When we refer to a "cricket ball," we mean the actual cricket ball. The cricket leather ball' souter covers are made of leather, and it is currently mostly made in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, and Jalandhar, Punjab, in India. Due to this sport's slightly higher popularity in India than in other nations, there are opportunities for growth for the cricket ball manufacturer.

The Top 10 Cricket Ball Manufacturers in India Are:

1. Hans Raj Mahajan Worldwide

A reputable cricket ball manufacturer and other sporting goods and apparel, Hans Raj Mahajan Worldwide has a strong presence in the Indian market and exports its goods to many other nations. Motivated by Late Sh. Since 1925, Hans Raj Mahajan has been producing top-notch sporting goods that adhere to the strictest international standards.

Their business has been in the sporting goods sector for three generations and is run by a family. Their two plants, which span a 75,000 square foot area, are properly furnished with cutting-edge technology. They have a full-service internal design, production, and R&D facilities. They put a lot of effort into developing new products and making constant upgrades so they may add features that are better than those that are already on the market.

2. Raj International Exports

Since its founding in 2003, Raj International Exports has been one of the top producers, exporters, and suppliers of a premium selection of sporting goods and ball. Using the best raw materials and contemporary equipment, this range is made in accordance with the standards and rules established by the industry. This guarantees the product's longevity, strength, and finish. Additionally, they export their goods to all continents. The best soccer ball, rugby ball, and boxing gloves are included in the assortment and are highly regarded and in demand.

Furthermore, the given assortment is marked at a very affordable price. In order to improve its position in the industry, Raj International Exports regularly upgrades its cutting-edge infrastructure. The structure is furnished with all the equipment necessary to perform a number of the firm's defined goals and objectives. The facility has been divided into a variety of highly operational sections for better and more efficient management of the firm's operations. Additionally, these units aid in maximising productivity.

3. BSM Sports

They are a cricket ball manufacturer firm who export their products all over the country. Their sales volumes are reasonably high at 5 crores and their capital is around 1 crore. They are a very old company and were established back in 1934. Cricket ball price varies depending on the order quantity and clients but they have a competitive price. Other than ball, their product range also contains products such as Bats, powder, stumps, etc for all kinds of sports. Their main supply chain is in states such as Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Delhi, Faridabad, and Noida.

4. Robinson Sports

Due to the management's sincere commitment to success and reputation, fair transactions, high-quality products, and strong will, the sapling that our late Mr. H. S. Jolly planted in 1937 have now grown into a massive tree. They are an exporting and manufacturing business that also produces sports nets, soft leather protective gear, boxing gear, kit bags, volley ball, soccer ball, rugby goods, and cricket bats in-house. The BCCI first approved an Indian-made cricket ball in 1949, the Recorder Cricket Ball. In 1958, BCCI sanctioned the use of Duke of Windsor in the Ranji Trophy and the Duleep Trophy. In Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, St. Vincent, and St. Kitts, first-class league games may use cricket ball made by this manufacturer.

5. Vinex Enterprises

One of India's largest and oldest sports equipment manufacturers, Bhalla International has been producing sporting goods in the country since 1957. The business markets and offers for sale its product underneath the name Vinex. The goal of Bhalla International is to provide the highest-quality goods at the most affordable prices by implementing the best production practises currently accessible.

Since 2004-05, SGEPC has consistently ranked VINEX No. 1 for the highest exports of sports equipment from India. We also have more than 100 pieces of athletics equipment that have earned World Athletics certification, demonstrating the continued high calibre and effectiveness of our products. The organisation is also recognised as the official supplier of the Indian Athletic Federation. The Company's numerous sports equipment products have received approval from SAI, IABF, and VFI for boxing rings and volleyball, respectively.

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6. Kumaram Sports

A 1983 incorporation gave rise to Kumaram Rubber Goods Manufactuerer Co. Pvt. Ltd. and is regarded as a leading producer, supplier, importer, exporter, and trader of a variety of high-quality Sports Accessories. By offering customer-focused items at extremely low prices, they have risen to the top of the industry. Rubber ball, Tennis ball and carrom accessories are all part of their selection. These goods are renowned for their robustness.

