Electric toys have been made in India for over 8,000 years. Toy parrot whistles and oxen carts were popular early Electric toys.

Bamboo, wood, clay, and fabric were all used to make toys in the past. In contrast, toy makers in India today have access to a wide range of extravagant materials.

With the help of the Indian government, Vocal for Local, a strategy to make the world a safer place within 15 years by marketing Indian-made goods and services, has been put into action. Local heroes unite!

Electric Toys are a variety of products that are meant to be amusing for children. Toys are made by commercial enterprises. Toys are divided into two main categories: infant toys and electric toys. The majority of India's electric toy producers are trying to figure out how to stay at the top of their game and earn the most money.

Indian Toy Industry's Current Situation

It is estimated that the Indian electric toy sector is worth US$1.5 billion, accounting for only 0.5% of the worldwide market. Many of India's toy producers may be located in the NCR, Mumbai, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, as well as smaller towns and cities in central regions like Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

Top 13 Electrical Toys Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters In India

1. Natkhat

For more than two decades, Natkhat has offered plush toys. Because these toys allow many children and adults to relive their childhood dreams, they have a vast network of clientele in India as well as beyond the nation.

It continuously evaluates its responsibilities to ensure that the finest quality items are being produced. Additionally, the company is committed to providing top-notch customer service, including the rapid shipment of orders and timely replies to any inquiries from existing or prospective clients in search of new product exclusives.


2. Khanna Toys

It is the specialty of Khanna Toys to design and manufacture children's toys. In addition to ride-on and roly-poly toys and kitchen sets, it also makes push-n-go and roly-poly toys. Founded in 2008, it specializes in the production of contemporary children's toys.

The firm has a team of dedicated professionals that specialize in the design and production of high-quality toys that satisfy the needs of both the customers and the children who play with them. To accommodate a wide range of tastes and preferences, electric toy train products are offered in a variety of colors and sizes.

The most prominent qualities are their durability, low weight, ease of handling, and resistance to cracks.

3. ToyZone

ToyZone has been selling toys in India for more than 20 years. 15 years ago, once the firm had become strong enough to hold itself via the production process, it began formally manufacturing toys.

Everything is developed using cutting-edge technology at their production site near Delhi to ensure that the best quality toy items are produced.

Customers in India and throughout the world may also rely on them to fulfill several other toy requirements. The firm has constructed an integrated production plant near Delhi equipped with the newest machinery and in-house research and development facilities to keep up with the quickly changing market conditions in the country and throughout the world.

4. The Funskool (India)

Funskool is one of the country's leading toy manufacturers. Chennai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is home to its corporate headquarters. Toy company Funskool (India) Ltd was formed in 1987 when Hasbro Inc. and MRF Ltd. entered into a joint venture.

It has an annual income of about $35 million and possesses an 80,000-square-foot plant in addition to a nearly 50,000-square-foot facility in Ranipet.

It provides goods and services to the local community as well as to nations across the world, such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany, through its subsidiaries and affiliates.


  • Electronic learning toys
  • Construction kits
  • Soft Toys & more

5. Tripple Ess

Tripple Ess has been inventing and manufacturing high-quality children's toys for over two decades now at an unbeatable price. They employ cutting-edge technology to create educational toys for children.

Tripple Ess Toys is a well-known toy maker with a 40,000-square-foot production facility that has all the necessary equipment and staff to create toys that are safe for children. Plastic parts for the automotive industry can also be produced in their manufacturing area, which has the necessary machinery.

To create world-class molds, they now have a state-of-the-art commercial tool room, complete with the latest equipment and tools. Pad printing and thermoforming are in addition to their 15 computerized injection molding equipment, which ranges in weight from 25 to 125 tons. Machines that make the assembly of high-quality molds simple.

Product specifications:

  • Remote Control Car
  • Electric toy car price Starts from 500 to 15000
  • Electric Bike
  • Clay Toys
  • Musical Toys

6. Raja Plastic

This major manufacturer and wholesaler/trader/exhibitor of plastic toys and kitchen sets (including dolls) were founded in the year 2005.

They've built a solid reputation in the market thanks to the guidance of Mr. Mansoor Aamir (Proprietor).

Playing with dolls and other playthings is a vital aspect of learning about the world and yourself as a young person. Playing with toys is a great way for young children to discover who they are, learn about the world around them, and practice the skills they will need in adulthood.

7. Kriti Enterprises

Kirti Enterprises, a prominent producer, wholesaler, and trader of LED Torches, LED Emergency Lights, Electric Toys, Halogen Lights, and Power Cords, was founded in 2017 and is based in New Delhi.

