The New Year is coming. So, if you want to gift a diary to your close friend, then the post will be a guide for you. Phone calendars were supposed to kill out paper diaries, but instead, they've become increasingly popular. There are still those of us who prefer the old-school method of carrying a paper planner for our daily lives.

Perhaps the ability to take in the whole picture at a glance, like using a paper map rather than Google Maps, or perhaps the peace of mind that comes from never having to worry about your phone's battery dying are among these advantages.

However, I believe that a date written down is more likely to be recalled than one put into a phone, and there is research to support this belief when comparing the effectiveness of taking notes on paper against typing on a laptop.

Top 15 Best Diary gifts for the New Year:

1. Sifxxu Colour Blank Notebook

This art magazine is distinct from the preceding options. Watercolors and patterns decorate each page to promote new ideas. It's easy to transport and provides a pleasant reading experience. I could see myself using a fountain pen to jot down thoughts and ideas in this New Year Diary, as well as to create sketches.

2. Plantpet Fabric Journal - Citta Handmade

This diary is perfect for eco-conscious individuals. This A5 journal by Citta Handmade features a plush fabric cover and a side spiral binding. Everyone particularly appreciates the calming effect of the design, which has a variety of plants growing on an off-white background.

3. Filofax

Founded in the UK in the 1920s, Filofax saw its greatest success in the 1980s, when it became a symbol of the yuppie lifestyle. They are still on the market and use as a versatile tool for keeping track of notes, appointments, and more on the go. It's more than simply a notebook/diary because of the inclusion of features like a tube map and a place to store credit cards, and it really stands out thanks to the binding mechanism that enables the free movement of notes. Binder, size, contents, and more must all be determined, with the diary format being one possible outcome. The idea here is adaptability, so you may pick among views that show one week, two weeks, or a plain calendar.

4. One Line A Day Journal

Keeping an office diary every day might be a lot of work for some individuals. Finding the time and energy to make a thorough entry about your day, much alone knowing what to document, in a diary may be challenging. This purchase might be useful if that's an issue for you. You just have enough for one line to write down your daily activities. That's not a lot of storage, but it should last you for at least five years.

5. Colorful Fabric Journal - AEON Overseas

Even though your current life is boring, you can always add some color to your notebook. Buy this brightly colored one from AEON Abroad and get ready to put pen to paper. It also contains a calligraphic quotation that I hope will inspire you to start journaling: "Great ideas deserve their space."

6. Moleskine Planner Diary

Even though other companies have made inroads into Moleskine's contemporary notebook concept, Moleskine remains the most popular. They have one of the most streamlined and user-friendly designs for their 2020 diaries, which come in weekly, daily, and monthly views.

The extra-large size of their softcover weekly notebook  proves to be a happy medium for people who don't want a separate diary and notebook but yet want a respectable amount of writing space. Although I enjoyed using it for a long time, the paper is too thin to be optimal for a fountain pen. nonetheless, work wonderfully with ballpoint pens.

7. Gratitude Journal

The Good Days Gratitude Journal is a useful tool if one of your objectives is to appreciate the positive aspects of your life more. This fancy diary, a motivational diary, comes in two formats: paperback and spiral-bound. A 52-week journey towards introspection, appreciation, and mindfulness is laid forth.

8. Ocean Theme Journal - Exciting Little Things

While you're putting pen to paper, let this seascape soothe you. This diary from Exciting Little Things is a stunning blend of blues and orange for a sophisticated aesthetic. The precise binding, high-quality paper, and relaxing hues in this journal will inspire deep thinking as you put pen to paper.

9. Nahe Schedule Book

Hightide's solution to the demand for a compact basic planner is to keep track of appointments and appointments on the go. Each spread presents a whole month at a glance, and there are also sections for notes; however, you'll need to keep your handwriting nice and small because the pages are double-sided. It's compact enough to fit in a notebook, but it also has a protective covering that may be used to file away miscellaneous tickets and receipts. All information is presented in English and the unique Japanese subway maps are included once more.

