Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters in India 2023

India is one of the leading countries when it comes to shifting to green technology or alternative energy resources. With the increasing population and growing industrialization, the demand for energy increases drastically. To meet this demand, fossil fuels have been the main resource that the country depends on. However, due to the depleting nature of fossil fuels, there is a requirement to shift to more sustainable resources that can meet the energy demand of the present without disturbing the demand of the future.   One of such energy resources is the Energy from the sun. To utilize the energy from the sun, conversion devices or equipment, as well as storage devices, are very much needed. Hence, in India, many solar energy companies that provide such conversion and storage devices have come up. Many Indian manufacturers and providers have gained consumers' interest and attention in these last few years in meeting the requirements. Since solar, the most common ones are the solar panels, the manufacturers of solar panels have started flooding our country.  The Indian government has shown much interest in solar energy and is aiming by the year 2023 to achieve 114 GW of solar energy. In India, many solar panels manufacturers have emerged.

Benefits of Solar Panels

There are many benefits to using energy from the sun. Some of which are listed below:

  1. It is a renewable source and can be easily renewed.
  2. The use of solar energy can reduce the electricity bills
  3. It requires fewer maintenance costs
  4. It helps in improving the environment
  5. Using solar energy is a one-time investment
  6. Unlike the use of fossil fuels, solar energy does not produce any harmful emissions

In India, the government provides subsidies for achieving the targets and it has even encouraged the installation or use of solar energy systems by introducing many solar energy-related schemes in many states. Based on the subsidies that the government is providing the people are even able to establish businesses that are solar energy-related. With this people can purchase franchises and sell India's best solar panels provided by the respective companies. Some of the top 10 solar panel company in India are listed below:

  1. Waaree Energies Ltd

  1. Vikram Solar

  1. Adani Solar 

  1. Tata Power Solar Systems

  1. Tata Power Solar Systems

  1. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.


  1. RenewSys Solar

  1. Icomm Tele Ltd

  1. Moser Baer Solar Ltd

Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India


Company Name


Products/Services offered

Manufacturing Capacity


Waaree Energies Ltd

Mumbai, India

Solar panels, project development, EPC services, solar equipment, etc.

2 GW


Adani Solar

Gujarat, India

Solar panels, solar modules, and solar cells

1.5+ GW


Vikram Solar

Kolkata, India

Mono and bifacial modules of solar panels, solar plants, floating solar

1 GW


Tata Power Solar Systems

Bangalore, India

Solar panels for residential rooftops, shipping of solar modules globally

1.4 GW


Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Faridabad, Haryana

Solar panels, lithium batteries, etc.

100 MW



Bangalore, India

Solar panels, solar thermal products, etc.

14 MW (North Germany) + 153 MW (India)


RenewSys Solar

Hyderabad, India

Solar modules, black sheets, PV cells, encapsulants, etc.



Icomm Tele Ltd.


Solar panels and other related products



Moser Baer Solar Ltd

Delhi, India

Solar PV panels, EPC solutions



Microtek Solar Solutions

Haryana, India

PV Modules, Solar Control Unit, Power Conditioning Units, packaging materials


1. Waaree Energies Ltd

This company was started in 1989 and it is an Indian based company. Waaree Energies Ltd. Is an Indian-based company that is founded in Mumbai and it has expanded itself in many parts of India as well as many as 360 plus locations. This company has also gained interest outside the country and is present in about 68 foreign countries. This company has a very big and magnificent module manufacturing plant of their own which is about 2 GW at Surat. They are well-known in many areas and regions of the world. Waaree Energies LTD is the leading Solar Panel Manufacturer in India with a NABL Lab Facility. This company is the first one in India to have its in-house facility for testing its quality and performance before making it available in the market. The company has more than 32 years of experience and provides customers with the best services one could offer. They deal with project development, EPC services, solutions for solar rooftops, and provide equipment like solar water pumps, solar heaters, solar lamps, independent powerhouses, and many others. This is one company that the consumers can rely on and trust.

2. Adani Solar

This company is one of the top 10 best  Solar PV manufacturing units and holds a very good position among all other businesses of the Adani Group. This company is a subsidiary of the group named Adani Enterprises Ltd. Adani solar is one of the largest businesses with the proper required resources. Some of the well-known consumers are Energy industries, Agriculture, Logistics, ancillary industries, and so on so forth. Moreover, this belongs to one of the largest solar power developers which ranks 15 across the globe. Thus, the company solely manufactures solar panels, solar modules, and solar cells. A capacity of 1.5 plus GW of cells and modules is being made in Gujarat, India. They are also known to be the biggest installers of solar panels in India as a whole.

