It's crucial to have functional furniture for your needs. That will make it much simpler for you to fulfill all of your needs. Plastic stools should be taken into account while selecting the appropriate household furniture.

It's true that plastic stools can be put to many different uses. You may put them to good use in any space because to their attractive design, high quality construction, portability, and longevity. In addition to their practical benefits, the aesthetic appeal of these stools is a major selling point.

Top 10 Plastic Stools for Every Need and Budget

1. Nilkamal Shaper Plastic Stool

Are you looking for the stylish and sturdy plastic stool for the different uses, then look for this stool which is idea for you! Nilkamal is a brand brings unique products in the market and this time they come with high performance plastic stool. The stool is available in attractive shape with unique brown color design which enhances your decoration of the room.

By using this plastic tool, you can ensure maintenance free experience and the performance of the stool will suit a user’s need. This is very easy to clean and maintain, hence a user can use it for a long time without any issue.

The material quality is strong plastic that provides durability and sturdiness. It is very lightweight design so you can port it whenever you want.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in a single piece
  • The sleek design
  • No maintenance


  • Stool height is too small

2. Nayasa Plastic Stool

The Nayasa is one of the best plastic stools manufacturers and offers a high performance and stylish looking plastic stool for their customers. The amazing gray color design, high strength, stability and high quality plastic materials catch your attention to buy it.

It will enhance your home look with its strong and glossy finish design. This is the ideal product for any home. A stool is the perfect object for bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Due to its high quality plastic material, it offers a comfort to a user.

It has a square shape and provides maximum convenience to users. The stool comes with four legs on four sides and one leg in the middle for providing strong support.


  • A square-Shaped design for multiple tasks
  • Stylish look enhances home decorations
  • Five legs for strong support
  • Quality materials


  • None so far

3. Ikea Marisu Plastic Stool

Everyone knows Ikea is well recognized all over India for its durable, strong, and quality products. This Plastic Stool from the Ikea is available to provide you a comfort. It is multitasking stool. Doesn’t matter what type of décor you have, the stool will match your decoration with its stunning design. The structure of the stool is steel which offers a strong performance and provides maximum durability.

Even, the design of the stool is paired with polyester powder to gives an attractive look.  Particleboard and melamine foil are coated on the top of the stool to maximizes the performance of the users. The round shape seat offers a great comfort to the users.

It has 100kg weight that is really amazing for the healthy people. It is also lightweight , so you don’t face any issue while placing it anywhere.


  • Available in white color design
  • Steel and polyester powder coating makes it durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Uncomfortable reviewed by some users

4. Nilkamal Printed Plastic Stool

Nilkamal again brings a unique piece of plastic furniture for us that can enhance your home beauty. The long lasting, durability and strength make this plastic stool millions of user’s first choice. Nilkamal Plastic Stool builds with high quality plastic materials so it is easy to use for a long time.

They offer products in affordable plastic stool price for Indian customers.

The printed plastic stool is the perfect option for your daily use at home, so you can consider this as a durable and stylish stool. Because of its attractiveness, lightweight, and capability of fulfilling various needs, the stool suits users decors of the homes and provides a better experience.

The elegant yellow color designs with printed flowers everyone favorite. It is coated with superior quality polymer plastic material.


  • Multipurpose stool
  • Coated with Polymer Plastic
  • Dual-Color design


  • Stool height is too small

5. AWOKZA anti-skid Multipurpose Bathroom Stool

The stool is offered by AWOKZA, a well known brand in manufacturing plastic. The stool is made by plastic and it is foldable Anti-skid potty stool which is best.

The Polypropylene is the material used in this stool. The item is available different colors with medium sized shape. Adults and Kids can take the advantages of this amazing product by AWOKZA.

This stool helps toddlers to feel more freedom on their toilet visits. It is a lightweight so you can put it anywhere around the step.


