A sweater is a coat or sweater that's been knit, crocheted, or woven out of wool, cotton, or synthetic yarn. Adults, both women and men, wear sweaters, usually on top of another shirt or top, but sometimes directly against the skin. Sweaters used to be manufactured exclusively of wool, but nowadays they can be crafted from cotton, synthetic fibers, or a hybrid of these materials. There are other sweaters that can be worn just during certain times of the year, such as the "ugly sweaters" worn during the holiday season.

Some argue that "sweater" should be reserved for warmer, heavier sweaters, while British dictionaries claim that the word "sweater" has the same meaning in British English as it does in American English. Most or all other British dictionaries disagree with Oxford University, claiming that sweaters for women are not always pullovers and jumpers are not necessarily open in the front while Oxford University claims that sweaters are always drawn over the head and jumpers are not necessary.

The Ultimate Sweater Brands for Women in India

1. Monte Carlo

Clothing for men, women, and children, as well as accessories for the house, is all available under the Monte Carlo label, which is produced by Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd. The luxury label offers a comprehensive winter collection for women, with an emphasis on fashionable pieces that follow the season's hottest trends.

Many women are drawn to clothes with bold and unusual color combinations and patterns. There is a wide selection of woolen sweaters beginning at Rs. 750/-.

2. Red Tape

The first day of business for the apparel label Red Tape was September 9, 2019. Sweaters, shrugs, casual shirts, and everything else are all available for delivery. It's a well-known, affordable label, and it's made of sturdy materials that will last a long time.

The sweater is made of a salmon-colored, skin-friendly synthetic material that is super chic when worn with a high-neck dress shirt and slacks.

This sweater's shade is so unusual that it can only be found at the most elite designer boutiques. This solid-colored baby-pink sweater looks well with both jeans and dress pants.

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, an American premium apparel label, was founded in 1985 and is known as one of the best women's sweaters manufacturers for its casual aesthetic.

The company continues to promote its core values of unconventionality and individuality. Tommy Hilfiger's sweaters are perfect for city dwellers who want to project effortless coolness.

These sweaters have the perfect balance of colors and seem really trendy and young. You really like this label for their colorblocked sweaters.

4. Vero Moda

For the stylish woman who appreciates both inspiration and quality, there is Vero Moda. A wide variety of styles, sizes, and prices are available for women's woolen clothing.

Cardigans with classic necklines like V-necks, and pullovers, as well crewnecks as with an air of refinement, are all on offer. You can find woolens for as little as 650 Indian Rupees.

5. Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a new brand of high-quality woolen clothing produced by the Indra Hosiery Mills consortium. The long sweaters for women are stylish and sophisticated. Sweaters in all kinds of lovely knitted patterns, for the best possible style on chilly winter days.

You can dress up or dress down these sweaters because they are very versatile. Pricing for these items begins at Rs. 800/-.

6. Aarbee

As previously mentioned, Aarbee is a fantastic label that makes fashionable items for both sexes. The brand is known for its extensive color palette.

This sweater's material is a mash-up of wool, cashmere, and acrylic, and it features a handy side pocket that few other sweaters have. The long sleeves of the sweater are ideal for keeping your arms warm. It stands out because of the contrasting ribbed design at the hemline.

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7. GAP Sweater

The Gap, Inc. is a clothes and accessories shop based in the United States. GAP is a reflection of ease and sophistication since it makes high-quality materials available around the world.

Known for being cozy and comfortable, this label's sweaters have a chill attitude. Anywhere between bohemian and nautical, this brand has you covered.


In the industry, FOREVER 21 stands out. This well-known label's winter line offers both fashionable and cozy options.

Knit turtleneck sweaters, open shoulder cardigans, Shawl collars, lace-up tops, mock neck sweaters, high neck sweaters, crepe cardigans, longline cardigans, ribbed sweaters, and a whole lot more are all available in the newest trends. Sweaters start at 700 Indian Rupees.

