Wood plank flooring is made from lumber and may be stained or painted to match any decor. In most cases, homeowners opt for 3-inch-wide planks, but others prefer 10- to 20-inch-wide boards that are as long as 16 feet. It wasn't until the 17th century that hardwood flooring made its way to North America, yet even now it's the preferred material for most homeowners.

Golden heart pine, strong oak, light-bodied walnut, cherry, maple, and rich-textured chestnut are just some of the best species for wood plank flooring.

They are traditionally crafted from solid-sawn wood, but modern alternatives include metal and synthetic or engineered wood. Wooden planks play a vital role in the construction of homes, offices, bridges, and other man-made constructions. By lapping their ends over the scaffold's bearers, they serve as makeshift platforms.

Types of Wooden Planks

1. Pinned Plank

Finger-Joined Lumber, structural composite lumber, and Sawn lumber are the common members that mixed each other to make wooden pinned plan. They are the type of members which are mechanilly fastened together.

2. Face Laminated Plank

Finger Jointed lumber, structural composite lumber, and sawn lumber are three basic type of members used to make face laminated plank. These members are connected with an exterior grade adhesive. Each member play contributes a big role by mixing with largest dimension to make the face laminated plank usable.

3. Engineered Planks

There are several crossplayers of plywood and glued are pressed together to composed the engineered planks. Hardwood and Soft playwood are the basic type of materials availablein the inner core layers of engineered planks, which incorporates the grove and tongue fastening facilities with edges.

4. Solid Sawan Planks

A single Solid log is the main material of crafting a traditional solid plank. Southern pine, douglas fir, and wester cedar are the most common species for these uses. There are multiple wooden planks manufacturers who tell you about the solid sawan planks.

Top Advantages of wood plank Flooring

1. Visually Appealing

To liven up your room, wood plan flooring crafted with mineral streaks, knots, natural splits, and heavy nature-made imperfections. Everyone keeps their room fresh and beautiful, so using the wood plank can enhance your room looks by adding value and character of timeless beauty to any room. Wider planks are the perfect choice for smaller room as it creates the illusion of it being larger.

2. Quicker installation time

Installation of this floor can be completed more quickly than that of certain other types of flooring due to the components' tendency to be larger in size and take up more space per square foot. It is much simpler to fill a space with boards measuring 10 inches in width as opposed to 3 inches in width.

3. Easy maintenance

Instead of using a vacuum or steam cleaner on your wood plank flooring, you should use a broom or a mop for routine cleaning and upkeep. This is also an affordable wooden plank price for you. Because it is simple to clean and does not collect dust or dander from animals like carpet does, wood plank flooring is a better option for persons who suffer from allergies than carpeting.

4. Greater Density and durability

When compared to other types of flooring, such as strips, wood planks are denser and more robust; they also have a longer lifespan, which can range anywhere from ten to twenty years before they need to be replaced. The majority of other types of flooring have an average lifespan of five years.

5. Trendy

The vast majority of consumers have come to the conclusion that wood-look tile is a contemporary trend because of its capacity to create a fashionable appearance in any setting in which it may be installed. This is due to the fact that wood-look tile may simulate the appearance of real wood.

We are already aware that floors that have wooden tiles are classic; nevertheless, to add to that, tiles that imitate the look of wooden tiles are even more ideal because they are going to serve you well for a very long time.

Where Do Wooden Plank seem to be a perfect Fit?

  • Heavy foot traffic won't mar their stylish appearance one bit. They find homes in a wide variety of settings, including hotel lobbies, dining areas, family rooms, bedrooms, and more. It aids in achieving and sustaining a harmony between visual appeal and overall continuity.
  • Also, they are environmentally sustainable, so you may bask in the warmth and majesty of genuine wood without worrying about harming the planet. These wooden plank design tiles, for example, are a great choice since they bring together the durability of tile flooring and the elegance of real wood.
  • They are low-maintenance and beautiful, with vibrant colors that won't fade. After they have been strategically placed in the area, they do not require constant maintenance. Make sure that they are set up properly on a level, strong, and gap-free foundation.
  • All traces of dust, filth, stains, etc. can be brushed away with a moist cloth.
  • Everyone appreciates the natural beauty of real wood, but nothing beats the warmth and coziness of a home outfitted with wooden plank tiles. The effect is one of refined grandeur.
  • Another major issue is that most regions have significant moisture problems, making it difficult to preserve real wood floor tiles. It's also important to note that bathrooms and kitchens are not places where wood should be used.

How to choose the right Wooden Plank for your room?

1. Your Choices

The first consideration depends which manufacturer you’re choosing for your wooden plank, even you need to consider a wooden plank widths while choosing.

Always go with the most common, norm and essential wooden norm widths option which is 2-3 inch. However, there are numerous manufacturers offer 4-7 inches along with 2-3 inch wooden plank. You can also review the “random widths” as per your needs; they are available in different options that present you a wider range of 4-7 inch widths.

2. Analyses the current trend

In the market, 2-3 inch wooden plank is still in fashion and the favorite option of millions of users because of its stunning look for room flooring. In addition, 5-7 inch range is also in demand today. Yet, a lot of space is needed to accommodate something of this magnitude. Many companies have a "standard width" of roughly 7 inches.

Many people prefer floors with fewer seams, and this preference has led to the rise in popularity of broader planks. A wider plank can also create the illusion of more open space in a given area. When dealing with a larger space, greater widths tend to gain in favor.

But, utilizing the wood of the tree more efficiently by mixing and matching areas with a variety of lesser widths can produce a more authentic and natural look. Also, random widths are adaptable and can be used in a variety of settings and decors.

3. Prices

The price factor depends on your project and the manufacturer you choose, there is only a help to consult with your wooden planks online dealer about the price decision. A general widths of wooden planks are typically cheap than most demanding width of wooden planks.

This is due to the fact that the company you go with will not have to spend nearly as much time sorting through inventory or ripping existing planks to the desired size.

4. The Verdict

There is a wide variety of choices available for hardwood widths; nevertheless, in the end, the selection will come down to what you desire. To "ride the line" is a common rule of thumb that fashion-minded people should follow. Standard lengths are a fail-safe option because they will always be in the middle of the pack and can adapt to a variety of circumstances.

The appearance of natural wood can range from very dark to very light, with a very knotty grain to a very smooth grain, and one can easily find any kind of natural wood look that one can envision. Tiles with a whitewashed finish and a painted-on appearance can be chosen to satisfy the need for a more daring appearance.

There are a few tiles that have great looks that are currently available. These tiles are not only uncommon and expensive, but they also come in one-of-a-kind colors and patterns, such as blue and daring designs, that are not found anywhere else.

FAQs: Wooden Planks

Q. How wood planks are made?

Ans. Beech, Mahongany, oak, walnut, ash, maple, teak, brich is the materials used to make wood planks.  A tree cuts down to make wood planks by mixing the materials.

Q. What are the avg cost of wooden planks?

Ans. The price variations based on the different manufacturers and different materials you are choosing, but the common wooden planks products price is trending is Rs 560- Rs 1000 per cubic feet in India.

Q. What is the average length of wooden planks?

Ans. The average length of the wooden planks is 3-to 8 feet long which is the most affordable package for you. If you’re considering other length, then extra long is 4 to 11 feet with a 7 foot plank length.

Q. Can wooden planks flooring be done on tiles?

Yes, ceramic tiles can be easily installed with wooden planks, but with a few desires.

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