Their infrastructure was created in accordance with international standards and contains a number of conveniences and high-tech equipment. Their well-developed production technique has allowed them to produce the most at the lowest feasible cost. To ensure that our clients are highly satisfied, its advantages are distributed to them. A variety of quality checks are performed on their items before we deliver them for supply. Their infrastructure is periodically updated in accordance with market developments in order to expand operations. They import from China and export worldwide.

7. Sai Sports

In 2001, M/S Sai Sports set out on its journey. They got established with the intention of creating and providing their customers with a top selection of sporting goods. Before being delivered to their customers, every of their items must pass a number of rigorous testings. Because of their high-quality selection of our products, they frequently receive repeat purchases. They offer items including wooden carrom boards, cricket bats, shuttlecocks, racket strings, and rackets for badminton. They verify all and every product, and if they find any flaws in our selection, we don't let that item go into storage. When a product needs to be rebuilt or examined, it is returned to the manufacturing stage. They are situated in Meerut City, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and have excellent access to roads, metros, and trains, allowing for quicker distribution of their product line.

8. MCN Sports

Mr. Arvind Chopra, who is in charge of M.C.N. Sports, has one goal in mind: to bring the business to unprecedented success. Since their establishment in 1994, they have expanded to dominate marketplaces around the country with a selection of sports and gym equipment, gear, and accessories. They are regarded as one of the industry's most professional, punctual, and effective businesses that has only ever tried to ensure the happiness and contentment of their clients. Cricket Ball, Shuttlecocks, Sport Uniforms, Sports Socks, Basketball and Volleyball, Gym Dumbbells, and Skipping Ropes are just a few of the items they sell. In Jalandhar, Punjab, India, they work to ensure a constant supply of the goods.

9. Belco Sports

Behari Lal & Co., today known as BELCO Sports, was established in 1957 by Mr. Behari Lal with a sizeable owner investment. The growth of this brand's size and revenue was aided by its high standards of quality, dependability, and durability. The original retail establishment was and is still in Jalandhar. The Behari Lal family has grown the family business into a market leader for inflatable ball after three generations. BEhari Lal & CO is where BELCO gets its name from. The BELCO Sports product line includes a variety of football, basketball, and volleyball game-related product lines, covering every team sport. A longstanding custom of buying from one of the reputable brands in the industry is represented by BELCO'S Sporting Goods. BELCO is synonymous with choice, quality, affordability, and exceptional customer service, all supported by devoted Associates who are prepared to go above and beyond to ensure total client satisfaction.

10. Sonu Sports

The proprietor, Mr. Naim Khan, has worked tirelessly to make Sonu Sports Company, which began as a small concept in 2010, a huge reality. They have markets across India, with our headquarters in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Whenever it comes to hiring employees, we They are very picky. They only work with consummate experts that have the requisite training, expertise, and experience.

A great team that is dedicated to the group goal is obtained thanks to this recruitment method. They rely on the incredible infrastructure they have at our disposal to provide the high-quality items that customers love. Their manufacturing facility is fortunate to have the cutting-edge tools and technology needed to produce in both small and large quantities.

They don't take any risks with the integrity of the items because we are aware of our position in the market. We employ a group of skilled quality inspectors who conduct numerous quality tests utilizing various quality parameters after carefully manufacturing our products.


When brand-new, the cricket ball weight should not be under 5.5 ounces (155.9 g) and no and over 5.75 ounces (163 g), and it must have a circumference that is no under 8.81 in (22.4 cm) and not exceed than 9 in (22.9 cm). These parameters are of cricket leather ball and given the sports context in India, the demand will just be greater than what it is now.

FAQs: Cricket Ball

Q. Why is cricket ball white?

Ans: This is due to the fact that a red ball underneath yellow floodlights develops a brownish colour that closely resembles the colour of the field.

Q. Why cricket ball is heavy?

Ans: By regularly practising with this ball, the bowler can enhance their balling thanks to the heaviness of the ball. useful for bowlers who bowl faster. It is highly recommended for the pace bowler to practice with heavy ball.

Q. Why Test cricket ball is red?

Ans: Comparing to the white/pink ball, the red ball does have a clear and crisp seam.

Because the red ball is light in comparison to the white ball, ballers can occasionally benefit from using it.

Q. How many balls are there in cricket?

Ans: There are 6 balls.

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