Oil extracted from castor plant seeds is thick and odorless. Cleopatra supposedly used the oil because she thought it made her eyes whiter in ancient Egypt. Today, it is utilized in a variety of medicines and cosmetics.

Today, India is the world's primary source of castor oil. Some of its traditional applications, including as a laxative, anti-inflammatory, and labor induction aid, have been supported by modern scientific studies.

Castor oil, in a single tablespoonful, provides:

  • Protein: 0 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 0 grams
  • Sugar: 0 grams
  • Fiber: 0 grams
  • Calories: 120

Ricinoleic acid makes up more than 90 percent of castor oil's fatty acid makeup. This omega-9 has been shown to reduce inflammation and alleviate discomfort. The topical use of this compound has shown promise in alleviating arthritic pain and menstrual cramps.

Top Castor Oil Manufacturer In India

1. N.K. Industries Ltd.

In 1992, the company formally changed its name from NK Oil Mills Pvt Ltd to NK Industries Ltd. Castor oil production and related byproducts like HCO and 12HSA are among its operations.

Quality management is a top priority, and the company goes to considerable lengths to train its employees in the best practices it has established. All employees are made aware of, and given the necessary training in, the company's quality standards, and are then required to adhere to them in their everyday work.

The ability to manufacture castor oil and its derivatives have been one of their key areas of success. The company manufactures castor oil in a variety of grades, each of which has different uses in different industries, as well as in medicine and other areas.


  • Pale Pressed Grade Castor Oil
  • Cold Pressed Castor Oil
  • Commercial Grade Castor Oil
  • First Pressed Degummed Castor Oil
  • Refined Castor Oil

2. Dabur

Founded by S. K. Burman and based in Ghaziabad, Dabur Ltd is an Indian multinational consumer products firm. As one of India's major castor oil manufacturers of FMCG, the company specializes in Ayurvedic medicine and other natural consumer goods.

Dabur Amla Hair oil provides full, healthy hair from root to tip by nourishing the scalp and fortifying the hair follicles.

Dabur looked to Ayurvedic writings, which date back over 5,000 years, in its pursuit of all-natural pharmaceuticals. Dabur's investment in scientific study and confirmation has revitalized the ancient remedy's relevance in the modern world. Look here to learn how the pristine practices of Ayurveda have informed their line of products.

3. UrbanBotanics

The mission of Urban Botanics is to improve people's well-being by providing them with handcrafted, all-natural products for their bodies, hair, and skin.

The purpose of Urban Botanics is to provide a natural alternative to conventional, harmful personal care products.

UrbanBotanics Castor oil is the olive fruit's first-pressed oil, which is then unrefined to preserve as much of the oil's original nutrients as possible. Antioxidants, vital fatty acids, and vitamins E and A are abundant.

UrbanBotanics Castor oil is widely regarded as one of the finest oils for a full-body massage. A massage using castor oil, which is both nutritious and moisturizing, can help ease aching muscles and stiff joints.

As their forebears did with native plants and readily available materials, Urban Botanics seeks to educate the public on the value of using such items for health and well-being.

4. MamaEarth

Discover Mamaearth's castor oil products, which are completely free of harmful chemicals. Whatever your hair care needs, Mamaearth has a solution. Natural hair care products get you closer to nature without sacrificing quality.

In Ayurveda, castor oil has been used to promote healthy hair for eons. It improves circulation, stimulates hair development, soothes a dry scalp and dandruff, and stops hair loss.

A company that creates castor oil for hair items using cutting-edge research in an effort to address every issue they experience as parents.

5. Bajaj

Among all hair oils, Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd. is the second largest company, with its flagship product, Bajaj Almond Hair Oil, holding a 52% market share. It was one of the 30 sugar mills that laid the groundwork for India's modern sugar industry.

They first saw production and sales of their items in April of 2008. Multiple enterprises under the Bajaj conglomerate have been manufacturing and selling their wares since 1953. The goods were made and distributed by BSL, a former member of the Bajaj group.

Benefits of Bajaj Castor oils:

  • When it comes to your skin and hair, nothing beats Bajaj's 100% Pure Castor Oil.
  • The castor oil sold by Bajaj is pure and extracted using a cold pressing method.
  • There were no chemicals or additives used in the manufacturing process.
  • Hair and skin that glow with health and beauty may be yours with consistent use.
  • Bajaj Castor Oil is 100% Pure, Silicone-Free, Vegan, Paraben-Free, Lead-Free, and Cruelty-Free.

