Discover Everything About Men’s T-shirts: Fits, Fabrics, Styles & Care Tips

How To Choose The Right Fabric of Men’s T-shirts

The best or the right fabric completely depends on your personal choice, preference, or comfort level. We can give a clear idea of how different fabrics might feel on the skin. So, let’s start the same

In general, men’s t-shirts are made up of three fabrics (these are only the common ones):

  • Cotton: The cotton fabric is known for offering the utmost comfort. However, 100% pure cotton is not very durable.
  • Linen: Linen is more durable than cotton. It is one of the most breathable and comfortable fabrics as well.
  • Polyester: A synthetic fabric that increases durability but may not feel comfortable to some people. However, high-quality polyester has been adopted for comfort as well.

Other than this, men’s t-shirts are often made with the help of blending.

What is blending?

When two or more fabrics are blended to create a garment, it is often known as a blend. This also helps in improving the texture, comfort, and durability of t-shirts.

Here are some of the most commonly used blends in men’s clothing:

  • Rayon & Polyester Blend : The T-shirt will be soft and comfortable. It will also be strong and durable.
  • Cotton & Spandex Blend: The t-shirt will feel comfortable, it will also be stretchable and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Cotton & Polyester or Spandex Blend: The T-shirt will feel comfortable. It will be stretchable and wrinkle-resistant as well.
  • Viscose & Polyester Blend: The T-shirt will be soft. It will also be strong and resistant to damage.

Now, you can choose the best fabric for your t-shirt as per your own choice.

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What are the different types of fits in men’s t-shirts

Did you ever feel one T-shirt in your wardrobe makes you look instantly presentable; it makes you look your best, and there could be one T-shirt that just doesn’t fit properly in spite of being your exact size?

Maybe the latter is not the best “fit” as per your body type.

The fit of a T-shirt is important to consider before buying it because different fits enhance special features of different body types.

So, let’s have a quick glance at common fits available in men’s t-shirts:

Regular Fit Men’s T-shirts

In the regular-fit men’s t-shirt, the silhouette extends from the armhole up to the waist.

  • They are comfortable and allow free movement
  • They are neither too loose nor too tight (perfect!)

Who should wear regular-fit men’s t-shirts?

Here are a few parameters to judge if you will love the regular fit or not:

  • If you are not willing to highlight your contours, a regular-fit men’s t-shirt will make its place in your list of favorites.
  • They have a dynamic look, hence you can style them to fit almost everything such as jeans, baddy trousers, tapered trousers, joggers, etc.
  • They are compatible with workout sessions as well.

Slim Fit Men’s T-shirts

Slim-fit t-shirts are designed to give a form-fitting look. They feature narrow shoulders and a tapered waist.

Who should wear slim-fit men’s t-shirts?

Here are a few parameters to judge if you will like the slim fit or not:

  • If you love to show off your muscles, cuts, and biceps, slim can help flaunt them.
  • If you love body-hugging clothes, slim fit is the ideal fit for you.
  • If you like to look a little dressed up even in casual outings, slim can serve the purpose.

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Box-fit Men’s T-shirts

These t-shirts have a box-like finish with a relaxed or baggy look.

Who should wear box-fit men’s T-shirts?

Here are a few parameters to judge if you would love flaunting box-fit:

  • This fit highlights your broader features, if you love that, box fits are made for you.
  • If you love sporting a baggy look, this fit will attract you.
  • If you want to stand out amid casual outings, box-fit can help.
  • Also, they have a great level of comfort, hence if you like it all comfy, you can choose box-fit.

Relaxed Fit Men’s T-shirts

In these t-shirts, the sleeves extend over the shoulders and continue way beyond the waistline. They are not as loose as baggy t-shirts, but a little loose if compared to regular fit.

Who should wear a relaxed-fit men’s T-shirt?

