This isn't a list of fads or fads-gone-wrong fads here. Instead, we've chosen to highlight the upcoming classics that are currently enjoying their moment in the sun. These are the things we'd choose to add to our wardrobe since they're on-trend and will look great for a long time to come. Clothing made just for males is referred to as "Male's clothing." Pants, shirts, jeans, and suits are among the most common men's clothing items. But, the vast majority of these garments are aimed at women.

1. Anti-Fit

Anti-fit, on the other hand, refers to large and loose-fitting men's clothing. In today's fashion world, comfort is a need. Love to go about in a big, baggy tee-shirt? You can now!

2. Fashion for the Androgynous

Androgyny symbolizes the uncertainty that both male and female personalities have in their personalities. As far as clothing goes, this can be referred to as gender-neutral fashion. Alternatively, androgynous fashion refers to fashion that does not adhere to gender norms or stereotypes.

3. High-Street

High-street clothes are also a contemporary trend. Effortlessly cool streetwear meets high fashion in this collection. That is to say, its apparel is made in large quantities and widely available, and it's trendy, too.

4. Athleisure

Athleisure is a new trend that has been around for some time now. It's a cross between activewear and loungewear. Sneakers, joggers, and oversized shirts are just a few examples.

5. Clothing for the Bowling Alley

A box-cut short-sleeved shirt is what is known as a bowling shirt. There have been substantial modifications in the colors, styles, and patterns that have been used from the period this was typically worn for bowling. Pack a plethora of these shirts for your upcoming summer getaway.

The Market for Men's Clothing in India from 2015 to 2028

Men's clothing sales in India are expected to reach 3.3 trillion Indian rupees in 2028, according to industry estimates. Men's clothing sales in 2018 were 1.6 trillion rupees, with shirts accounting for the lion's share of that total.

Mr. Business Abhay Gupta is the executive director of Blues Clothing Company in four cities (Delhi; Mumbai; Hyderabad; Bangalore) that market luxury clothing labels such as Cadini, Corneliani; Versace Collections, but he believes with Mishra that men are inherently fast consumers.

India’s Top 10 Ranked Men’s Clothing Makers

  • Welspun India
  • Raymond Ltd
  • Arvind Mills
  • Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd
  • Vardhman Textile
  • Sutlej Textiles
  • The SEL Group
  • KPR Mill
  • Himatsingka Group
  • Alok Industries Ltd

1. Welspun India

As stated by Welspun India Ltd, the company's cloth manufacturing has been fully integrated with one of the world's leading textile producers. The firm's home fabrics are now available to customers worldwide, owing to a marketing network spanning 32 countries. Christy and Hygrocotton are two of their best-known trademarks. It also has two high-tech plants in Gujarat, both of which are located in India. To produce bedding and bath fabrics, these plants are responsible.

2. Raymond Ltd

Raymond is one of India's leading fabric and men's clothing manufacturers, with a production of 38 million meters in merino and wool-blended garments and a customer base of more than 60 percent in India. It is among the first three completely integrated makers of woolen tailoring around the globe.

Raymond may be the only firm in the world to provide approximately 20,000 different designs and colors of tailoring cloth to accommodate men and women of all ages, events, and personal preferences. Products from Raymond are sold in more than 55 countries, ranging from the United States and Canada to Tokyo and the Mideast.

3. Arvind Mills

Founded by three brothers in 1931, Arvind Mills has become one of India's most prominent firms producing superfine textiles. Arvind Mills is based in New Delhi. Arvind has been a major player in the industry for generations, with brands including Arrows, Fly Machine and USPA. Men's Clothes, sophisticated materials, polymers, and dyes are only some of Arvind's recent ventures into new areas of expertise.

One of the largest fabric manufacturers in America is Arvind. Tommy Hilfiger and US Polo are two of the company's 15 global apparel brands. As a result, Arvind is among India's leading clothing manufacturers.

Real estate, apparel, gardening, and social and environmental enterprises employ 42,000 people. Any other fabric firm in India's top 10 is dwarfed by this one.

4. Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd

Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd. is a highly integrated apparel manufacturer with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants that produces a huge spectrum of textiles and outfits. Additionally, Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd employs more than 38,000 people and produces more than 90 million garments each year presently. A steady contributor to India's GDP because of its strong employment growth and regular contribution.

5. Vardhman Textile

Vardhman Textile, a manufacturer of fabrics in the Indian city of Vardhman, may be found in the city. In 1965, the Vardhman Group founded this company, which is now known as Vardhman International. It has currently the largest men's clothing stores in India, with annual sales of more than $1 billion. Vardhman manufactures and distributes a variety of items, including Indian yarn, packaged fabric, and acrylic fiber. There are 22 plants in five Indian states where the business operates.

As a result of its rapid expansion, the Vardhman Group now has operations in more than 75 countries throughout the world. It makes yarn, cloth, and acrylic fiber, among other things. In cotton fabrics, Vardhman is the second-largest revenue-generating corporation in India with a sizable portion of the market.

6. Sutlej Textiles

Sutlej Textiles is active in the whole textile and apparel manufacturing process. Their joint venture manufacturing operations include churning, weaving, dyeing, and polishing, as well as the creation of clothes. It also operates in Russia, Spain, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and a host of other countries. Multi-product corporation KK Birla Group's flagship subsidiary Sutlej Textiles.

The Group has a strong presence in fertilizers, construction, fabrics, sugarcane, tea, coffee, food, goods, media, telecommunications, biotech, and transportation; it is genuinely a worldwide apparel maker with holdings in many sectors.

7. The SEL Group

India's most prominent textile conglomerate, the SEL Group SEL, is one of the world's most prominent fabric conglomerates. Consumers in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh benefit from the company’s location in these states. In addition to spinning and knitting, they also create terrycloth towels and pre-made clothing. SEL sells a significant amount of yarn and fabric to the European and American markets.

8. KPR Mill

India's largest vertically integrated clothing manufacturing business, KPR Mill Limited, produces yarn, knitted gray, colored fabric, and ready-made outfits. An annual capacity of 95 million units is available at the firm's apparel manufacturing plant in India. The firm’s products are available on the best men's clothing websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. An additional 75 percent of its power needs are met by windmills erected in Tamil Nadu for self-consumption. KPR Mill stock prices will be a recurring topic of conversation in 2018 due to the company's focus on turbine growth.

9. Himatsingka Group

The Himatsingka Group is a multinational textile manufacturer with a focus on vertical integration in the home. They all also have to do with fabrics. Upholstery fabrics, curtain fabrics, and bed sheets are just a few of the many products that the company can create.

From the beginning, the Himatsingka Group's primary focus has been on the best shopping apps for men's clothes in India, as well as streamlining the whole supplier base to provide the best possible customer service. As the home textiles company begins to grow and become increasingly important, the group's 5,000+ employee workforce is looking to expand.

10. Alok Industries Ltd

An Indian textile and clothing producer, Mandhana has operations in several countries. Using cutting-edge technology, the firm specializes in the production of personalized clothes. Among the services offered by Mandhana are apparel design, dyeing of yarns, weaving, processing, and printing.


The fabric section has high-speed robotic circular knitting equipment that can produce 27,000 MT of various varieties of cloth per year. The greatest men's clothing manufacturers in India are listed below for your consideration. There are more than 90 main nations where textile producers, distributors, and buyers may be found here.

FAQs: Men's Clothing

Q: What colors should I choose for business wear?

Ans:  While navy and gray are still the most popular colors for suits, other hues of blue and gray are now acceptable in less formal work settings.

Q: Is it OK to wear jeans to a business meeting in business casual attire?

Ans:  Jeans, a smart shirt, and excellent shoes are standard office attire in many locations these days. The darker the wash, the more professional you'll seem in jeans at work. This ensures that you don't end up looking messy!

Q: Where are clothes manufactured in India?

Ans:  Ludhiana, Bangalore, Delhi, Tirupur, and Jaipur are some of the major garment manufacturing centers.

Q: Who is India's largest clothing supplier?

Ans: With 65 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants and three textile factories spread across 10 Indian states, Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd is India's largest clothing producer and exporter.