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10. Tree Of Life Writing Journal

The Tree of Life Writing Journal is an elegant addition to any journaling routine. It has a size of 5 inches by 8 inches, a faux leather cover, a thin ribbon bookmark, and 200 lined pages that can be refilled. Better still, it snaps shut in a second thanks to a magnetic strip. This popular notebook may be had in brown, white, or blue and is small enough to fit in a handbag or backpack.

11. Traveller's Journal - The Black Canvas

Black Canvas is perfect if you're a collector of timeless and elegant accessories. Grab some of their fantastic notebooks, tags, coasters, and more. Blue oceans are my favorite. The most popular product from this manufacturer is the traveler's journal. Writing in a journal can be a cathartic experience and a great method to capture your immediate feelings as you travel.

12. Rhodia 365 Perpetual Planner

This undated journal from French stationery experts Rhodia may be started whenever you like—you just have to fill in the dates yourself. Similar to the Leuchtturm above, it features a journal on the left and a note page on the right, as well as tear-off corner pages, dot paper, indexes, as well as other useful features. Inside is more of that beautiful Rhodia smooth paper that has won them so many devoted followers. This is great news for the many Rhodia lovers who were disappointed when the company briefly considered but ultimately opted against producing diaries.

13. Mark + Fold

This week-to-week digital diary was the recipient of an award for its design since it was the product of extensive user feedback. The secret lies in its simple structure and straightforwardness, which is in stark contrast to the majority of publications available today. The week spans two pages, formatted in vertical columns with room for notes at the bottom and minimal, clear language that doesn't draw attention to itself. Heavyweight 120gsm ink-friendly paper and a thread-sewn binding ensure that your document will lay entirely flat. You won't see many of them around because they are hand-numbered and hand-wrapped in their London studio. Distinctive in its own way.

14. Croc Effect Journal- KOSMC

For the well-traveled and alert, KOSMC is a native design company that specializes in creating unique lifestyle goods, accessories, and stationery. Obtain this vegan tan leather executive journal with a crocodile-like texture and a matching pen.

15. Sprial-Bound Journal

You may take out the pages of this slim Leather Writing Journal and replace them with fresh ones whenever you need to. Mind maps, charts, and freewriting all work well on blank sheets of paper. You'll love the feel of the PU leather cover in your hands. The sailor motifs and seafaring colors will inspire you to write about your travels and adventures. It comes in five different hues and may be ordered with or without lines.


In case you've forgotten about your objectives or found that you've strayed from the course that was set out to lead you to success, now is an excellent opportunity to start again. A decent diary is all you need to begin going. This effective method is best used with writing prompts and is intended to be free from the constraints of language, logic, and tradition.

Gifting a diary is a great method to get your friendship stronger this New Year, and identify hidden strengths. Put your time spent writing in a diary to good use by outlining what you hope to accomplish. Include timelines and the necessary measures to accomplish each goal. When you're in a creative rut, it might be a great way to re-energize.

FAQs: New Year Diary

Ans. Here are the top most popular new year diaries:

  • Aone India New Year Diary 2021 with a size of 25 cm X 19 cm X 4 cm
  • Magpie Collections of Premium Grey Believe in Yourself Executive Leatherette Tabbed Journal New Year Diary 2023 Diary
  • Crownlit New Year 2022 Jute Finish Diary with Sunday Monthly Planner Full Page & Quote on Each Page

Q.  How does one make a new year diary at home?

Ans. Using white/liquid glue, adhere each piece of cardboard to the inside front and back covers of the notebook, as well as the first and last regular sheet pages. A stronger cover has been applied to your diary. After being pasted to the first and last pages, this cardboard will serve as the cover.

Q.  What is the cost of a new year's diary?

Ans. The price of New year Diaries products is between ₹148 - ₹200 per Piece

Q.  How can I make my new year's diary more appealing?

Ans. To make your new year’s diary more appealing, follow the steps:

  • Use Prompts
  • Send a letter instead
  • Design a Doodle
  • A picture a day

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