Here are a few parameters to judge if you would like relaxed fit or not:

  • They have a laid-back appeal, if that interests you, a relaxed fit is your bae.
  • They are known for being uber-comfy which makes people feel at ease all the time.
  • They are loose in fitting hence allowing ample room for free movement.
  • If you don’t like clothes that define your body or highlight it, a relaxed fit is the one for you.
  • Due to the high comfort level, they are best to be worn during travel

These were some commonly worn fits by Indian men. However, there are a few more types of fits available in men’s T-shirts. They are:

  • Athletic fit
  • Compression fit
  • Cropped fit
  • Longline fit:

How To Take Care of Men’s T-shirts

T-shirts are one of the most easy-to-maintain menswear on earth. However, they still need some basic care. So, let’s start by checking out some do’s and don’ts that can make your favorite tees stay with you for a longer time:

Do’s - To take good care of men’s T-shirts

  • Wash them after wearing them at least two times (if there is no major dirt, stain, or sweat)
  • Always prefer hand wash or gentle cycle in the machine
  • Separate light and white colored t-shirts from the dark ones before washing
  • Always prefer air drying your tees, if possible lay them on a clean surface instead of line drying.
  • Iron as per the garment care label.

Don'ts - To take good care of men’s T-shirts

  • Don’t dry wet tees under direct sunlight for too long to prevent fading
  • Don’t use excessive detergent to wash them
  • Don’t apply detergent without dissolving it in water, it may leave white spots
  • Don’t get your T-shirts dry cleaned until it is specially advised on the care label
  • Don’t stretch any areas having elastic (such as collars) while ironing

FAQs: Men’s T-shirts

Q. How do I find the right T-shirt size for me?

Ans. Even though the best way is to refer to the size chart, you can use a measuring tape to know your measurements (chest size, etc.) and match them with the size chart. Here is how you can take your measurements to choose the right men’s t-shirt size:

  • Neck: Place a measuring tape around your neck, and keep it over the larynx. Don’t wrap it too tight.
  • Chest: Place a measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest.
  • Sleeve length: Bend your arm slightly, now place the measuring tape at the tip of your shoulder and take it all the way to your wrist (or where you want the sleeve to end. You might need someone's help in doing this.
  • Shoulder: You might need someone’s help here as well. Get the measuring tape placed from one point of your shoulder to the other.
  • Hip: Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hips. It should be parallel to the floor.
  • Waist: Place the measuring tape on your waist horizontally. Now, measure the middle of your waistline below your belly button.

Q. What is the appropriate length for a T-shirt?

Ans. Even though it is a matter of personal choice, if you still want to know the commonly followed standard - it should sit halfway between your crotch and waist.

Men’s T-shirts ending at the waist give a shrunken appeal. Whereas, when they extend to your crotch, they make your legs look shorter.

Q. What is the difference between a regular fit and a slim fit t-shirt?

Ans. While regular fit men’s t-shirts provide a better level of comfort by allowing free movement slim fit men’s t-shirts may restrict movement for some people. The slim-fit ones have a body-hugging design, on the other hand, regular-fit ones are neither too loose nor too tight. A perk that lies in the court of slim fit tees is that they help enhance your body features, whereas regular fit doesn’t highlight any body part.

Q. How should a T-shirt fit around the chest and shoulders?

Ans. To know how a t-shirt should fit around your chest, you should revisit the “types of fits in men’s shirts” once. This will give you a better idea of how different types of “fits” should appear on the chest area.

As far as shoulders are concerned, the seams of the t-shirt should line up with your shoulder bones. It should be exactly close to the point of your shoulder bones. Otherwise, it may make the shoulders appear too big or too small.

Key Takeaway

This was all about the care tips, fabrics, and fits of men’s t-shirts. If you want to gain more information on a wide variety of products, keep reading TradeIndia blogs as we keep posting a lot. In case you are planning to start your own t-shirt venture, then also we can help you to a great length. At TradeIndia, you can find India’s best and most trusted men’s T-shirt manufacturers and sellers. They deal in all types of men’s T-shirts, hence, you can easily have a stock as per your requirements.

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