In India, the food and beverages industry is one of the largest industries. According to research conducted in the fiscal year 2020, the market value of the F&B industry was INR 4 trillion. With the growth of the income of the citizen and urban population, it is seen that the demand, as well as supply for leisure and food, has been growing rapidly. So, you can find that lots of new cafés or restaurants have been opened to serve as a primary or secondary income. But at the same time, you should note that it is not at all easy to handle even a small café or restaurant.  Many challenges and aspects need to be kept in mind and one of the major challenges is handling the kitchen. Commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers make the best effort to offer items in storing materials like groceries, vegetables, and crockery efficiently. They can also be kept in huge quantities as well. It is quite important to take serious steps to choose the best manufacturer of kitchen equipment.

Top 10 manufacturers suppliers and exporters of kitchen equipment in India

We will have a look at the top 10 kitchen equipment manufacturers suppliers exporters in India.

1: The Grafyt

Grafyt is one of the most reputed kitchen equipment manufacturers. They provide various equipment that are required for the restaurant, hotel, and café industry. Having its main office in Navi Mumbai, it has its other offices or outlets in more than 50 cities in India. Grafyt has kitchen equipment brands like Butler, Indiwash, Promac, NECTA, Dean, Rational, Electrolux, and others. Having more than 100+ manufacturing brands as well as service partners, it aims to provide a wide range of products. The company is mainly known for offering fine finished products including items such as refrigeration equipment, bakery equipment, exhaust hood with a filter, commercial kitchen equipment, and so on. They always make use of premium quality raw material when it comes to their products and they also test all the equipment and products on various parameters before selling to the retail shops.

2: Udai Kitchen Equipment

This is another one of the best commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers that manufactures as well as supplies to hotels, restaurants, institutes, bars, etc. They have been in this field for more than 25 years. The manufacturing unit or the company’s office is located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. They make sure to provide the ultimate products according to the requirements of the clients. Udai Kitchen Equipment provides products such as storage equipment, bar equipment, display counter, preparation equipment, glass display counter, and so on.

3: Thomson & Thomsons kitchen equipment

Having a rich collection of kitchen equipments, this company was established in 2000.  They provide lots of collections of products like bakery equipment, refrigeration equipment, exhaust hood with a filter, and so on. They have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the best quality collection of products. Thomson & Thomsons kitchen equipment Pvt Ltd has an annual turnover of Rs 5 to 10 crore.

4: Bhargava equipment

This company was established in the year 2012 where they manufacture, design, and supply kitchen equipment. They also export their products abroad. They have been able to gain a good reputation for their superior quality services. Having their main office or units in Mumbai, they have a team of highly experienced professionals.  They also promise to provide the best quality products at competitive prices.

5: MAX Equipment

Established in 2008, they have been providing the best quality commercial kitchen equipment operating from Mumbai, where they have the manufacturing unit. They always endeavor to provide a wide range of hotel kitchen equipment lists in the best way. Regarding their products, it includes the cocktail station, kitchen racks, glass storage rack, gas ranges, and so on.

6: Shiv Industries

They are one of the foremost manufacturers of restaurant equipment list that provides the latest designs products. Located in Vadodara, Gujarat, Shiv Industries always makes sure to improve its manufacturing process and its vision is to expand its business and services in India as well as overseas.

7: RM Kitchen Equipment

Having more than 11 years of experience in the industry, this company provides everything for the smooth functioning of your kitchen. Having the best and most experienced team, they fabricate, design, install and maintain commercial equipment for institutions, restaurants, food outlets, and so on. Their products include food service equipment, tables & trolleys, wash area equipment, refrigerators & freezers, cooking equipment, bakery equipment, etc.

8: Royal Equipments:

This company got established in the year 2000.  They strive to be one of the best commercial kitchen equipment Manufacturers. They always work in close coordination with their customers to provide the best services perfectly. Based in New Delhi, they have all the production facilities and modern design which are based on the latest technology. Regarding their products, it includes cooking equipment, stainless steel table, bar equipment, washing equipment, water cooler & dispensers, preparation equipment, trolley equipment, and so on. They have their service centers across the country which proves to be an added advantage. Some of their clients include Indian Oil, NRL, Radisson, BHEL, Mahindra, Vivo, etc.

9: Bestekloza

They are a distinguished and reliable kitchen partner that promises to provide high-quality services. They provide kitchen commercial accessories as well as fittings to hospitals and nursing homes, hotels, pubs, restaurants, and so on. Having their clients all over the world, they strive to provide the best supply of lines, fittings, and kitchen equipment. They cater to the needs of their clients perfectly.

10: Apollo Kitchen Equipments

Since 1986, Apollo Kitchen Equipment has been providing the best services in many sectors like cafes, restaurants, industrial/institutional canteens, temples, hospitals, and flight kitchens. They supply a wide range of imported kitchen equipment from dishwashers, Combi Oven, Bakery, Meat Processing, Refrigeration, Ice Cube Machine, and so on. So, they have the best restaurant equipment list. They also promise to provide after-sales service as well which proves to be an added advantage.


The companies that have been mentioned above are the top 10 kitchen equipment manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. You can always find a wide range of products where they promise to provide the perfect after-sales services. They also make sure to provide the ultimate services such as training, installation, and maintenance of products.

FAQs: kitchen Equipment

Q: Which restaurant kitchen equipment is the most essential?

Ans: Some of the essential kitchen equipment includes cooking ranges, refrigerators, mixers, freezers, ovens, sinks, slicers, shelves/racks, kitchen cooking utensils, etc.

Q: Why is maintenance required for kitchen tools and equipment?

Ans:  It is always very important to maintain any piece of equipment or tool which uses gas, electricity, or water to run. In case they are not maintained perfectly, it would lead to wear and tear over time. So, it is important to make sure of servicing them regularly as this would help in reducing the running cost of the tool or the equipment.

Q: What should one keep in mind while choosing particular kitchen equipment?

Ans:  The most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of space that you have got. If you find that you have got a very small commercial space, then it can be the right thing for you to take full advantage of the vertical space in the best way.

Q. What should we look for while selecting the right supplier for kitchen equipment?

Ans. You need to make sure to get the right idea about the supplier’s reputation as well as experience in the F&B industry. Make sure that you also try to choose a reliable one that would promise to offer after-sales services such as repairing, training, installation, and so on. This would help to meet your exact requirement without making any sort of compromise.