Every single saree in ancient India was painstakingly woven on a hand-operated loom before the development of textile machines. They were also known as handloom sarees and were prized for their exquisite degree of workmanship and use of natural fibres. The utmost degree of perseverance and diligence are required to create handloom sarees in order to get the desired results. Thousands of threads are intricately intertwined to form a beautiful weave in carefully made sarees. Handloom sarees have been produced for more than 2000 years. Many saree curators and well-known designers like Sabyasachi have revived the lost art of handloom sarees by highlighting their beauty and craftsmanship. In this section, learn more about handloom sarees and look at some of the newest styles from handloom saree manufacturers.

Handloom Cotton Saree

White, red, and black are timeless colours that are always in style. Because it is stylish and comfortable, the clean handloom cotton sarees are perfect for wearing to work. It features a classy palla pattern and lovely Resham work around the borders. The saree's tassels at the ends provide additional appeal.

Handloom Silk Saree

This handwoven navy blue silk saree exudes elegance and flair. The traditional handloom weave may produce a saree this beautiful when paired with a contemporary method. Bright pink and scarlet hues on the border work beautifully to contrast the deep blue colour. The saree has a classic feel thanks to a gold Zari weave thread.

Banarasi Handloom Saree

Any lady would seem no less than a queen in this opulent saree. Gold and silver zari are deftly woven into the exceedingly complex blue Banarasi saree pattern. Weddings and large-scale gatherings are ideal settings for this thick saree. To appear like a million dollars, it looks great matched with a gold brocade blouse.

Handloom Linen Saree

This blue and green colour scheme is pleasant to the eyes. The breezy Linen saree is very lightweight and silky. It makes you seem effortlessly lovely and is ideal for summer brunches. You can buy such handloom sarees online.

Uppada Handloom Saree

Among the most well-liked colour pairings ever is pink and green. The lady is made beautiful and glamorous by this gorgeous Uppada saree. An interlacing of pink and golden zari perfectly complements the saree's inherent sheen. To round off your outfit, a pink silk blouse goes nicely with the saree.

Off-White Handloom Saree

Do you like to see some hand-crafted saree designs? One of the greatest ones available is this. This off-white saree has a stunning appeal and may draw the attention of practically anybody who sees it. This would be one of the best sarees with clever grey motifs on the bottom area of the saree if you're seeking for anything enticing.

Handloom Saree for Wedding

When you wear this saree, everyone will be staring at you. When you wear this seductive designer saree, you will appear stunning. This saree's design and the various colour combinations in the pallu part are intended to turn heads. This will be among the best examples of handloom beauty if you're seeking for something seductive.

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White Floral Pattern Handloom Saree

A saree like this would turn heads. This saree's amazing floral embroidery on the pallu is something to marvel at. It may be appropriate to wear at celebratory events like wedding receptions. This is one of those sarees that you may wear with a simple shirt. It seems more distinctive and comparably elegant than the others because of the flowery design.

Silk Mixture Cotton Saree

The most attractive quality of this saree is that it contains a little amount of silk. This golden saree has an amazing shimmer that will stay on spectators' attention. People will be drawn to this basic handloom saree's amazing vertical beige colour pattern, which is incredibly eye-catching and gives it a stylish appearance.

Red Striped Handloom Saree

The best handloom sarees list's first red saree is this one. Women would wear this saree because of its attractiveness, which first persuades them to do so. It stands out among the various handloom sarees on our list because of the beautiful design on the border area in the golden colour. You can get these handloom sarees online.

Yellowish Handloom Saree

If you're seeking some attractive handloom sarees, this might be a fantastic option. Women are drawn to the handcrafted saree's design. This saree's design incorporates the use of several colours. You'll be astounded at how this saree appears to the unaided eye.

Brown Handloom Saree

One of the most beautiful handloom sarees ever made. You may wear this really attractive designer saree practically anyplace thanks to the innovative way the borders are created using a contrasting colour. Wherever you wear it, people would appreciate you for wearing such a stunning saree with beautiful pattern.

