Pellet manufacturing, pellet making machine, wood pellet machine, and pellet mill machine are other terms for the same thing. It is a device that physically presses raw materials such as wood chips, shavings, bark, furniture manufacturing waste, and broken trees to produce rod-shaped firm pellets having a thickness of 6 to 12 mm.

Let's examine the top 15 Indian producers of pellet-making machines.

1. Namdhari Agro Industries

Established in 1999, they are a "Sole Proprietorship Firm" that specialises in producing high-quality pellet-making machines, feed processing plants, cattle feed machines, and other products. They have built an advanced and reliable infrastructure foundation in Khanna. Their seasoned and committed team of experts' honest efforts have allowed them to provide their esteemed customers with a high-quality product selection. The goods they provide are very energy-efficient.

2. Sigmatech Engineering

They were founded in 2013 as a Sole Proprietorship company in Ahmedabad and are the top producer, trader, and distributor of a wide range of high-quality plate-making machines, disposable making dies, automatic thali makers, and slipper makers, slipper sole cutters, and other items. These machines are well renowned for their hassle-free operation, long service lives, and great performance since they are made using the finest materials. They are able to provide the highest quality grade items by making use of their most recent infrastructural facilities. They have created a completely functional production plant for this aspect. Being a quality-conscious company, they take care of the product development procedures to guarantee that no items leave their end with any defects. Their quality analysts begin their work by performing rigorous quality testing as soon as raw materials are procured. Up to the point where the product is delivered to the client, these tests are regularly performed.

3. Global Namdhari Engineers

This popular pellet-making machine manufacturing firm was founded in 1990. Their engineers provide pelleting machines for coal dust pellets, rice straw pellets, wheat straw pellets, wood pellets, etc. thanks to their extensive understanding of the pelleting process. They began their adventure in 1990 with cattle feed spare parts, moved on to cow feed plants in 1992, and then to poultry feed plants in 1995. As a result, they have modified the meaning of pelleting. By continuing to innovate, they have created equipment for the pelleting of bagasse, wood, biomass, wheat and rice straws, groundnuts, cotton sticks, and cottonseed shells, among other materials.

4. Metal Tech Engineers

This business, a sole proprietorship, is renowned as the leading manufacturer of a wide selection of highly effective semi-automatic feed plants, vibratory screens, full circle hammer mills, animal feed mixer machines, feed mixer machines, poultry feed pellet machines, vertical pallet machines, poultry feed plants, horizontal pellet coolers, automatic fish feed plants, feed plant machinery, etc. They were established in Ludhiana in 1987 and have since built a well-functioning infrastructure unit where they produce these items effectively.

5. Goyum Group

This renowned construction engineering company was founded in 1971 and is now well-known in the edible and non-edible oil processing industries as well as other related fields. They are a family-owned business that has made significant contributions to commissioning, installation, manufacturing, engineering, and planning. They are among the best pellet-making machine manufacturers in India.

6. Lark Engineering Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd.

A leading producer and provider of feed milling solutions, mash feed plants, double shaft paddle mixers, etc., they were established in Haryana in 1989. These items are produced by their skilled industry professionals in accordance with the established worldwide standards and are made available in a variety of capacities, sizes, and other associated requirements as per the demands spelt forth by their customers. Furthermore, the manufacture of this collection makes use of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. Additionally, their quality controllers examine these items against a number of criteria to guarantee their perfection. This series, which finds significant use in the beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other sectors, is highly regarded for its outstanding performance, high efficiency, minimal maintenance requirements, and body made of anti-corrosive material.

7. Namdhari Industrial Works

This 1987-founded business manufactures, wholesales, and exports cattle feed plants, pellet mills, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, and cattle feed machines. These goods are well regarded in the business because of their qualities and affordable pricing. They carry out numerous manufacturing and post-production processes for their assortment of goods with the assistance of their skilled team of specialists. By using numerous industry-standard processes, they also allow them to guarantee that continual development is done in their range. These experts collaborate to accomplish the objective and provide their clients with a selection of equipment that is reliable. Their employees get a variety of training to improve their skills and stay up to date with business rules and expectations.