At these prices, you can't go wrong. They guarantee that only the best materials and cutting-edge technology are utilized in their creation process.

These items may be purchased at a very affordable price from them. They make certain that only the best materials and the most up-to-date technology are used in their creation process.

8. Toyghar India

Formed as a sole proprietorship in 2017 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Toyghar India is a maker of baby doll toys, bicycle toys, educational toys, and kitchen toy sets, among other things.

Because of their great quality, smooth finish, variety of designs, and low cost, these items are in high demand. Furthermore, they make sure that these items are delivered on time to their customers, and this has helped them build a large customer base in the industry.

They provide a broad variety of Promotional Robot Toys to satisfy the needs of their clients.

9. Angel Enterprise

Surat, Gujrat, India, was founded in 2017. Toymakers and wholesalers of remote-control toys, flying toys, block games, action toys, 3D Ludo, and many other types of toys may be found at this one company. To provide clients with a high-quality selection of items, the experts collaborate closely.

They have a large list of clients under the guidance of the mentor, Mr. Krishna Miteshbhai Rohishaliya. Furthermore, because of his expertise, dedication, talents, and ethical business practices, they have risen to the top of the industry.

Specs of the Item:

Musical Squid Plush Toy wiggles and sings and mimics its movements. When you say something, the Dancing Squid Game repeats it and lights up singing.

Various additional themes, such as Mexican, Hawaiian, and cowboy hats, are available for this singing and dancing toy. There are a plethora of current looks that are sure to make you smile.

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10. Aman Toys

Aman Toys is one of the leading electric toys dealers in India with a wide range of Fidget Spinners, Party Masks, Toy Trick Random Electric Shock Item, Electric Lambs, Plastic Toys, Pom Pom, and Barrel O Slime, among other things. Delhi-based Sadar Bazar, a Sole Proprietorship Company, was founded in 2007.

Research is conducted by a team of specialists, who are well-versed in the newest industry trends, to satisfy the needs of the clients.

As a result, the provided products are made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology at a modern manufacturing facility.

11. Century toys and Gifts

Toys and gifts manufacturer Century Toys and Gifts was founded in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, in 1998. Since then, the company has established itself as a major player in the market for manufacturing, wholesale, and imports in the fields of Adding Blocks, Airplane Set, and Avengers Hammer, as well as Baby Dolls and Barbie Dolls.

Patrons love these items because of their long life, excellent finish, high quality, and low price. A quality-conscious company's sole goal is to provide only the greatest quality items to the consumers.

12. Radha Kripa Toys

New Delhi, India, was the site of the company's inception in 2015. LED Light Candle, Excess Helicopter, and many other products are manufactured and imported by them, "Radha Kripa Toys," a Sole Proprietorship.

Features include voice recording storage, voice mimicry, and dance and sing-along to up to 120 English and Polish hit songs included inside the USB dancing cactus.

13. Adinath Toy Industry

They are a Gujrat-based manufacturer of a wide selection of toys, including Gun Toys, Toy Guns, Remote Control Cars, and many more. They provide a variety of instruments for children, including a xylophone, an educational globe, and more.

Best Electric Toys for Kids:


Electric Toys for Kids

Price - INR


Electrical Baby Sccoter

15,000/ Piece


Super Express Train Friction Toy Power

150/ Piece


Battery Operated Infrared Ball Helicopter

150/ Piece


Electrical Bubble Gun Toys

227.15/ Piece


Electric Bike

11,199.38/ Piece


Electric Piano Keyboard

50/ Piece


Multicolor Electric Plastic Bike Toys

8,999/ Piece


Electric Toy producers in India are likely to see a large boost in sales as a result of a growing number of children as well as an increase in buying power among the customers. I hope you liked reading about India's leading toy producers. The pleasure was all mine.

FAQs: Electric Toys

Q. Who is the biggest Electric Toys manufacturer in India?

Ans. Funskool is India's biggest Toys supplier because its products are currently exported to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Africa, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Europe, Maldives, Nepal, the United States, and Sri Lanka.

Q. What will be the future of the Electric Toy manufacturing industry in India?

Ans. IMARC's study on India's toy sector shows some intriguing facts. Toy sales in India were $1.75 billion in 2012, and that number is likely to rise to $3.3 billion by 2031, thanks to a 15 percent annual growth rate predicted for the current year and the following 12 years.

Q. What Electric toy products ToyZone manufacturer has?

Ans. There are several product names like:

  • Magic Cars
  • Ride one
  • Tri Cycles
  • Intex