Artistic Handloom Saree

The sarees that ladies now wear are quite different from those made on a handloom. This is an illustration of one of the most cutting-edge approaches to designing a lovely handloom saree. This saree has a stunning creative design all over it. Women are first impressed by the stunning design that this saree displays. The handloom saree price can be a little steep but definitely worth it.

Ideal Wedding Handloom Saree

This saree has a combination of the most regal hues ever appropriate for formal events like weddings. The brilliant designer handloom saree in blue and gold has stunning designs created with tiny, complex attachments. This saree will be among the top choices if you're seeking for something fresh.

Red And Black Designer Handloom Saree

This saree was inspired by Indian textile items created by famous designers. A masterpiece that can be shown successfully virtually everywhere was created using the inspired concepts. For great occasions, the tried-and-true combination of black and scarlet with accents of orange is ideal.

Red Handloom Saree for Indian Women

Indian ladies would be thrilled to wear this amazing, handcrafted saree. Among the most reputable and well-known female celebrities was wearing the saree, and with all the correct reasons, it can be said to be among the best handloom sarees available.

Alluring Red Plain Saree

On this list, there are a lot of red handloom sarees. They all have distinctive traits that give them a stunning appearance, this will be no exception. Additionally, this saree has a distinctive design sewn into the border.

Handloom Saree with Floral Designs

This gorgeous floral saree has complex applications of various colours that give it a stunning appearance. The saree has a rich Palla with shades of green and a silver Zari striped design all over the body. For the finest appearance, pair it with a blouse in green. The handloom saree price ranges from moderate to high.

Fluffy Pink Handloom Saree

All ladies will be more than ready to wear this attractive handcrafted Indian designer women's cloth on their bodies due to the saree's incredible attractiveness. It's one of the greatest sarees for straightforward situations since the sobriety of the pink tone pairs well with the opulence of gold.

Colourful Handloom Saree

Women would be especially fascinated by this designer saree due to the pattern that this handloom saree shows. The fact that the saree has a combination of several colours is one of the nicest features that make it the final but unquestionably best handloom saree one could ever wear.


This article's highlighted pieces are all distinctive in their own ways. Indian ladies have great taste in the kind of fabric used, the weaving, and the colour combinations. It is hard to envisage an Indian marriage without the lady and her company wearing expensive handloom sarees because of how prominent these garments are. Artificial sarees can never rival the natural beauty of these garments, which are also emblems of wealth and aristocracy. For the best value, get handloom sarees that are genuine and verified by handloom saree manufacturers.

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FAQs: Handloom Sarees

Q. What distinguishes handloom sarees?

Ans. The following are intriguing details regarding handwoven sarees:

  • Unique Handloom sarees are lightweight since they are solely produced from organic fibers such as cotton and silk.
  • Real gold and silver strands are weaved into pure handloom silk sarees to create a rich lustre.
  • There are several varieties of handloom sarees that are called for the region in which they were created, including the Maheshwari, Dharmavaram, Pochampally, and Banarasi sarees, among others.
  • All of these saree varieties have a weaving that is unique to the area. There are wide variations in design style, theme selection, and colour schemes.
  • An average Handloom bridal silk saree requires 20 to 25 days to complete. This demonstrates how much work went into creating them.

Q. How significant are handloom saris?

Ans. Handloom sarees are a testament to the artist's devotion and dedication. A massive number of hours is spent on this intricate, complicated procedure to make just one saree. The process of selecting the appropriate colours and spinning them on the loom in the appropriate pattern is regarded as an art form. These sarees are prized by women for their beauty and wealth. These sarees' magnificence is unmatched and unmatched by sarees created in textile mills. The sarees are created with a high level of quality, allowing them to survive for many generations.

Q. Which materials make the finest blouses for handcrafted sarees?

Ans. Modern fashionistas often wear the following blouse fabrics:

  • Cotton Silk
  • Raw Silk
  • Mangalagiri Cotton Blouse
  • Banarasi Brocades
  • Printed Cotton blouses
  • Linen Blouse Material
  • Jacquard Blouse