3. Vikram Solar

This company serves solely six continents and hence is well-known to be one of the biggest solar energy companies as well as solar panels manufacturer and can provide both mono and bifacial modules of solar panels. Around 1355 MW of projects related to solar have been installed and commissioned by them all over. Their manufacturing capacity is around 1 GW solar plants and also a floating solar plant which has a capacity of 10 kW in Kolkata.

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4. Tata Power Solar Systems

This is also known to be one of the best solar panel companies in India and to date is known as an eminent leader in the manufacturing sector and delivers one of the best solar panels not just in India but across the globe. They are famous for the solar residential rooftop units and in the last 20 years, they have shipped around 1.4 GW of solar modules across the globe.

5. Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

This company is known to manufacture not only the conversion part but also the storage part. It proves to be one of the leading solar manufacturers in India and is also the manufacturer of lithium batteries. The company is based in Faridabad, Haryana. This company has a manufacturing unit with a capacity of 100 MW. This company started only in 2018 but has gained interest from many at a very fast rate and therefore has been categorized as one of the fastest-growing manufacturers when it comes to solar panels. It has a wide range of panels with excellent efficiencies.


This company started in the year 1992, and it has grown so much over the year. It is one of the biggest and leading manufacturers of solar-related products like solar panels and solar thermal products e.g. solar water heating systems not just in India but in Asia as a whole. Solar projects of around 14 MW, are being installed and commissioned by them just in North Germany alone, and another 140 MW plus 13 MW rooftop in India itself.

7. RenewSys Solar

This company manufactures not just solar modules but also other important components. Being one of the best solar panel company in India, they include black sheets, PV cells, encapsulants, etc. In India, there are two manufacturing units that supply products to over 40 nations.

8. Icomm Tele Ltd.

Icomm Tele Ltd. Is another solar company founded back in the year 1989 and has grown over the years as the prime business when it comes to profits and updating new technologies. Their business is spread far and wide not just in India.

9. Moser Baer Solar Ltd

Moser Baer Solar Ltd is a Delhi-based solar manufacturers in India that provides solar PV panels on top of these EPC solutions. Their R&D section has enabled the company to produce the best solar panels in India with a hundred percent warranty.

10. Microtek Solar Solutions

This company provides a wide range of solar-related products of different prices and quality. The products are made to be sold commercially. The quality of the products produced by this company is top-notch. The main products produced by the company are PV Modules, Solar Control Unit, Power Conditioning Units, and also packaging materials.

You have got the right idea about the top 10 solar panel company in India. These companies started not with the aim and focus to fulfil the rules or schemes set by the government but also to save the environment and also the conditions. It is very encouraging to see that there are lots of manufacturers of solar panels in India itself and these companies have grown so much that they are not only the manufacturers but also the suppliers and exporters of the solar-related products. In doing this, they not only set up their businesses but understand the responsibility of keeping the environment safe, green, and clean.

Top Solar System Price ListExpected Price
47x23.3x1.4 Inches 150 Watts 24 Volts Rectangular Monocrystalline Solar System 7999.0
Solar Power Systems For Domestic And Industrial Use 500.0
Residential Roof Top Solar System, Aluminium Frame Material, 10 Kw CapacityINR 85000.0
Low Maintenance Rooftop Solar SystemINR 40000.0
Grid Tie Solar System (1KW)INR 75000.0
Solar Roof Top SystemINR 55000.0
On Grid Solar System 31000.0
Off Grid Solar SystemINR 50000.0
Ground Mounted Solar System 51.0
Solar Rooftop PVINR 40000.0

FAQs: Solar Panel

Q. Are solar panels made in China?

Ans: Almost two-thirds of the solar panels, solar panel components, and solar panel equipment are produced by China alone to date. Most of the known companies purchased solar cells from China.

Q. Is solar panel manufacturing profitable?

Ans: Manufacturing a solar panel or doing a solar-related business is known to be one of the most profitable works, especially in this generation where many consumers are interested in saving the environment and saving their electricity bills by doing a one-time investment. Solar businesses are profitable not only in the present day, but they’ll be one of the most demanding in the near future. In the present day, we can see many manufacturing companies are coming up.

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