Shirts for men aren't simply a basic item of casual apparel; they can often serve as a window into our personalities, passions, and identities. As a result, selling men’s shirts online has become a common business decision, particularly for company owners and creatives wishing to establish a business with a cheap startup cost. You will undoubtedly have competition given the prevalence of men’s shirt companies. However, you may achieve your own success online by developing a brand for a certain clientele and producing the types of men’s shirt designs that appeal to them. We'll take you step-by-step through the creative process for launching your own men’s shirt brand and retailing it in an internet shop in this tutorial.

Factors To Take into Account Before Launching A Men’s Shirt Company

The challenge is creating a shirt for a men's brand that stands out from the competitors, despite the fact that beginning a business today is quite straightforward thanks to the technology and tools available for designing, producing, and delivering your own men’s shirts. Constructing an online men’s shirt business is a bit more difficult than it would initially seem when you combine competition with narrow margins. You must choose wisely from the start if you want your new men’s shirt business to be successful. The launch of a successful men’s shirt company requires a number of essential components. Before continuing, it is important to carefully analyse each of the following factors:

  • Niche: Having a narrower focus will make you stand out and make it easier to attract and promote to the proper demographic without going overboard with your budget. Maybe you can make men's v-neck t-shirts stand out.
  • Design: Most buyers of graphic men’s shirts seek patterns, images, and catchphrases that appeal to them, represent their beliefs, and character
  • Quality: To create a long-lasting company, the shirts you use and the printing you utilise must be of the highest quality.
  • Brand: In the men’s shirt sector, having a strong, distinctive brand is essential.
  • Inventory: Will you employ a print-on-demand company to save time and work or maintain your own stock to benefit from bulk order discounts? Let's examine each in more detail.


Although this phrase is often used, the graphic men’s shirt market is one where picking a speciality is very crucial. Being able to stand out is one of the most crucial aspects of developing a successful shirts manufacturing company, and one of the greatest ways to achieve so is by catering to a certain demographic or interest group. In a highly established market, categories like "men’s shirts for individuals who appreciate amusing slogans" would often be too wide to address. You should make it a little bit more secure. Men’s shirts featuring humorous phrases that pertain to health care professionals or dog owners, as seen in the illustration below, are an instance of a more specialised speciality. There are several techniques to identify and assess a niche, but here are a few examples:

  • Visit the Reddit subreddits for your potential speciality and gauge the number of subscribers and activity there.
  • Analyse the size of your Facebook niche using the Audience Insights feature on Facebook.
  • For ideas, go over this list of popular hobbies on Wikipedia.
  • Think about your own hobbies and the organizations you are a part of. You should sometimes believe your instincts.


An imitation of a men’s shirt design from another top men's shirt brand would be the last thing a visitor would like to see in your catalogue. Your designs don't have to be very intricate; in fact, many of the most popular graphic men’s shirts have pretty simple graphics. However, they do need to stand out and connect with your audience. Your design files should typically have a translucent backdrop, at least 300 digital PPI, and be big enough to encompass the actual print surface of the men’s shirt in order to achieve a high-quality print. Please be aware that based on the machine and printing process used, your precise specs may differ.


Quality comes in second when it comes to determining the profitability and long-term viability of top men's shirt brands. They won't let you let them down twice, but you may let them down once. There won't be gushing fans who return and repurchase a design that ages and cracks or a men’s shirt that shrinks and shreds. Men’s shirts of superior quality may be more expensive to create, but they may also fetch a higher price. The fabric of the blank men’s shirt, the printing method used, and properly setting up your design file will all impact the resulting quality of your men’s shirt. Finding a reliable manufacturer may also be a fantastic method to keep quality high.


In the men’s shirt market, having a strong, distinctive brand is essential. Your branding is a commitment that unites all of your decisions, such as your speciality, designs, and level of quality. In an industry with fierce rivalry, it's critical for firms to have a distinctive and appealing brand. When consumers have more options, it is crucial for an online retailer to stand out in order to attract customers' interest. If you’ve selected a niche that symbolises a certain lifestyle, you can include it in your marketing and website to communicate to these people.


Most individuals who launch a men’s shirt company either choose to purchase and keep inventory, benefiting from bulk discounts and nearby printers, or hire a print-on-demand company to handle inventory control and delivery for them. A combination of the two is another option. Having your own stock of various men's shirt sizes makes it easier to sell in person and may increase your profit margins; print-on-demand involves far less risk. Before you begin, weigh the advantages and disadvantages. If you're hesitant, print-on-demand is a low-risk approach to test one of your internet company ideas. Of course, you may also buy your own printer and establish a base of business if you have the money for it.

Purchasing Top-Notch Men’s Shirts and Printers

Both men’s shirts and print works differ from one another. As we just said, quality is crucial to the success of your company, so do your research and pick your plain shirts properly. Although it may be tempting to forgo quality in favour of better profit margins, you must take into account how the value will affect the customer's choice to recommend your brand and make further purchases in the long term. A decent t-fit, men's shirt sizes, weight, material, and softness are just a few of the considerations.  To help you make a final selection once you've narrowed down your options, ordering samples is highly advised.

What Tools Are Required to Start A Men’s Shirt Company?

There are now three widely used techniques for printing on men’s shirts. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages, and your decision about the printing partner and the amount of time you want to devote to the product's production will play a role. To help you better grasp how each print technique works, we've listed all three of them below. It's important to comprehend how each printing method works whether you purchase your own printer or work with a nearby vendor.

Screen Printing

A tried-and-true method from the past is screen printing. Screen printing, one of the most often used techniques for men's v neck t shirts printing, may result in strong and long-lasting effects. Printing technology is most cost-effective, nevertheless, when printing in large quantities since the initial setup requires a lot of effort. As each additional colour increases costs and manufacturing time, intricate patterns or designs with over 4 to 5 colours present problems for screen printing.

Heat Transfer

Additionally, heat transfers have been around for a very long time and come in a variety of shapes. In your neighbourhood office supply shop, simple heat transfer paper could have been available. Even though they make it simple to print your patterns from your personal computer and press them on, they are inadequate for operating a firm. Plastisol transfers are a more sophisticated kind of heat transfer that is produced by experts on specialised, premium heat transfer paper. This has the benefit of allowing you to purchase a stack of prints from your neighbourhood printer and use professional heat press equipment to apply them to your men’s shirts as orders come in.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG)

The way an ink-jet printer works at home is quite similar to how DTG printing works. DTG is able to accurately generate full-colour graphics and prints ink straight onto the men’s shirt. Heat transfers cannot match the printing quality of direct-to-garment printing, which is superior. In contrast to screen printing, there are no setup fees since it functions just like an ink-jet printer. This indicates that printing small orders is simple and affordable. Since each shirt takes the same length of time to print, the main drawback of direct-to-garment printing is the absence of bulk discounts for big orders.


It's never been simpler to use your own online men's shirt manufacturers to showcase your ideas. Men’s shirt stores are a fantastic starting company for young entrepreneurs, regardless of the market segment, you decide to target or how bold you choose to be with your products and designs.

FAQs: Men's Shirts

Q. Is a business licence required to sell men’s shirts online?

Ans. No. Starting an internet men’s shirt store does not need a business licence.

Q. How can I begin a print-on-demand men’s shirt business?

Ans. You must choose a fulfillment associate that can take care of the print and delivery for the placed orders if you want to launch a print-on-demand men’s shirt company. Start here if you want to launch a print-on-demand company.

Q. Is it lucrative to sell men’s shirts online?

Ans. You must equip your company with the appropriate marketing tactics and constantly perform audience-reaching campaigns if you want to be lucrative.