Each year, the garment industry becomes stronger. The economy of the nation has been significantly influenced by the textile sector. Saree, in particular, holds a unique place in the hearts of Indian women. Since ancient times, women have worn sarees to respect and honour the customs and principles of Indian culture. At traditional events and informal and joyous rituals like festivals, weddings, and gatherings, women dress in sarees.

You have come to the correct spot if the steadily increasing demand for wedding sarees has attracted your attention and you are wondering how to launch a saree company. You must educate yourself in certain business fields before starting your saree company. This article will assist you in developing a marketing plan and understanding the fundamentals of the industry, such as the many kinds of wedding sarees and fabrics, retail, and wedding sarees prices. You'll be motivated to start after reading this. Let’s now learn how to start a wedding Saree business.

Select a Business Model

Selecting a business plan comes after deciding which wedding sarees to start selling and determining your niche. Choose the one that best satisfies your company needs. Here are some of your choices.

A Storefront Saree Business

There are several business prospects, and brick-and-mortar saree shops are still prosperous in our nation. A home-based brick-and-mortar retail saree company may bring in significant profit margins of up to 50%, and you can turn a profit of 100% on inexpensive or budget wedding sarees. Just make sure you are familiar with and aware of your target audience's preferences.

The Wedding Sarees Manufacturers Industry

For selling wedding sarees online, you may benefit from a variety of online marketplaces. On online storefronts, you may sell your saris. Making your website and doing your business directly with clients is the easiest approach to getting started. You would need to pay a fee if you sold on other sites, but that is okay since you would reach a larger audience. Make sure your website is optimised for SEO and that Google Search Engine Page Results show your merchandise. You can advertise your wedding sarees price here too. Another place where you may directly sell and connect to your actual store website is Facebook Marketplace.

Shop for Wholesale Wedding Sarees

You may open a saree wholesale store and allow your clients to serve as merchants and distributors. To open one, you don't need any previous expertise, training, or information. But before you begin, make sure you have a solid sales approach.

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How to Create a Business Plan for Sarees?

If you want to be successful, you must write a saree business plan. When writing it, the following are some important considerations to make:

  • your intended market
  • Buy USP
  • Systems for managing inventories
  • Fixed and ongoing costs
  • competitors in sari
  • How do you plan to market different saree products both offline and online

Name of Your Saree Company

You should think of an intriguing and appealing name for your saree company that will draw in customers. Simultaneously, you should steer clear of any copyright or trademark difficulties. Research carefully and make sure that rivals have not already taken the name you want since using the same name as another business might get you in legal jeopardy.

How Do You Obtain a Saree Business License?

Several laws and regulations must be complied with. To find out more about this, get in touch with the relevant licencing agencies and your state's government. You may register your saree store as a single proprietorship if you start it as a small company. If you have a large start-up budget for your saree business, you may collaborate with other businesses to establish it as an LLP entity. Since having a GST number is required to run your company, you will need one.

Know the Various Saree Types

Finally, let us look at the various types of Sarees you can manufacture. Do you want to know how to launch a wedding sarees manufacturers company in India? Understanding what to provide and which variations are popular is the first step. Here is a basic description of the many saree styles.

  • Baluchari Saree: Beautiful silk wedding sarees with elaborate designs on the pallav and border are known as baluchari sarees. These sarees are ideal for wearing to weddings and celebrations since the patterns are inspired by stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The basic selling price for a saree is 2000, and they are mostly made in West Bengal.
  • Bandhej Saree: Sarees with chiffon prints and a lovely Gaji silk weave are called Bandhej Sarees. These wedding sarees are made of various materials and have beautiful motifs. The power loom designs are popular, and ladies like the tie-dye patterns.
  • Bomkai Saree: Western Orissa is where bomkai sarees are woven utilising a historical method. They are also known as "Sonepuri sarees," and they are made from a particular kind of cotton yarn. This wedding sarees design is available in silver and cotton, with classic Bomkai sarees having brilliant, garish colours.
  • Chanderi Saree: Constructed in Madhya Pradesh, chanderi sarees are manufactured of a mixture of linen, cotton, and silk. Chanderi sarees have to be at the forefront of your production list if you want to launch a silk saree company in India.
  • Chettinad Saree: Chettinad Sarees are made using intricate weaving methods and careful attention to every little detail. They are intricately woven and include a fringe of bold colours, unlike typical cotton clothing. The pallu sometimes has striped, checkered, and patchwork patterns. These sarees are available in two materials: silk and cotton. The blouse fabric is one metre long and is matched with pieces in opposing colours.
  • Chiffon Saree: Chiffon sarees are well-known in foreign marketplaces and esteemed for their supple and airy feel. Chiffon sarees may be worn all year long and beautifully show off a woman's contours. The distinctive feature of printed chiffon sarees is that they are very light and simple to wear.
  • Georgette Saree: Pure georgette sarees are lightweight and have a bouncy appearance, which appeals to all women. Sarees made of georgette are simple to drape and have a transparent aspect that makes them stand out. They are embellished with lovely stonework and colourful patterns.
  • Gharchola Saree: By include this in their portfolio, company owners looking to grow their saree-related chances may significantly increase sales. Gharchola sarees come in cotton, synthetic silk, and pure silk weaves and are produced of Gaji silk. The cost of these sarees, which are from Gujarat, is determined by the calibre of the cloth utilised.
  • Ikkat Saree: Ikkat sarees are created by weaving a 'ikkat' using a unique tie-and-dye method. These gowns have vibrant designs and are made of pure cotton or silk that has been coloured. In Orissa, they are made. The history of Ikkat began in the seventh century. You may discover up to nine or ten different Ikkat kinds and stunning creative designs.
  • Paithani Saree: Beautiful borders with peacock patterns may be seen on pathani saris. Since most of the consumers are from western markets, they are expensive. India sells large numbers of Paithani wedding sarees each year, so you may start with this if you wish to run an internet saree company and make money overseas.

Other types of wedding sarees designs exist in addition to these popular ones, including Kota Doria, Kanchipuram, Kantha, Jamdani, and others. Every saree oozes elegance and represents the culture and ethnicity of the area from where it is made. They are in great demand because of the patterns and fabric choices. Before beginning, be sure to do further research on the types you want to offer.

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There are several prospects for businesspeople to profit from the expanding saree industry in India. Many people have been purchasing wedding sarees online over the last few years. Wedding sarees are in demand all year long, so this business opportunity might just be the one you’re looking for.

FAQs: Wedding Saree

Q. How should I start a saree business?

Ans: By doing your company online, you may start a saree business from home without having to worry much about location. However, if it's a real retail store with an online component, you'll need to make sure there is enough seating for customers to stop by.

Q. How much money do I need to spend to open a saree store in India?

Ans: A minimal investment of 3 to 5 lacs is required.

Q. Can I use Facebook to promote my online saree business?

Ans: Yes, you may use Facebook to promote your online saree company. It's certainly feasible, and many companies utilise social media extensively. There, the bulk of mobile users congregates, so give Instagram a go if you're seeking extra marketing channels.

Q. Is selling saris lucrative in India?

Ans: Yes, a saree company may be successful in India, as long as you don't offer poor or inexpensive wedding sarees. Additionally, for it to be effective, you need to produce a lot of sales. The easiest method to deal with this is to do market research to determine which wedding sarees are in high demand and what the market is missing, then provide those items to your clients to increase sales.