  • Best for adults for toilet visiting
  • Lightweight
  • Easily breakable parts


  • None

6. Nilkamal woody Brown Plastic Stool

On the sixth rank, Nilkamal brings a new woody brown plastic stool with the multifunctional in a pack of two stools. Buy more than one stool in this pack which would be ideal deal for you with Nilkamal. 47 centimeter height stool will be the ideal for all age people.

The woody brown color design is elegant that maximizes your home look. This plastic folding stool matches with your modern décor along with multipurpose features and enables a user to utilize for multiple tasks. The height of the stool will give you a stress free when you climb on it.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Simple & Elegant Design
  • Plastic material in wood shape


  • 3/5 star rating

7. Nilkamal Home Plastic Stool

So, it will improve the aesthetics of wherever you decide to put it. As a result of its adaptable style, it may be used in almost any household setting. In addition, it provides unparalleled sturdiness and longevity, allowing you to put it to effective use for years to come. Its contemporary and sustaining style makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Any problems with the construction of your Nilkamal home two-step plastic stool are covered for six months. If there are problems with the product, you can contact the manufacturer and seek help. It features a modern look that will complement any home's decor while still providing superior performance.


  • Long Lasting
  • Bright Strips
  • Two-Step Design


  • Low quality plastic materials

8. Gocart Plastic Stool

If you're looking for a lightweight, durable, and versatile stool, go no further than the Gocart plastic stool. This stool is built to last and is suitable for people of varying ages. This plastic stool stands out from the crowd because of its portability and low weight. That's why this stool folds up so quickly; you can take it with you everywhere you go.

This stool may be easily folded and transported thanks to its convenient carrying handle. This stool's versatile form makes it suitable for usage in any setting. In fact, its outstanding design has led to its widespread adoption in kitchens, laundries, and storage closets.


  • Foldable
  • Easy to carry
  • Stylish
  • Less Spacious


  • Folding issues

9. Nilkamal Plastic Stool

We Indians trust Nilkamal product as they produce their products with high quality plastic furniture. This is a well known brand in the Indian market and this time they come with plastic stool that enhances your comfort experience with its superior and elegant design and style.

The product is available in high quality plastic stools. You can use these two stools for multiple purposes at home. The quality materials match its durability and sturdiness.


  • Dual color design
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight & Portable


  • Some People complained that the products received with full of scratches and cracks

10. Cello Classic Plastic Stool

Cello's traditional plastic stool online is ergonomically shaped to promote healthy seated posture. To cater to a wide range of clients' preferences, it has been designed in a distinctive and fashionable way. It's perfect for any floor because of its nonslip bottom.

This stool's versatility means it may be used for a variety of tasks around the house. With its flexible construction, this stool can be put to use in a variety of settings. The stool's durability and portability make it a great choice for a variety of settings.


  • An anti-skid base
  • Useful for different surfaces
  • High quality plastic materials


  • Durability problems

We understand how plastic stools are important for our home, every kitchen, living room, hall needs a plastic stool. So, choose your favorite stool from our top 10 best, durable, strong, and elegant design plastic tools offered by manufacturers in India.

Top Plastic Stools Price List

Expected Price (INR)

18 Inch Super Strong Adjustable Portable Folding Step Stool


Non Foldable Blue Round Plastic Stools For Home


2x1 Feet Water Resistance And Easy To Clean Hdpe Plastic Stool


18.3 Mm Thick Plain Polished Finish Poly Vinyl Chloride Plastic Stool


1.5 Feet Round Plain Polished Modern Plastic Stool


Modern Durable Easy To Clean Non Foldable And Non Stackable PVC Plastic Stools


FAQs: Plastic Stools

Q. How much do plastic stools cost?

Ans. The cost of a plastic stool is between Rs 1800 to Rs 4,000 in India

Q. How much weight can plastic stools hold?

Ans. These plastic stools can handle 300 pounds of weight.

Q. What are the different sizes of plastic stools available?

Ans. There are multiple sizes of plastic stools: 12 inch, 18inch, 30 inch, 24 inch, and 34 inch

Q. Are plastic stools durable?

Ans. Yes, they are durable. They are made from steel, polypropylene which ensures durability.

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