil, and grime effectively.
Liquid Soaps and Hand Washes: It is also used in liquid hand soaps and hand washes. In these products, it helps in foaming and cleaning abilities.
Baby Care Products: It is a good option for baby shampoos, body washes, and bubble baths since it is light and soft.

Q. Does decyl glucoside contribute to the foam and lather in cleansing products?

Ans. Decyl glucoside does indeed help make cleaning products froth and lather. Since it produces good foam, it is frequently used as a surfactant in cleaning and personal care products. Decyl glucoside produced by the decyl glucoside manufacturersaids in producing a thick and stable foam or lather when applied to skin, hair, or any other surface.

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