9. Lady Willington

The York Group is an industry-leading provider of high-neck sweaters for women and woven garments. They have sweaters for ladies that are made with high-quality yarns and come in a variety of trendy hues.

There are many variations of sweaters available, including v-necks, crew necks, and striped and printed cardigans. With an extensive sweater selection starting at just Rs. 700/-, this is a brand worth checking out.

10. Mango

Mango, established in Barcelona in 1984, is a clothing and accessories brand widely regarded as one of the most successful in the market for women's sweaters.

The design, production, and promotion of the products are all guided by the principle of "less is more" at the company.

The sweaters sold at Mango are the pinnacle of hipster chic. These add a breath of fresh air to your personal style. Pick up a sweatshirt from Mango before you head out for a winter cocktail night.

11. Blackberry

Blackberrys, an Indian menswear label, was established in 1991. Among the many Indian sweater companies, this one distinguishes for its high quality and reasonable prices. It sells fashionable options for work, play, and special occasions.

Choose a sweater from this line to look professional in at your next meeting. If you're on the market for a new hoodie, you may want to peruse this compilation of top manufacturers.

12. eWools

Ewools is a women's apparel line known for its exclusive styles. It sells finely woven woolen and knitted garments for women.

In addition to the standard V-neck and crew-neck styles, there are also funnel-neck sweaters, turnback-cuff sweaters, ribbed wool-blend sweaters, crew-neck jumpers, knit pointelle sweaters, and boxy cropped sweaters available in the premium category. Priced from Rs. 499/- upwards.

13. ONLY

ONLY, a Danish lifestyle brand has been selling its wares to adults and children alike since 1995. Women may shop for trendy sweaters and knitwear from this label, which features fashionable color palettes and patterns.

Sweater dresses for women come in a wide variety of lengths, from long and cozy to short and chic. Best fashion trends include longline, printed, wrap, floral, textured tunics, and merino, belted crew neck, stripped and laced.

The cost of one of these sweaters is 2000 rupees.

14. V28

V28 is a hip label that specializes in fashionable sweaters and other autumn garments. The brand's designs are always popular. Admired by professionals and amateurs alike for the impeccable results it produces, the Stitching of Germany Stroll machine is made to exacting standards.

This sweater's neutral tone and turtleneck design go well with any shade of denim or cut of pants.

The material depicts women's bodies in flattering poses that highlight just the appropriate amount of curves to be shown off.

15. Park Avenue

Park Avenue, the most popular label in the country, provides customers with a wide variety of high-quality options for accessorizing their wardrobes. The company's knitwear for ladies features cutting-edge designs and premium fabrics.

The best pieces of clothing from all the brands are solid sweaters with a variety of knitted patterns, stripes, and printed styles. Ladies' sweaters start at Rs. 800/-.


The winter season arrives, so you'd better get moving if you want to look and feel your best. Be sure to wear some vivid hues this winter.

We've compiled a list of some of the most reliable and long-lasting sweater manufacturers in India. This season, the label is showcasing an extensive collection of knit tops and cardigans for ladies. There is a wide variety of styles, including novelty jumpers, knitted garments with patterns, and novelty embellishments.

FAQs: Sweater

Q. Which cloth sweater is best?

Ans. Sweaters are typically made of wool, which is a term that can apply to a number of different animal fibers. This all-natural substance excels in all three form factors. Wools are often durable and high-quality, so you may enjoy their wonderful fuzzy texture for a long time.

Q. Which sweater is best for winter?

Ans. Gucci x the North Face Logo Embroidered Wool Sweater is the best for winter. Gucci's partnership with The North Face yielded this sporty yet on-trend balloon sleeve design. The most successful fashion collaborations combine both function and fun.

Q. Which sweaters are warmest?

Ans. Cashmere Sweaters is the warmest sweater. Cardigans and pullovers made from cashmere are always a safe bet. It's a terrific present because of its high quality, and cashmere is well-recognized as a luxurious fabric. The Pashmina goat, whose wool is used to make the product, is native to the Himalayas.

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