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6. Ambuja SOLVEX

The Ambuja Group includes Ambuja Solvex Pvt. Ltd. Ambuja Group has been a market leader in several industries for over 50 years, including those of stainless steel, dyestuffs, intermediates, specialty chemicals, and green power generation.

With a focus on providing high-quality castor oil benefits and castor oil derivatives to customers throughout the world, Ambuja Solvex Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2004.

Their Castor oil, once refined, becomes a yellow, viscous liquid that is insoluble in water and devoid of any impurities. Using a bleaching and filtering procedure, refined castor oil producers create this kind of pure castor oil.

When it comes to their success as a market leader in the castor oil industry, they know that their consumers are the most important factor.

7. A.G. Industries

Since its founding in 1990, AG Industries has been producing a variety of mint goods. Mr. Anil Gupta, who had experience in the field and quickly found success, launched a new company in 1994 under the name AG INDUSTRIES, which has since been well-known among producers and distributors of Essential Oils, Cold-Pressed Carrier oils, and associated products.

Some of the most well-known companies in the world turn to AG Industries as their go-to source for high-quality, organic essential oils, carrier oils, and ancillary goods because of the company's reputation as a reliable producer and B2B supplier.

Purified castor oil is a useful ingredient in personal care products. This high-quality vegetable oil's healing characteristics shine through whether it's used alone as castor oil or blended with other oils.

8. Krastradhi Producer

Founded in 2017 and this is a private limited company with amazing popularity in India. The company is located in Gujarat India. The company’s CEO is Pradip Babaria. The company’s turnover is less than 1 Crore9 or less than US $ 200K).

They have extensive expertise in the industry, and as a result, they export and sell high-quality Castor oil cake. They provide these services at extremely low market costs. The offered Castor oil cake has earned a stellar reputation for its pristine quality and abundant nutrients. There is no chance of contamination thanks to the airtight seal and excellent packing used to transport this Castor Oil Cake.

Castor oil benefits are among the most significant in the industry.

9. Indratara Agro Industries

Indratara Agro Industries Private Limited began operations in 2014 and has since become a major producer and exporter of castor oil, castor de-oiled cake, and other related goods.

They've built a large, fully-functional infrastructure unit in Malegaon (Maharashtra, India), which will undoubtedly contribute to the expansion of the business. They provide these goods at fair prices and deliver them on time.

By applying bleaching and filtering techniques to standard castor oil, they may create FSG Grade Castor Oil.

By ensuring that their cheap castor oil price items are always of high quality and consistently delivered on time, the company hopes to foster long-lasting relationships with each of its customers.


These were the top Castor Oils manufacturers in India. Feel free to test them out and report back on which one best suits your skin. Pain during childbirth may be increased by using castor oil. Due to its ability to hasten labor, pregnant women should exercise caution while using castor oil. To find out if your body reacts negatively to castor oil, a patch test is recommended.

FAQs: Castor Oil

Q. What is the main use of castor oil?

Ans: The most frequent application for castor oil is as a laxative. Due to its inherent antiviral and antibacterial characteristics, castor oil is commonly used to treat dermatosis and fungal infections of the skin. Moreover, it stimulates hair development.

Q. Can castor oil remove dark spots?

Ans: Yes, Castor oil has the additional benefit of evening out skin tone, which may make you seem years younger after only a few applications. Lightening and brightening the skin takes about 30 days. Acne, irritation, and hair loss have all been successfully treated with castor oil.

Q. How often should I use castor oil for hair growth?

Ans: A weekly use of castor oil is the maximum recommended frequency. If you put castor oil on your hair frequently, it will weigh it down and make it seem greasy. Do you recommend washing off the castor oil in the morning? If you don't want your scalp to get too dry, wash the castor oil out of your hair after around two hours.

Q. How can I grow my hair quickly?

Ans: Here are the ways:

  • Cool It Down
  • Let Wet Hair Be
  • Take Care With Color
  • Meds Can Help or Hurt
  • Get a Trim
  • Stress Less
  • Handle With Care
  • Get Into Conditioner

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