8. Zigma International

This business was founded in Coimbatore in 2011. (Tamil Nadu). The business is a well-known producer, exporter, and supplier of chicken cages and other poultry farm equipment. The business has had noteworthy success in a short amount of time. India's machinery for preparing poultry meat. For the purpose of inspecting the supplied items, they have hired certified and experienced quality inspectors. Their experts thoroughly understand the auditing processes and examine the final shipment using the criteria listed below. Their headquarters are in Coimbatore, the Farmers House centre in Tamil Nadu. They are a young, energetic company that is driven to succeed by offering its clients an unrivalled selection of goods. They are extremely competent and work nonstop to satisfy the various demands of various sectors.

9. B. K. Allied Industries

Founded in 1970, this business is involved in the production, export, and supply of a wide range of feed poultry and plant equipment, including a pellet mill, a pellet cooler, feed plants, and poultry equipment. Their small pellet-making machine price in India is affordable too. Their highly effective, precisely constructed devices are renowned for their exceptional quality and sturdiness. They have built a company around their customers because they believe in providing excellent standards, and this allows them to provide the whole range of goods in a better manner.

10. Laxmi Brand of Shubh Sanket Industries

They are a sole proprietorship company based in Ahmedabad that was founded in the year 1983. They manufacture, wholesale, and trade a wide variety of high-quality domestic flour mills, tabletop flour mills, commercial atta chakkis, flour mill machines, and other products. With the assistance of their suppliers, they are capable of delivering these items within the allotted time frame and to a variety of specifications. Because of their sturdiness, elegance, and endurance, these items are in high demand. They have been successful in promptly addressing the many demands of customers under the direction of the company CEO.

11. M/s Kisan Machinery

They are one of the top producers of pellet-producing machines and were founded in 1990. Under the supervision of the quality supervisor, the current technology is used to create the supplied range. These goods are valued for their qualities, including their long shelf lives, secure uses, and moisture-proof packaging.

12. Sas Agrotech

As a leading Producer and Trader of a variety of pellet machines. they were founded as a Proprietor firm in the year 2020. The whole line of items they provide has garnered rave reviews from their clientele for its sturdy design, extended lifespan, and exquisite finish. Their small pellet-making machine price in India is among the best.

13. Inventhard Industries

This firm, which was founded in 2014, is a reputable producer, supplier, and dealer of waste composting machines, compost tumblers, etc. The CEO has checked the quality of each of these items to guarantee a longer life. These items, which are in high demand across a variety of sectors, are available on the market in a variety of packaging.

14. Shree Chamunda Agro Engineering Works

They were founded as a proprietorship in 2017 and are a well-known manufacturer of a variety of mill machines, making machines, water coolers, etc. They supply these things within the specified time limit and at fair prices.

15. Sree Durga Engineering Works

One of the well-known producers of a wide variety of industrial conveyors since 2012 is this firm. The top industrial conveyors, conveyor belts, mixer machines, etc. are among the products they have to offer. The highest quality materials were used in the creation of these goods. Their goods are valued for their attributes such as extended lifespans, usability, solid construction, availability in a variety of sizes, and defect-free nature. Additionally, these goods come in standard and customised variants to accommodate the various demands of the customers. Additionally, they provide fabrication and plant commissioning services to their esteemed customers.


So that was the list of the best pellet-making machine manufacturers in India. Hopefully, this list was of use to you and you were able to fund what you were looking for.

FAQs: Pellet Making Machine

Q. What is the price of a pellet making machine?

Ans. A mill of this sort may cost as little as $30,000 or as much as $100,000 when equipped with a small chiller and control panel.

Q. What is a feed pellet mill?

Ans. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment in industrial manufacturing, this animal feed mill turns powdered material into pellets for animal use.

Q. Is it economical to produce wood pellets?

Ans. Yes, since food pellets are a valuable product used in both industrial and domestic settings.

Q. What is the biomass pellet-making machine price in India?

Ans. The biomass pellet-making machine price in India is Rs 4.5 Lakh/ Unit.