There is a great deal more going on in the lifestyle of a guy than meets the eye when it comes to the wallet, which is regarded as a positive indicator of identification.

Although there are some men who simply see it as a practical method of transporting their belongings, the majority of men use this accessory as a means of establishing a reputation and making a statement.

When it comes to selecting the best wallets for men, the two most important considerations that men give priority to are wallets that are both useful and fashionable.

The following is a listing of the top ten men's wallet manufacturers in India, each of which is certain to wow with the variety of designs they provide as well as the advantages they provide.


Based in Kolkata, India, WILDHORN offers consumers handcrafted, 100 percent real leather apparel and accessories. All of their items are "Made-In-India" using its patented dip dye processes and cutting-edge washes that give the goods a genuine appearance. Leading online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, Snapdeal, etc. help WILDHORN run its business today.

Men's leather accessories from Wildhorn include mens wallets, belts, purses, shoes, and a wide variety of other items. Their committed team of professional workers completes all of their production in their own factories under the tight quality regulations. They have assembled a group of experts who collaborate well and provide the greatest support for the clients. Based on their expertise, talents, and knowledge, we choose their employees. They have established an online store in which they eliminate superfluous expenses, resulting in savings that are transmitted directly to their customers, in order to offer Leather Products at affordable pricing. As a result, you end up purchasing genuine leather items at low costs.

Urban Forest

Given the rent you receive, Urban Forest is renowned for its RFID shielding mens leather wallets, which are feature-rich and also assist you in maintaining order and cleanliness. They are personally identifiable to CC/DC. RFID scanners can be used to skim it. As a faraday cage, this product is constructed correctly. It strengthens your card with a substance that will stop fishy RFID scanners from stealing your personal data. This is a dapper item for males. As far as we are aware, it must be modern, strong, and long-lasting. The product combines premium features with unwavering comfort & style.

For the lining, it has an inner side made of premium polyester fabric. It feels nice to the touch and is very strong. It is available in brown. It is a great gift for men or boys. Give your loved one this item as a holiday gift to make him happy. It is packaged flawlessly in a matte black box. It is the perfect present for men and boys on special days like Diwali, birthdays, anniversaries, pujas, weddings, etc.

Hammonds Flycatcher

Mens Leather Wallets, Executive Bags, Card Holders, and Folders are just a few of the products that Hindustan Foam manufactures, distributes, and supplies to the market. The sole proprietorship-based Hindustan Foam company was established in 2007 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. They are essentially a client-focused business that has been gratifying clients ever since it was founded.

They offer clients high-quality leather goods that are produced in accordance with their needs and requests utilising only the purest and best leather. Our expertise exclusively designs the items in accordance with the established standards for industrial excellence. On the other hand, because of their elegant appearance, distinctive designer pattern, fashionable design, premium material, faultless finishing, high reliability, and numerous other attributes, their products are highly regarded by our consumers.

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Tommy Hilfiger

The high-end clothing company Tommy Hilfiger was established in 1985 and has its headquarters there. Tommy wallets are carefully crafted to better meet your demands, making them the ideal accessory to complete your look. These high-end, excellent quality items are known for being the best on the market and are expertly manufactured to last a lifetime. Get a Tommy wallet today, and your date nights will never be the same!


Titan has created a name for itself in the market by offering a diverse selection of goods and designs that cater to a wide range of sub-industries within the lifestyle business. Titan mens wallets have designs that are both fashionable and elegant, and they are intended to thoroughly capture your attention. The impeccable craftsmanship of the mens leather wallets talks for itself and guarantees that you can never make a mistake when purchasing a Titan wallet. Titan wallets are incomparable, making them the ideal accessory for a sophisticated brunch! The mens leather wallet price range starts from around 700 INR.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a well-known designer label and premium fashion brand based in Germany. The company was established around 95 years ago. Hugo Boss wallets are made from materials that are carefully selected to ensure longevity and easy maintenance. These materials are also chosen to complement the current fashion trends. These wallets are an excellent choice for both individual and business gift-giving purposes because of their versatility. In addition, the company emblem is subtly engraved onto the front of the wallets, giving them a more refined appearance. If you're the type of person who prefers to keep things understated and elegant, a Hugo wallet is going to be the ideal accessory for you. This is one of the most premium men’s leather wallet brands in the world.

United Colors of Benetton

A luxurious fashion house, United Colors of Benetton now has about 5000 stores across the globe, making it one of the most ubiquitous mens wallet brand in the industry. UCB wallets are indeed the greatest accessories to buy if you want to create a unique fashion statement because they have quick access slots. The company introduced wallets in a diverse selection of sizes, rates, and colours, in addition to providing a number of different wallet designs, such as tri-folds & bi-folds. A UCB wallet is the one accessory that can make your active lifestyle look even more put together than it already does.

Van Heusen

Van Heusen is a well-known lifestyle brand that strives to accessorise both women and men in its most distinctive way possible by introducing to the market timeless mixes of current and legendary styles. Wallets by Van Heusen are paragons of cutting-edge craftsmanship, and each one comes equipped with roomy compartments for holding credit cards, cash, and coins. The popularity of Van Heusen wallet is largely down to the brand's aesthetically pleasing designs, which are also responsible for the company's rapid rise to prominence and expansion of its customer base in recent years.


Baggit debuted for the first time in INXS, which is located in Mumbai and has rose up the rand to become a popular mens wallet brand. The primary market that the brand focuses on serving is that of men's and women's handbags and wallets. Baggit wallets are constructed to durable and provide men with an excellent option for carrying money and other essentials. The unconventional style of these mens wallets is reflected in both the materials used and the quality of the craftsmanship. Baggit wallets are designed to be conveniently carried everywhere because they are slim enough to fit into a pocket and they do not give the impression of having an excessive amount of bulk.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is easily recognisable by its "snow peak" logo, and the company specialises in the retail sale of high-end accessories such as watches, mens wallets, jewellery, sunglasses, & other such items. Wallets made by Mont Blanc are exquisitely stitched and have superb consistent sutures. These qualities, along with their structure, design, and emphasis on safety, make them stand out from the competition. It is said that the wallets produced by this business get better with usage and that they are the ideal option for a man who exudes both style and quality.

It's a good thing that leather wallets age with character. But eventually, they start to show a bit too much personality any time the leather is broken and cracked when the edges first start to peel. When sitting has become a logistical nightmare because the wallet is overflowing with receipts, coupons, notes, and credit cards. If anything, here rings a bell, it could be time to upgrade your wallet.

FAQs: Men's Wallet

Q. What color wallet should a man have?

Ans: Black is widely regarded as amongst the most popular colors for men's bi-fold wallets as black is believed to be a sign of prosperity.

Q. What makes a great mens wallet?

Ans: It is important for a man's wallet to be slim while still having the space for things like cash, credit and debit cards, and identification cards. These leather wallets should be long-lasting and survive the wear and tear of daily use without ever losing their genuine appearance or feel.

Q. How do I choose a mens wallet?

Ans: You shouldn't buy a wallet based solely on quality; there are other important considerations. It is also essential to place an emphasis on the usefulness of it. Even if you select a wallet with huge dimensions, this does not necessarily mean that it will be functional for all of your needs.

Q. What should you not keep in your wallet?

Ans: Since there is always a chance that your wallet might get stolen, do not keep things such as checks, credit cards, gift cards, excess cash, keys, and so on.

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